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  1. Actually, nevermind I see the path 'c:\coh\' That *should* be fine, but I usually go one directory deeper since windows dislikes stuff running directly in the root of C:\ my game is in C:\Games\CoH\ for instance. The launcher doesn't currently support changing the path in settings but if you feel ok with using regedit the path to modify is 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Victory\Settings', and the value is 'CoHPath' move your files one folder deeper, and then set that path and try again.
  2. Have you let the Launcher download everything fully? You said if you System -> Verify it tries to redownload, that means that the files are not matching the expected checksums. Where have you installed the game to?
  3. Victory launcher doesn't support 'Manifests' exactly, you can switch between the Beta and Live profiles, but doing so will cause the launcher to validate your install, and download anything missing or corrupt. It sounds like you are trying to launch the game while the Launcher is trying to download files. How did you have City of Heroes installed previously? Via Tequila or some other launcher? (Also, the Beta profile is currently the live profile with the name changed, there are no changes on the beta server, and it's currently down so it points to the live login/gameserver)
  4. Hello, sadly no, it is not possible to change the login name once it has been set.
  5. You do not need Tequila to download the game. The Victory Launcher will download everything you need, just follow the prompts. If you don't already have the game downloaded via Tequila using the default manifest it will ask you where you want to install to, it will then download everything and launch the game.
  6. Tequila is no longer supported, I need to remove all traces of stuff saying to use it from the forums. We have a dedicated launcher that is linked in that thread. Basically Tequila is so old it doesn't support modern TLS/SSL Standards so it can't properly encrypt traffic. Sunrise will work with the original Tequila manifest, but our suggestion, is the Victory Launcher
  7. Hello All! I'm announcing Double XP Starting now, and ending Tuesday July 5th! Get your sweet sweet double XP over the extended holiday weekend.
  8. Hello again all! Things have cooled down (a bit) in the Pacific North West, and I've been able to get the servers back up and in action. There was a hardware failure on one of the machines that will need to be swapped out soon, but for now Victory is up and running again. Very sorry for the downtime. Go. Hunt. Kill Skuls.
  9. Hello all! As some of you may know, the Pacific North West of the United States is currently going through a record setting heatwave. Unfortunately the server that runs Victory runs in my garage, hardware failure is quoted @ 47c / 116f and it's currently 110 in my garage. I've shut the severs that run everything down to avoid damage. This also effects the ability to create game accounts, as the login server runs outside the webserver. I hope to get the servers back up tomorrow, but that 100% depends on the heat. Sorry for the downtime, I hope you all understand.
  10. Where did you find a link to http://cityofheroes.ca/freedom/signup.html ? That link isn't to our site.
  11. Where are you seeing a broken "Create Account" Button? There are a small hand full of places that all point to exactly the same page https://cityofheroes.dev/forums/account-tools/gameaccount.html/ Which is where you create your game account. This account requires a Forum Account to be created first, but is different from the forum account. An account created here, will only work for Victory, this account will not work for any other server group out there. If you play on Homecoming you'll need an account there, same for Rebirth, or any of the others.
  12. Sorry about that, I've pushed another change up which should resolve this. I had the folder selection code one level too deep to get called when clicking OK on that instructional dialog.
  13. I just pushed a new build out that should fix the 2nd message you got 'Value does not exist' This was me mishandling not having a previous install via Tequila at all. The 404 error in the updater screen is expected as I've not finished the script to take my commit messages and make pretty change logs yet. And the repeating update prompts are likely your AV catching the downloader as being suspicious, whitelisting the VictoryLauncher.exe should fix that issue.
  14. City of Heroes runs on Mac via the Island Rum launcher, you can get it here https://islandrum.eekstudio.com/ Add the manifest https://cityofheroes.dev/manifest.xml and play.
  15. Version 1.0.6


    New launcher specifically for the Victory City of Heroes server. Doesn't require setting a manifest to play, offers modern SSL support, links clicked in the in launcher browser window properly open in your default web browser, instead of in Internet Explorer. Unlike Tequila the new launcher no longer validates your install on every launch, validation/download only happens when a new version is detected, or if you select System -> Verify. The launcher remembers your selection of 64 or 32bit, so you just have to hit "Play". Allows you to select the UI Style on launch, a
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