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  1. Is server down going to be a awhile or just down for maintenance? Thanks in Advance
  2. NM i know what it is it's my power for my armor. I have never used this power set before thanks.
  3. Just wondering if anyone can help with an Issue i have a character created and my right arm of character is a monster arm and not what i had selected. I have done free tailor session, changing appearance etc. But to know avail it will change what i have selected for a sec then the monster arm comes back. Thanks in advance
  4. Will do i'll give it a try and let you know Thanks for all your help
  5. Here i have attached a screen shot of trying to login and i have tried changing password
  6. when i get home i will give it a try and let you know. I did add the https://pc-logix.com/coh/manifest.xml and shows the victory server but i will check for that line in the window. Thanks,
  7. My forum and game username is kzarr8 Thanks in advance
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