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  2. The merge *is* happening, there have just been a few delays that keep pushing this back at the last moment every time.
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  4. At this point it doesn't seem as though this is ever going to actually take place. I mean it has been almost 6 months at this point.
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  6. When is the big merge going to take place?
  7. I also wanted to thank you for keeping the server active. Its very much appreciated!
  8. If you go to https://cityofheroes.dev/forums/account-tools/gameaccount.html/ And you see a section for "Your Homecoming account", then you're good to go.
  9. Hey so...Bluejay here. What do I gotta do? I have my account on Victory. Even if I don't get transferred, I'd really really like to get the name again and play there when I play at all! Victory for life! Edit: I think I pressed the right button
  10. We have not merged into Homecoming yet, there is no date set at this time
  11. So...assuming it worked, how will we know in game?
  12. That isn't going to be an issue, Victory will be a 6th shard on the Homecoming server select list.
  13. Does anyone know how they will be handling renaming characters with the same name?
  14. I'm not sure what instructions you are referring to, or what you mean by "Seeing characters". If you mean the email from "Closed Beta" that's not us, and their server merge is a different thing from ours.
  15. got the new accounts per the instructions. i dont see my characters yet. how long does it take to move over?
  16. This was related to this: And should already be resolved by the restart I preformed this morning. If you're still having issues let me know, but in my testing everything is working fine.
  17. This all started just yesterday. I hoping this gets fixed soon.
  18. This should be fixed by the server restart I just did. Verified I can enter missions and new maps with no problem.
  19. Started last night and brother is having the same issue. Have tried for over 12 hours but still having same issue. Says map load error.
  20. Same here. My brother is having the same problem.
  21. I'm having a hard time completing missions on my second character. My first character had no issues, but my second character is coming across map issues where every time i try to enter a building the error message reads, "map is not found". Is there something that can be done about this?
  22. Global emails should transfer over with no issue. Currently Character Items migrate, but not Account Items. The migration code is still being written though so don't worry about claiming account items just yet.
  23. No issues linking for me. Do you know about email items? should i make sure to claim my account items before the move?
  24. If the connection to the server doesn't succeed the config isn't read, I need to fix that but the root issue is you're not getting the bootstrap.xml from the server, so the launcher stops all processing.
  25. I hadn't thought of that! However, I checked and even with a specific rule to allow connections, it's still happening. From what I can tell, the launcher is refusing to read the config.json file. All the settings are correct in there, but they don't show up when I open the launcher. I've double-checked permissions on all relevant files and folders as well as the registry... unless there are missing lines or registry keys, it's all correct. For comparison, the Homecoming launcher works just fine. Both Victory and Homecoming are in the C:/Games/ folder. Permission settings are identical.
  26. This means that something is blocking the connection out to this website from the Launcher. Usually that's some Anti-Virus, or FIrewall. I've only been able to reproduce this by breaking the network connection of the launcher as it's loading.
  27. Hello everyone - The Spring Fling event is now live! Special missions are available from Ganymede, Scratch, DJ Zero, Jessica Megan Duncan and Arbiter Hawk in Pocket D Special Valentines tip missions will drop from any non-Incarnate enemies above level 20 Chilly and Dram are open for business in Pocket D In total: 7 badges and 7 temporary powers are up for grabs! The wiki has a comprehensive breakdown of what's on offer.
  28. I can't get the launcher to do much except give me errors. Fully removed and reinstalled. Issues remain. Installer asks for install directory, so I use the default. Launcher installs correctly, but once launched, it does nothing. I clicked "Verify" and it said the install directory was empty and to fix it. Fixed it and got the error below: Clicking OK, then OK, then File -> Verify gives the same error. Trying to select anything from the Manifest list gives this error:
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