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  1. I created an account. I downloaded the game. I am at the login screen. I type in MrJester and my password but it says "...please make sure you are not using your forum user name and password". My questions are: 1- Is the account I just created only a forum account? I tried to create a game account but the "create account" button was broken. I came here to get help and it prompted me to create an account. Thought that solved the problem but maybe I only created a forum account and I still need the other type? (Very confusing, not well labeled and not intuitive for something as simple as getting started) 2- Do I have to create a separate game account for each Shard or Server I want to play on or will creating a single game account allow me to select which Shards/Servers? I have friends on multiple shards/servers (still don't understand the difference). 3- Can someone provide a link to a working "Create Account" page? (If that is what I'm missing to get logged into the game) I am a returning CoH veteran trying to play again. Just can't seem to figure out the maze of signing up so I can log in. I need to make sure I find the servers my friends are on too. Please help this old timer out ?
  2. UPDATE To submit this help request I was prompted to create an account first - and that form worked! The other page's "Create Account" button still needs to be fixed, but at least now I can play ? ------------------- I am a returning veteran of CoH trying to create a new accout. Sadly I can't recall my old login/password from back in the day. Found this link to create a new account: cityofheroes.ca/freedom/signup.html When I click on "Create Account" nothing happens. No error messages, every field is filled out. Please help. I can't wait to play CoH again!!! Thank You, MrJester/MajorMeltdown
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