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  2. General Thermal Defenders have been hard at work melting the snow in Atlas Park. Super Packs no longer drop Experience Boosters instead of Experienced. Geometry Fixed bartap LOD at distance that has been broken for a long time Fixed bartaps being sunk too low on maps and supergroup bases. This fix is transparent to anyone who left the bartaps alone in their bases. If you moved or added any after the page3 release, you will unfortunately have to re-position them again. We do apologize for this issue. Powers Fixed missing visual FX for the Holiday Event version of the Snowball temporary power. Emotes Fixed issues with em ddcoffee, em ddcoffee2 emote visuals on male and huge em ddcoffee, em ddcoffee2 now properly require the same badge as the donuts Females should no longer attempt to douse their foreheads with enriche A house fell on the Sand Witch and she will no longer be turning sandwiches invisible Quick Chat Emote Menu Emotes which were unlocked but still displaying as locked on the quick chat menu have been enabled: em bringit em pushup em snowflakes (em throwsnowflakes) em growl em boast ("Show Off") em opengift em collapse em swoon em propose em throwrice em throwconfetti em throwrosepetals em hiss em sniff em savage em offergift em receivegift em throwsnowflakes (alias of em snowflakes, keeping it in the Holiday menu as well for consistency) em fireworkrocket em fireworkbloom em fireworksparkle em inspiration em hottemper em trainwhistle em protestloyalist (internally unlocked) em protestresistance (internally ulocked) em praetoriansalute (internally unlocked) em drinkenriche (internally unlocked) em powerup em powerdown em calculate em mixforumla em pool em soccer em basketball em catchbreath em cardtrick em juggle em jugglemagic em jugglefire em juggleelectricity em stancehero1 em stancehero2 em stancevillain1 em stancevillain2 em heroloyal em vigilanteloyal em villainloyal em rogueloyal Some emotes which were intentionally locked have now been unlocked: em ghoulflex (previously required participation on the Resistance side of "The Great Escape" Zone Event in Neutropolis) em tantrum (previously required participation on the Praetorian Police side of "The Great Escape" Zone Event in Neutropolis) em listenstolenpoliceband Some emotes which were intentionally locked have had their unlock requirements changed: em matablet now only requires the "Thrill Seeker" badge, instead of the previous "Mission Engineer" badge. The "Architect Comlink" power still requires the "Mission Engineer" badge and is not affected by this change. Some emotes which are extra flare versions of existing emotes remain locked behind simple rewards and will remain locked: High Roller Tablet Write Drenched Donuts
  3. Events The Spring Fling event is now active. NPCs Pocket D Ganymede, Scratch, Jessica Megan Duncan, and Arbiter Hawk now have the proper Contact NPC FX rings. Dram and Chilly now have the proper Vendor NPC FX rings. Tasks Spring Fling 2012 - Arbiter Hawk: 'The Widow in Red' Revamped Virgil Tarikoss's dialog tree to better fit his character, as the previous dialog tree was copy-pasted 1:1 from the hero contact. The obol contact now provides a few vials of mana-infused blood which are used in the ritual instead of the player character cutting themselves. DJ Zero's involvement has been removed as it violated his 'absolute neutrality' existence. Mercedes Sheldon (in Pocket D) has inherited his role with a rewritten dialog tree. A few lore inconsistencies, typos, and mistakes were corrected in the arc's text. Spring Fling 2012 - Jessica Megan Duncan: 'The Widow in Red' The obol contact now provides a few vials of mana-infused blood which are used in the ritual instead of the player character cutting themselves. DJ Zero's involvement has been removed as it violated his 'absolute neutrality' existence. Mercedes Sheldon (in Pocket D) has inherited his role with a rewritten dialog tree. A few lore inconsistences, typos, and mistakes were corrected in the arc's text.
  4. Mapserver Madness! (Four-One 2022 Invasion Event): After GM_Bot went rogue last year and was subsequently suppressed by our capable server admins, we thought all was well! ...We thought wrong. Small bits of the unknown and mysterious code that suddenly gave rise to GM_Bot's sentience have escaped and begun proliferating itself! We've now received reports that it has manifested within the various mapservers that run the zones of our fair City of Heroes! We do our best to keep our mapserver instances happy and healthy, but as you are all aware, the map server can be a fickle beast. Often disconnecting unexpecting victims at a moments notice, we thought it was likely just bugs in the code, but new information has arisen that shows there may be more... Something unnatural, more malevolent... The crisis we now face threatens the fabric of our world! The mapserver has gained sentience, and become the Dreaded Mapserver!™ It has had enough of our super-powered antics and has deemed all player life as requiring immediate extermination! Assembling the most terrifying, under baked, and volatile code it could conjure, the Dreaded Mapserver has assembled a violent army of glitches, bugs, broken scripts, and other abominations to attempt to wipe out all life as we know it! It is up to the brave players of our world to rise and combat the sentient Dreaded Mapserver, drive back its wicked and unstable minions, and to exterminate the fiend's sentience with a hard reboot! Those who muster the courage to face these aberrant distortions will find themselves as much as tenfold times more experienced than they were before, with an untold bounty of influence, infamy, and information that comes with such triumphs! We wish you noble souls the best of luck as you work to save our world! DISCLAIMER: This is a short, for-fun invasion event! Thus, there are no unique badges or rewards that can be missed, but we hope you will enjoy the x10 reward scale! Level some characters! This silly invasion event will run through the weekend until regular Tuesday maintenance time. ~FREEM! Author's note: The mapserver has stocked up on a lifetime supply of Blue Spider© brand Hero Repellant™ and Dr. Caretaker's© Signature Costume Bleach™; Beware!
  5. A Quick update to this, I switched us over to using gmail, you'll be getting emails from 'cityofheroesvictory@gmail.com' the API I tried out ended up wanting $50 a month to keep using them just for confirmation emails.
  6. General Atlas Park is ready for Winter. Draw cutscene letterboxes on the full width of the screen. Fix the world not rendering on very wide displays. Fix camera-space fullscreen FX looking terrible at high FOV settings. Fix a number of issues with the AE contact hologram: The way it was originally implemented was hacky and fragile. Rewrote it to be more robust. Fixed contact hologram flickering when an NPC with customized colors was used. Fixed contact appearance sometimes not updating when first logging in or zoning. Fixed contact appearance sometimes not immediately reverting when quitting the TF. Fixed contact dialog headshot for color-customized NPCs not reflecting the custom colors. AE contact costumes are now refreshed clientside only when it needs to change instead of every frame. Removed unneeded network traffic constantly sending the name of the arc contact in every entity update. Costumes Tech Knight backpacks (and possibly other costume pieces) should now render their FX properly. Badges Ripple Raider: no longer requires no player deaths; just defeat all AVs in the Golden Roller mission of the Aeon Strike Force. Power Overwhelming: should now always detect when Ripplesurge is under the effect of a death puddle buff. Master of Dr. Aeon's Strike Force: badge hint should no longer be randomly pulled from other badges. Vision of Ambition: slightly moved to -1724.0 368.5 1327.0 Cut-Off: properly awards again for completing a Flashback arc with a max level between 40 and 49 and no Epic Powers. Marginalized: properly awards again for completing a Flashback arc with a max level of 50 and no Epic Powers. All Flashback Challenge badges: temporarily made the badges award on all arcs, regardless of merit payout amount. This change is due to many arcs, including all Incarnate Arcs and SSAs, not giving any merit rewards by default, instead putting them behind a Reward Choice which doesn't trigger the badge. Story arc merit reward payouts will be revised in January once we're back from the holiday break, and the limitation will be put back in to exclude non-combat and Personal Story arcs. Emotes The following emotes have been added, along with aliases: em donut1 em donut2 em donut3 em donut4 em donut5 em winterdonut (em holidaydonut, em christmasdonut) em spookydonut (em halloweendonut) em jellydonut em jellydonut2 (em lemondonut) em ddcoffee (em coffee) em ddcoffee2 (em coffee2) em hotdog em hamburger em sandwich (em sandwitch) The quick chat emote menu has been updated slightly: Added new "Idle > Food & Drink" menu which contains the new emotes under a "Drenched Donuts" child menu Removed Drink, Eat Food, Eat Donut, Drink Tea, Drink Enriche from Idle and Action menu(s) and placed them in the Food & Drink menu Added new "Idle > Swimming" menu, which contains the innertube emotes. Some emotes you can perform while you are flying have been updated to be non-random across clients: em food (em eatfood, em eat) em alakazamreact Added the following aliases to existing emotes: em Ledgesit -> (em Sitledge) em Ledgesit1 -> (em Sitledge1) em Ledgesit2 -> (em Sitledge2) em Ledgesit3 -> (em Sitledge3) em Ledgesit4 -> (em Sitledge4) Emote notes: The original em donut emote remains unchanged for posterity. The donut1 emote is a slightly higher resolution, non-world anim model (along with the rest from the base item set). The Drenched Donuts emotes (including coffee), require an exploration badge to use. Can you guess which one? The 'em coffee' is an unofficial alias for now. Expect it to be repurposed if a generic mug of coffee emote is ever added in the future. Powers Doppelgangers should now properly use Seismic Blast powers. Doppelgangers should now properly use Stone Melee and Stone Armor when the player is a Stalker. Removed repetitive combat spam that made references to Granite when using Geode. Fixed bugs where Seismic Shockwaves would not trigger while exemplared Significantly toned down the ongoing sound FX for Seismic Shockwaves Fixed the color palette for the Seismic Blast > Stalagmite Lava Theme. Amplifiers should now work on Kheldians while they are shape-shifted. Experience Boosters moved to Temporary Powers > Buffs > Experience Boosters in P2W/T4V. The Vanguard MDC can now be used while Temporary Powers are disabled, like all other Accolades. The following Day Job powers were not disabling when Disable Temp mode was active: Analyst's Teleporter Frequent Clubber Invigorate Adjustments to Crey critter powers: Hallucinogenic Gas recharge duration increased to 36s from 22s. Hallucinogenic Gas AoE radius reduced to 10ft from 20ft. Tear Gas Grenade recharge duration increased to 25s from 15s. Tear Gas Grenade AoE radius reduced to 15ft from 35ft. Critters The Boss version of Minotaur/Cyclops (regular and Incarnate) no longer ignores rank reduction to Lieutenant under the "No Bosses" difficulty setting. Agent Crimson is no longer inexplicably shorter in the Lord Recluse Strike Force, and no longer has a geometry gap on his head in Peregrine Island. AU-Rifter's Dimensional Distortion now has a minimum range of 5, to prevent dragging players already in melee past them. Fixed spawn issue where certain high level Crey spawns could spawn low level lieutenants. Tasks The Freakish Lab of Dr. Vahzilok: should no longer get stuck after leading Pierce to the computer in the sewers in Mission 3. The Graveyard Shift: defeating Cortex should now grant defeat credit and count towards the Epidemiologist badge. Cavern of Transcendence: the chance of an encounter to detach and chase players has been lowered to 0.25% × obelisks clicked × players on map. 5th Column Task Force: no longer revokes the Dimensional Grounding Ray from the team leader on completion (it never revoked from teammates). Lady Grey Task Force: corrected AI pathing issue in the final mission which caused all enemies in the final room to teleport away into a different area of the map. Dr. Aeon's Strike Force Malicious now properly notes that it disables Super Inspirations in the help text. Becky now does not become a follower until the final dialog option is completed in Mission 1. Emperor Requiem is now much larger, making him easier to target in a crowd. Fixed objective errors that were preventing the Devouring Earth hordes from congregating on the locations of the giant monsters in Ripple 2 of Mission 5 when they hit 75% health. Battle Becky now flies, which should make escorting her through Mission 7 (especially zone 2) easier. Adjusted the room that King Midas is fought in order to prevent some issues where his Ripple Singularity could hit players from unexpected locations. King Midas's Ripple Singularity damage increased by 50%.
  7. Halloween Event The Halloween event is here! Trick or Treating has been enabled in all city zones (note: you need to be in a zone that matches your level in order to trick-or-treat), along with the Whispered Rumor tip mission Dr. Kane’s House of Horror is available in the Holiday tab of the LFG window Both the Zombie Apocalypse and the Deadly Apocalypse are upon us! The Halloween vendors (Malkiel Ivesse in Atlas Park, Annah in Croatoa, Granny Beldam in Nerva Archipelago, Acantha in Imperial City) have stocked up with goodies to trade for your salvage Atlas Park has received a seasonal makeover The event will be active for four weeks, and will end during maintenance on November 2nd Eternal Night will only be active for the first (October 5th-12th) and last (October 26th - November 2nd) weeks of the event; the normal day/night cycle will be restored for the interim period. Changes for 2021 Dr Kane's House of Horror: The Black Whip bonus encounter has been revamped a bit and now rewards the badge Sinister Summoner. Bug Fixes Fixed the Brickstown Prison Break event, which wasn't spawning enough Prisoners to complete.
  8. Hello All! I'm announcing Double XP Starting now, and ending Tuesday July 5th! Get your sweet sweet double XP over the extended holiday weekend.
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