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City of Heroes: Victory

can not log in with newly created account

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I created an account.  I downloaded the game.  I am at the login screen.  I type in MrJester and my password but it says "...please make sure you are not using your forum user name and password".
My questions are:

1- Is the account I just created only a forum account?  I tried to create a game account but the "create account" button was broken.  I came here to get help and it prompted me to create an account.  Thought that solved the problem but maybe I only created a forum account and I still need the other type?  (Very confusing, not well labeled and not intuitive for something as simple as getting started)

2- Do I have to create a separate game account for each Shard or Server I want to play on or will creating a single game account allow me to select which Shards/Servers?   I have friends on multiple shards/servers (still don't understand the difference).

3- Can someone provide a link to a working "Create Account" page? (If that is what I'm missing to get logged into the game)


I am a returning CoH veteran trying to play again.  Just can't seem to figure out the maze of signing up so I can log in.  I need to make sure I find the servers my friends are on too.  Please help this old timer out ? 

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Where are you seeing a broken "Create Account" Button?   There are a small hand full of places that all point to exactly the same page https://cityofheroes.dev/forums/account-tools/gameaccount.html/ Which is where you create your game account.  This account requires a Forum Account to be created first, but is different from the forum account.   An account created here, will only work for Victory, this account will not work for any other server group out there.  If you play on Homecoming you'll need an account there, same for Rebirth, or any of the others.

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