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  1. K, looks fixed, you'll want to use the game account link on the main screen to reset your password.
  2. Is it ok if I change your password and do some testing?
  3. I do see a game account for you, but I'm not seeing any login attempts for your account. Likely means you're not connecting to our auth server. Next time you try bring up the console window that opens with the game, and look for the line "Auth:Connecting to heimdall.pc-logix.com" If you don't see that when you click login, then you're not connecting here.
  4. Michiyo

    Tech issue

    I've fixed yours as well LeBlanc
  5. Michiyo

    Tech issue

    If you could please have him try again, I see where the mapping was missed.
  6. Michiyo

    Tech issue

    Hello! Would you please let me know his Forum, and game account name? If he's able to login but there is no server listed that means something is broken, but I can't spot a missed mapping.
  7. LFG System doesn't work. We're missing .def files that make the LFG system work, this breaks queuing for Trials/TFs impossible. Arena Server. We're missing the original map.txts and some defs. The arena server is not connected as otherwise you can start a match, then fall forever. This is no longer valid, both systems are working!
  8. Hello all! I figured I'd put up a poll to ask which out of the current available server names the community would like. At the moment the server names are hard coded into the client in messages-en.bin so until that is editable we won't be able to have "Victory"
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