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  2. IS the server up? Getting "can't connect to Login Server". I'm running Sunrise (Verify Files first) to launch the game. This runs fine on several other private CoHV servers. I'm using the manifest posted on your website "https://cityofheroes.dev/manifest.xml).
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  6. Build 27.1.3516 Winter Event The Winter event is now active! Mysterious Presents have appeared throughout Paragon City and the Rogue Isles Father Time is now present in the Ski Chalet Lord Winter's Realm is available from The LFG Queue Atlas Park has frozen over The price for the Lords of Winter Super Packs in the auction house is discounted to 10 million inf (instead of 25 million) for the duration of the event See the Wiki page for more info The event will be active for 5 weeks, and will end dur
  7. Patch Notes: Issue 27, Page 1 Build 27.1.3403 Welcome to the patch notes for Issue 27, Page 1! As you can tell, this is a very, very long list. Additionally, due to the large number of powers changes all characters will receive a free respec upon login. New Story Arc: The Graveyard Shift (Hero, Level 20-29) FBSA NetOps Agent Watkins has set up a small command station in North Steel Canyon, as an optimal location to investigate... something. Being somewhat dodgy about his assignment, he has constantly referred heroes to Positron first, to est
  8. Hello Everyone! I'm working with OVH who hosts the dedicated server for Victory. There are some hardware issues that they are working on that requires the server to be rebooted a few times. I've opted to keep the server down while this is happening to avoid further issues. There is no ETA on when everything is expected to come back up but I'm working with OVH directly on this. When we come back up I will also be updating Victory to Issue 27: Second Chances, Page 1, along with the winter event.
  9. Ah cool. Thanks for letting me know ?
  10. We run a very close copy of the Homecoming code base, we are a VERY low population server, though when we started we did cruise in the high 20-30 players. We actually launched a couple of days before Homecoming but since I was running the server off of a single dedicated box I didn't advertise the way they were able to so, we never really caught on. We're as close to Vanilla as you can get with i26's code base, we don't run any crazy XP rates, nor do we offer free level 50s like some of the other servers out there. We're just a few ex-Victory players who wanted somewhere safe to call home.
  11. I'm currently playing on the first coh server, but I want to see how things are going on other servers and what they are. I had hoped to find an 'About' or something, but I couldn't find at so here I am asking in the fourms ? So what kind of server is Victory?
  12. 100% with you -- I was there from the beginning as well, turned to the dark side with the release of City of Villains, and played through the bitter end when the servers were without tech support as the sun set on Paragon City. For nearly a decade this was my go-to game, and I'm looking forward to some hardcore nostalgia this weekend. I had always preferred when the CoH servers were quieter and the town square wasn't filled with people aimlessly leaping around, yelling (all caps, of course) "LET'S HAVE A FASHION SHOW!" and/or griefing fellow players. I think that Victory is going to recapt
  13. Costume Editor Update Auras have been separated into two slots: Auras and Path Auras Boots and gloves now have an asymmetrical toggle, which can be toggled on to allow separate left and right glove and boot selection Not every set of gloves and boots are available in asymmetrical mode, more will be added in future updates All sets of gloves and boots remain available in symmetrical mode New Support Powerset: Electrical Affinity You are able to control and manipulate electricity to aid your allies and weaken your enemies. Some Electrical Affinity powers build Static, which
  14. I just saw a YouTube video from UrbanAcolyte that COH was still alive! I was SOOOO psyched! I was a Day1 COH player (INV/EM Tanker CyFighter), and I'm pumped that this is around. I hope to join really soon to play again/
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