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  1. Hello. This isn't the support forum, that'd be down the ways a bit. Though my suggestion would be to head over to The Game Account Page and set your password. Then make sure you're selecting the proper Manifest, You'll see "Victory - Heroes/Villains/Rogues" (Which only effect the splash screens you see). The Manifest shipped with Cream Soda doesn't support Victory any more, so you will need to add our Manifest directly to Tequila/Creamsoda.
  2. Server downtime is posted on the Discord usually. At this time it was down for OS Updates, and a patch.
  3. Oh, I meant to reply to this! That's so awesome, thank you, I've been a long time HeroStats user, and was sorely missing it! Thank you!
  4. Rewards Superpacks have a VERY rare chance of dropping on mission complete. Enhancements Hamidon Origin enhancements can now drop off of the Devouring Earth GMs in the Hive/Abyss. Costumes Added new patterns to tights chest/pants/skirts/boots for Male/Female/Huge Provided by Derek Brown. Readded Malaise pattern to tights pants for Male/Female/Huge Added Malaise pattern to tights chest for Male/Female/Huge City Zones Back Alley Brawler got tired of standing around in the east side of the zone, and talked Ms. Liberty into switching spots with him. Trainers Trainers can no longer change your costume (Currently only blue side has this change live)
  5. Michiyo

    Account Deletion

    There is no user facing account deletion option on the forums. And the game server doesnt support it at all I would have to manually go through and remove all traces of your existence.
  6. TASKS Shauna Braun in Independence Port is looking for vigilantes level 25-29 to investigate the fire of Blackwood Tower in which her father died. You can find her using the Contact Finder, or from Ouroboros after level 30. The SSA2 introduction tip "A Window of Opportunity" was not dropping. It will now drop for Villains and Rogues level 30 or higher who have not yet completed it, just like the Mortimer Kal introduction tip 10 levels earlier. Sentinels will now receive the Power of Scirocco in the Barracuda Strike Force. BADGES Added the badges "Avenger" and "Beyond Reasonable Doubt" for Shauna Braun's story arc. Added the badges "Burgermeister", "Mostly Harmless", "Restless" and "What Lurks Beyond" to Bloody Bay, along with the zone accolade "Bad Blood". Added the badges "Hot Dog", "Still Standing", "Volatile" and "Wasted Resources" to Siren's Call, along with the zone accolade "Answered the Call". BASE EDITOR Added 676 base items. You can find them by searching for "New" in the Place Item view.
  7. Announcement from the company hosting our webserver, this will only effect the website/forum it will not effect the game server in any way. Start: 2019-06-26 04:00 UTC End: 2019-06-26 09:00 UTC Hello. During the above maintenance window the networking team will be upgrading core networking equipment to improve performance and reliability for our NYC1 location. Expected Impact: During this window you may experience brief moments of packet loss as traffic is shifted between networking devices. We will endeavour to keep this to a minimum during the maintenance window.
  8. POWERS Burn should no longer ignore accuracy enhancements. Night Widow & Fortunata Vengance will now trigger on league members. The buff will still only apply to teammates. Beta Decay FX now anchors on the player and not the world.
  9. Are you able to use your scroll wheel to scroll down further when the bar is at the bottom?
  10. SUPER PACK WEEK! From now and until says I, door missions (not AE) have a 20% chance to drop a random Super Pack when completed! GENERAL Added an option to show timestamps on chat, under Options > Windows > Beta Features Added power cooldown indicators as a WIP option, accessible through Options > Window > Beta Settings. Fixed a couple of issues with the Cathedral of Pain that could cause it to get stuck if all the Obelisks were destroyed or the Aspect of Rularuu was defeated right when the Willforges respawned. Fixed a server crash when a player in the final stage of character creation disconnected from the queue server during an unusually long SQL wait queue. Fixed a client crash seen during activities with many active power effects, such as the Rikti mothership and Hamidon raids, by switching to 64-bit FX/Sequencer handles. Fixed a client crash in the UI drawing code if a pet has a creator but no owner. Connections from the client to the QueueServer were not encrypted; they now are. BASE EDITOR Added over 200 items to the Vehicles and Nature tabs. You can find them by searching for (new). GRAPHICS Offloaded all the hardware-only physics effects to the CPU. This results in the same physics quality as enabling PhysX hardware, as has been requested, without having to actually update the PhysX libraries. The reason it's being done this way is because updating the libraries would break the game client for other servers that share the same game files. The impact on the CPU is negligible on modern hardware. Modified the Glacier FX so it can be looked at from below. Improved particle effects for Burst Of Speed power in Blaster/Martial Manipulation secondary. Improved the Ki Push FX from Martial Combat. Lowered the saturation of the reflection cubemap used in the tailor, to better display colors while in the costume creator. General improvements to many chest emblems, chest details and supergroup emblems: cleaned edges, reduced compression, standardized resolution. Added a second color on many chest and shield emblems that previously only took a single color. Repairs/improvements to Face textures to help with skin tone matching and reduction of uncanny valley. The Medusa face was missing the entire blue channel in its diffuse map, this has been reconstructed based on clues in the other parts of this face. Improvements to the Makeup color masks for female heads; mostly blurs the edges of the lipstick so it blends better and fits onto the lips more fully when the player chooses heads with different shaped features. Fixed a glitch with the Buckled Leather top and alpha channels on chest emblems. POWERS Immobilize Powers in Controller and Dominator primary power sets should no longer make their targets immune to KnockUp. KnockBack will be converted to KnockDown. This helps sets like Ice and Earth, as their AOE Immobilize power will no longer make their AOE Knockback power useless. Flash Freeze should now affect flying enemies. Glacier should now be usable while flying. Pool > Leaping > Spring Attack: now does Containment damage when used by Controllers. Pool > Sorcery > Enflame: Should now do damage for Sentinels Kheldians > Inherent: Should now see Sentinels the same way they see Blasters and Scrappers, for the purpose of their inherent powers. Controller > Ice Control > Flash Freeze: should be properly flagged as a Targetted AoE, not a Point Blank AoE. Stalker > Savage Melee > Shred: This power erroneously said it consumed Blood Frenzy stacks. The text has been corrected. This power generates one Blood Frenzy stacks instead. All other AT versions of the power had the correct text for Shred. Dominator > Feral Charge: Fixed a bug where sometimes it would do no damage if executed from maximum distance. Domintoar >Savage Assault > Unkindness: This power erroneously said it consumed Blood Frenzy stacks. The text has been corrected. This power generates one Blood Frenzy stack, and it's DoT becomes stronger the more Blood Frenzy the caster has. This bonus to Unkindness makes up for the set's lack of Savage Leap and Hemorrage. Sentinel > Ice Blast > Chilling_Ray: Should now accept Slow enhancements. Sentinel > Regeneration > Dismiss Pain: Increased amount of MaxHP granted to 24% from 6%, should had not been that low to begin with. REWARDS Rikti War Zone pylons now drop 3 Vanguard Merits when destroyed, for a total of 60 Vanguard Merits for all 20 pylons. Rikti Drop Ships and Patrol Ships now drop 6 Reward Merits and 10 Vanguard Merits when destroyed. Fixed an issue with Morality Missions not resetting the mission owner's alignment points on completion in some cases. This does not apply to teammates, only the mission owner. This was allowing players to run Morality Missions back to back to very quickly get a lot of merits. Increased the reward for completing a Morality Mission to 40 Reward Merits.
  11. Welcome again all! The downtime planned for this weekend went off without a hitch! We now have 2 24GB 6 Core Mapservers, and a 12GB 4Core DBServer powering everyones favorite CoH Server! Startup times are now in the area of 5 minutes, all static (City zones) are loaded at boot so no more long zone times waiting on your next zone to load up! Lag is down as this box is dedicated to Victory so enjoy!
  12. Sister Psyche and her insane power trays!
  13. Hello all! Our server provider has provisioned our new server after a week of waiting! At some point over the weekend I'll be taking Victory down to be migrated over to our new hardware, there will be *NO* loss of data during the move. Thank you!
  14. You should be able to place your .storyarcs in the "Missions" folder in your City of Heroes directory, you'll also need to place your .critter files in the "Custom_Critters" folder. Once they're there the AE console should show them and allow you to publish.
  15. GENERAL Patrol XP can now be consumed in Architect Rewards mode and/or a bonus XP multiplier. It will always add 50% to the base XP earned. Fixed the SHO reward for STF and LRSF; they were giving a SO if picked again after 18 to 24 hours. Replaced the Jetpack Suppliers in the Shadow Shard with P2W Field Agents. Some unused Pandora's Box SSA contacts were being introduced by other contacts; this should no longer happen. Fixed a potential crash when putting an enhancement in the Auction House (OuroDev PR #66 & #70). Zone maps will now be marked as "full" and stop new players from entering them if they grow over 1.8GB of RAM; meet in a different zone instance if someone you need to team with is on a "full" map. If a map uses over 2.0GB of RAM, it will automatically shutdown; even a mission map. It's not the most elegant way to address a memory leak, but it works for now. Lowered the costume change timer from 30 seconds to 15 seconds. TASKS The Positron Task Force (Part 1) can now be started with a minimum level of 8. Completing a Morality mission now rewards 20 Merits. Turns out that 50 merits for 10 short missions was way too much. POWERS XP Boosters purchased from P2W can now be deleted from the Powers window. This is useful if you decide that you want to switch from a 25% bonus to a 50% one, for example, or if you don't want the influence penalty anymore. The Mission Architect version of the power "Unkindness" from Savage Assault will now actually damage the target instead of healing them. The PPD Captain "Call for Backup" power will now only spawn up to three PPD reinforcements and not spawn additional ones unless one of the 3 is defeated, instead of an infinite forever every 30 seconds. BADGES Added "Fashion Victim" for spending 50,000,000 inf on the tailor. Rewards a Free tailor token for your trouble. Moved "Newsman", "Faultless Mystic" and "Apex" from Faultline to Echo: Faultline. Added "Riveting", "Upcycled" and "Rock Bottom" to Faultline. Added "Forsaken", "Pristine", "Claim Denied", "Spare Parts" and "Dug Too Deep" to Echo: Faultline. Added "Epicenter", Echo: Faultline zone accolade. BASE EDITOR "Apply to Room" and "Apply to Base" will now work to fill an entire block floor-to-ceiling. POWERS Archery animations should now work properly. Rain of Arrows animation has been reduced from 4 to 2 seconds. Recharge time has been increased slightly to compensate. Bio Armor > Hard Carapace: This power should now offer damage resistance in PvP Cold Domination for Controllers and Masterminds now have a Minimal FX option, just as Defenders and Corruptors do. Fixed an error that allowed players to create Shield Defense characters with Claws, Dual Blades, Ninja Sword, Spines or Staff Fighting primaries. These characters always were broken and unplayable. Scrapper's Shinobi-Iri should now be able to accept Jump enhancement sets. Sentinel's Beam Rifle > Refractor Beam should now accept Defense Debuff sets. Stalker's Ice Melee should now crit on PvP Added missing Doppelganger conversion for the following player powersets: Blaster_Support.Ninja_Training Blaster_Support.Plant_Manipulation Blaster_Support.Radiation_Manipulation Brute_Defense.Radiation_Armor Brute_Melee.Radiation_Melee Dominator_Assault.Radioactive_Assault Mastermind_Buff.Cold_Domination Scrapper_Defense.Radiation_Armor Scrapper_Melee.Radiation_Melee Sentinel_Defense.Bio_Organic_Armor Sentinel_Defense.Radiation_Armor Sentinel_Defense.Super_Reflexes Sentinel_Ranged.Beam_Rifle Sentinel_Ranged.Water_Blast Stalker_Defense.Radiation_Armor Stalker_Melee.Radiation_Melee Stalker_Melee.Staff_Fighting Tanker_Defense.Radiation_Armor Tanker_Melee.Radiation_Melee Tanker_Melee.Spines
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