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    Patch Notes: Issue 27, Page 2

    Tour Guide Missions

    Issue 27, Page 2 introduces a brand new type of mission: Tour Guide Missions. These are special tip missions which drop when street sweeping in most zones, and will direct you to any exploration badges that you haven't yet earned in that zone. This is especially helpful for unlocking Long Range Teleporter destinations without needing to rely on VidiotMaps.


    Detailed Info

    • Enemies in most zones now have a small chance to drop a Tour Guide Mission Tip
      • The tips will only drop when street sweeping, by defeating enemies out on the streets (critters spawned through other means will not count)
      • The tips will drop regardless of your level - grey conned mobs will still drop tips - however, the tip drop rate increases based on the rank of the enemy you're fighting (ie: bosses are more likely to drop tips)
      • Tour Guide Missions are classed as Tips, and will show up in the Tips tab of the Contacts window
      • You can only hold one tip per zone at a time, but can carry a total of three
    • Investigating this tip will direct you to one of the exploration badges in that zone
      • Once accepted, these missions cannot be abandoned, autocompleted, or team completed - you must visit the badge location, which will auto-complete the mission
      • If you earn the exploration badge for a specific tip before investigating it, it will point you towards a different exploration badge in that zone
      • If you earn the exploration accolade before investigating the tip, you will only be able to dismiss it
    • They do not grant any additional rewards beyond the badge
    • All zones which can be unlocked in the Long Range Teleporter have Tour Guide Missions set up (apart from Pocket D and Kallisti Wharf), which is a total of 288 missions!

    Step 1: Go. Hunt. Kill Skuls.



    Step 2: Acquire Tips.



    Step 3: Collect Badges.



    Travel Power Updates

    This update brings a wide range of buffs for travel pools, a brand new travel power (as part of an update to the Concealment pool), and some mechanical improvements to how travel powers work. Check out this thread for a detailed breakdown of these changes and our goals for this update.


    Travel Power Stacking

    • Almost all travel powers are no longer mutually exclusive and can be activated at the same time, but only the strongest buff of each type (run speed, jump speed, jump height, fly speed, air control) will apply
      • This ensures that every power you pick or activate will only ever improve your mobility
    • Some exceptions:
      • Click buffs (eg: Inertial Reduction), external buffs (eg: Speed Boost), and auto powers (eg: Swift) still stack as they did before
      • Prestige Run powers (Ninja Run, Beast Run, Athletic Run) are still mutually exclusive with each other
      • Temporary jetpacks are still mutually exclusive with each other
      • Sprint powers still stack with other run speed buffs and are still mutually exclusive with each other
      • Some Peacebringer flight powers and effects are mutually exclusive with their vanilla counterparts

    Level Scaling

    • Travel powers no longer increase in strength as you level up, the previous level 50 values now apply at all levels
    • Travel speed caps no longer increase in strength as you level up, the previous level 50 values now apply at all levels

    Inherent Fitness

    • All Inherent Fitness powers are now gained at level 1 rather than level 2

    Travel Stances

    • Inherent_Stance.png.bff60c9e229a9535f3c9d586a1f53e24.png Inherent > Stance
      • Added Ninja, Beast and Slide Travel Power Only customization options
      • Selecting one of these options will cause the stance to only become active if any of the following powers are active:
        • SuperSpeed_SuperSpeed.png.c7b0740d9fa4bdf6622415eef245128d.png Super Speed
        • Experimentation_SpeedofSound.png.b0a70628ecee418730de416ea7fe7fd1.png Speed of Sound
        • Jump_LongJump.png.965618363ac8f16e7cc32209f5ee6b1c.png Super Jump
        • ForceofWill_MightyLeap.png.68958a297bf392684d4f96375d0e0a27.png Mighty Leap
        • Infiltration.png.b5c57bbeaf9ea728fcbbc5b151e63f44.png Infiltration

    Concealment Pool

    • Concealment has been updated to include a new sneaky & versatile travel power: Infiltration
      • Concealment is now classed as a travel pool - the first 3 powers in the pool are available immediately instead of just the first 2
      • Invisibility and Stealth have been merged together, the best parts of both powers are now available with just Stealth
      • Infiltration now sits where Invisibility used to be in the T3 slot
    • Invisibility_Stealth.png.104f33f2f11bf3378ee0ba5b0fa04d5a.png Stealth
      • Stealth radius increased to match the numbers Invisibility had before this patch
        • PvE radius has increased from 36ft to 55ft
        • PvP radius has increased from 389ft to 611ft
      • Out of combat defense increased from 3.5% to 7%
        • The defense bonuses suppression in this power has been cleaned up, and will now suppress if the user attacks, heals or buffs an ally, commands a pet, is hit by a foe or the user attacks or interacts with a mission objective
        • In-combat defence is unchanged
      • Added a new 'Invisible' customization theme that makes the player barely visible when active
      • Should this power be called Invisibility or Stealth? Have your say here!
    • Infiltration.png.b5c57bbeaf9ea728fcbbc5b151e63f44.png Infiltration
      • Replaces Invisibility as Concealment's T3 power
        • If you previously had Invisibility, you will now have Infiltration
      • Grants a run and jump bonus similar to Ninja Run
      • Grants out-of-combat stealth
        • 36ft in PvE, 389ft in PvP (the same values as Stealth before this patch)
      • Grants 1.75% out of combat defense

    Flight Pool

    • flight_combatflight.png.c5103d219b0511d0703390a1030c9f32.png Hover
      • Added new "No Pose" customization themes that allows you to remove the Hover stance
        • Note that the Hover stance has a higher priority than the default fly stance, meaning if Hover is active it will always apply even if other flight powers are also active, unless it's been disabled in power customisation
    • Flight_TravelFlight.png.74244b2f884386eb35f8ac9428278017.png Fly
      • Now increases your fly speed cap by 50% while toggled on (from 58.6mph to 87.9mph)
        • This increased cap is the equivalent of fully slotting the old version of Afterburner
        • This increased cap doesn't apply in PvP
      • Flight_Afterburner.png.9890bf9208f976be5c62e00f21c62b82.png Fly > Afterburner
        • Now built into Fly as a free secondary (server tray) power that doesn't require a power pick
          • If you already had Fly, you will now also have Afterburner for free
        • Now a timed toggle (30s duration, 60s cooldown) which increases your flight speed cap by a further 25% (to 102.27mph), and speeds you up significantly
        • No longer applies Only Affect Self or any other effects
          • Evasive Maneuvers has inherited most of Afterburner's old defensive effects
        • Added a Minimal FX customisation theme
        • Null the Gull will allow you to hide Afterburner's pop-up tray
    • image.png.a9de0837a33cf33379309a4bbfe9e4d0.png Group Fly
      • This power now applies to all pets regardless of their distance from the caster
      • No longer inaccurately claims it applies -Acc
    • Flight_EvasiveManeuvers.png.1e67b92f6c3529ffd38620fc25871fd4.png Evasive Maneuvers
      • Replaces the old version of Afterburner as Flight's tier 5 power
        • If you previously had Afterburner, you now have Evasive Maneuvers
        • Note that if you previously had Fly, the speed bonus previously given by Afterburner is built into Fly for free, and you'll get the new version of Afterburner as a free popup tray power
      • Evasive Maneuvers is a defensive toggle with moderate endurance cost (0.26/s), aimed at providing you with excellent airborne combat mobility
      • Provides the following effects whilst another Flight pool power (Fly, Hover or Group Fly) is also active:
        • -Fly and immobilize protection
        • Knockback resistance
        • Significant air control
        • Some unsuppressed flight speed (allowing you to fly much faster during combat)
      • Also provides the same level of defense as old Afterburner while out of combat, but this is removed while in combat
        • This bonus is suppressed for 10s when entering combat (the same as Stealth's out-of-combat defence)
        • The defense bonuses will suppress if the user attacks, heals or buffs an ally, commands a pet, or interacts with a mission objective

    Sorcery Pool

    • SorceryPool_MysticFlight.png.3c6f2d0385535a1e3b309b5542f2c605.png Mystic Flight
      • Now increases your fly speed cap by 50% while toggled on (from 58.6mph to 87.9mph)
        • This increased cap doesn't apply in PvP
      • SorceryPool_Translocation.png.acd807b4b949c7684267c11fb7cda7bb.png Mystic Flight > Translocation
        • Range increased from 300ft to 350ft
        • Cast time reduced from 2.07s to 1.57s
        • Endurance cost reduced from 13 to 9.75
    • Note: The rest of Sorcery has received an overhaul, see the Sorcery Pool Updates thread for more details

    Speed Pool

    • SuperSpeed_SuperSpeed.png.c7b0740d9fa4bdf6622415eef245128d.png Super Speed
      • Now increases your run speed cap by 30% while toggled on (from 92.5mph to 120.25mph)
        • This increased cap doesn't apply in PvP
      • Now has a new momentum leap mechanic
        • Running will build up momentum, allowing you to perform a single very high, very long jump after approximately 4 seconds of running
        • Jumping will cause you to expend your momentum - after landing, you'll need to remain grounded and running in order to perform another momentum jump
        • Super Speed's icon will gain a yellow ring when you are at maximum momentum
      • SuperSpeed_SpeedPhase.png.be2bac846fa85fc6ccc538976819a9c0.png Super Speed > Speed Phase
        • New free secondary (server tray) power that doesn't require a power pick
        • Toggle, moderate endurance cost
        • Removes collision with characters (ie: phase shift without being untargetable), and sets you to Only Affect Self
          • This allows you to pass through enemies, allies, civilians, cars, and even the Atlas Park blimp!
          • The effects of this power (including the OAS component) will suppress if you are attacked or damaged by an enemy
          • Note: as this power doesn't actually make you intangible, it doesn't trigger (and isn't affected by) the No Phase timer
        • Null the Gull will allow you to hide Speed Phase's pop-up tray

    Experimentation Pool

    • Experimentation_SpeedofSound.png.b0a70628ecee418730de416ea7fe7fd1.png Speed of Sound
      • Now increases your run speed cap by 30% while toggled on (from 92.5mph to 120.25mph)
        • This increased cap doesn't apply in PvP

    Leaping Pool

    • Jump_LongJump.png.965618363ac8f16e7cc32209f5ee6b1c.png Super Jump
      • Now increases your jump speed cap by 30% while toggled on (from 78.2mph to 101.8mph)
        • This increased cap doesn't apply in PvP
      • Jump_HighJump.png.864db247afae2249525adce6d03d45ea.png Super Jump > Double Jump
        • New free secondary (server tray) power that doesn't require a power pick
        • Timed toggle, 30 second duration (10s in PvP), 30 second cooldown shared with Jump Pack and Steam Jump
        • Allows you to jump to an unlimited height and jump again mid-air
        • Null the Gull will allow you to hide Double Jump's pop-up tray

    Force of Will Pool

    • ForceofWill_MightyLeap.png.68958a297bf392684d4f96375d0e0a27.png Mighty Leap
      • Now increases your jump speed cap by 30% while toggled on (from 78.2mph to 101.8mph)
        • This increased cap doesn't apply in PvP
      • ForceofWill_Stomp.png.d2ed9aec030afaa6250005e989685a11.png Mighty Leap > Takeoff
        • Now increases jump speed cap by a further 10% (to 110.39mph) and boosts Mighty Leap to put you at the jump speed cap for 30 seconds
          • Previously this bonus was just under 20%, but it now stacks with the 30% bonus from Mighty Leap

    Teleportation Pool

    • Teleportation_RecallTeleport1.png.e272eacb06c73f3f512fc27ef8e5249b.png Teleport Target
      • The following changes have been made when teleporting allies only (the teleport foe component remains unchanged);
        • Removed the 4s interrupt window, significantly speeding up the activation time
        • Increased the recharge by 4s
        • These two changes combined result in the total time between teleports being the same if you have no recharge buffs or enhancements - but it will much faster if you slot for (or are buffed for) recharge
    • Teleportation_Teleport.png.819d87e01d817f62694b6effd01c3432.png Teleport
      • Base range increased from 300ft to 350ft
        • Enhanced range (2x level 50 IOs) increased from 449.1ft to 523.95ft
      • The post-teleport hover buff has been adjusted
        • Now lasts up to 15s, rather than 6s
        • The hover buff will cancel if you move, interact with an objective, attack a foe or are attacked by a foe
        • Teleport's endurance cost is reduced by 50% while this hover buff is active, allowing you to use much less endurance when chaining teleports over long distances
      • Activation time reduced from 2s to 1.5s
      • The actual teleport now happens at 1.0s into the activation, rather than 1.97s into the activation
        • This allows you slightly more time to select the location of your next teleport
      • Location targeting has also received some improvements which also affect Teleport, see "Teleportation Targeting & /powexec_location" in the Miscellaneous section 


    • LuminousAura_EnergyFlight.png.06c44a7fdf90d09bbae9a2f58c4a9e20.png Energy Flight
      • Mirrored all i27, Page 2 changes for Fly
      • LuminousAura_QuantumAcceleration.png.96fe5f080b80b97c990322349e8598c9.png Energy Flight > Quantum Acceleration
        • Now built into Energy Flight as a free secondary (server tray) power that doesn't require a power pick
        • Mirrored all i27, Page 2 changes for Afterburner
        • Note that Quantum Acceleration shares a cooldown with Afterburner
    • luminousaura_combatflight.png.1cf20a89c41e963c5c82985e76213acf.png Combat Flight
      • Combat Flight's defensive buff is mutually exclusive with Hover's defensive buff
    • LuminousAura_QuantumFlight.png.69092a8f895bb83c5ae1c9dc0689d753.png Quantum Flight
      • Endurance cost reduced from 2.6/s to 0.65/s
      • This puts the endurance cost in line with Phase Shift
    • LuminousAura_LightofReason.png.3981d029c6e5431eb1c6d6c2e50345e9.png Quantum Maneuvers
      • Replaces Quantum Acceleration as a picked power
        • If you previously had Quantum Acceleration, you now have Quantum Maneuvers
        • Note that you will also still have Quantum Acceleration as it's now built into Energy Flight
      • Mechanically identical to Evasive Maneuvers, but prettier
      • Note that Quantum Maneuvers cannot be active at the same time as Evasive Maneuvers
    • luminousaura_teleportself.png.a339940e4f6082239e774679ead5d7ae.png White Dwarf Step
      • The post-teleport Hover buff can now be cancelled by moving


    • umbralaura_shadowrecall.png.b3b743e06e3bcd26969d48eb21c106a1.png Shadow Recall
      • Mirrored all i27, Page 2 changes for Teleport Target
    • UmbralAura_TeleportSelf.png.c57485a971688f67d6903d312cea2ef8.png Shadow Step
      • Mirrored all i27, Page 2 changes for Teleport apart from the animation time adjustment
        • Shadow Step already has a 1.67s activation time
    • UmbralAura_NebulousForm.png.138d577b99fe354891093fc6f60ef97c.png Nebulous Form
      • Endurance cost reduced from 2.6/s to 0.65/s
      • This puts the endurance cost in line with Phase Shift
    • UmbralAura_TeleportSelf.png.c57485a971688f67d6903d312cea2ef8.png Black Dwarf Step
      • The post-teleport Hover buff can now be cancelled by moving

    Prestige & Temporary Powers

    • Inherent_NinjaRun.png.1e5da8a40f3a6968a733d32dd0ddbcad.png Ninja Run + Inherent_BeastRun.png.3145e09edb391b7a7a018386b1fc0b3b.png Beast Run + Inherent_AthleticRun.png.21dd485cd3d8e51152ae33a4c1a86489.png Athletic Run + temporary_mayhem_selfflight.png.4b3bb802b2c42437cbbb12a087fe9131.png Temporary Jetpacks
      • All travel speeds remain unchanged
      • Normalized endurance costs to 0.57/s (slightly higher than Fly at 0.46/s)
        • These weren't consistent before - most were lower, some were higher
        • The PvP jetpack has not been modified and still has a 2.0/s endurance cost
      • These powers no longer benefit from global endurance discounts
    • temporary_antigravitymatrix.png.4540d057c761ff3bf1a7d3ccc39da0af.png Rocket Board + temporary_antigravitymatrix.png.4540d057c761ff3bf1a7d3ccc39da0af.png Magic Carpet + temporary_antigravitymatrix.png.4540d057c761ff3bf1a7d3ccc39da0af.png Void Skiff 
      • No longer disables all other powers
      • Now applies Only Affecting Self
      • Fly speed reduced to match unslotted Fly
        • Previously you couldn't use anything (even Swift) to increase your fly speed using these powers, so they had a slightly increased speed by default
        • This is no longer the case, you can now stack them with other flight powers to fly at high speeds in style!
      • Can no longer be used in the Arena
    • inherent_panther.png.fef7e49db313da95fcc9cd1d33080a3b.png Panther Travel Power
      • Jump height and speed increased to match Coyote Travel Power

    More information can be found in the Travel Power Updates thread, please use that thread to discuss these changes


    Pool Powerset Update: Sorcery

    Issue 27, page 2 is bringing an overhaul to the Sorcery pool, aimed at making the pool more viable for the widest majority of builds without causing it to be too strong for high-end builds. Check out this thread for a detailed breakdown of these changes and our goals for this update.

    • sorcerypool_spiritward.png.29314783d01256c5f9fcf5831e7e71bc.png Spirit Ward
      • This power is now a toggle which can be maintained on an allied target
        • 0.39/s endurance cost
      • Now provides a continually refreshing absorb shield for as long as the toggle is maintained
        • Each tick of the absorb shield lasts for 20s, meaning it will take 20s to max out or fully refresh the shield
      • The initial cast provides a burst of absorb shield
        • This initial burst is the equivalent of a 10s of the refreshing absorb shield
      • The strength of the Absorb shield now scales based on the caster's AT, rather than the target's health
        • ie: Defenders will apply a stronger shield (this is how all other ally buffs and heals work)
      • Cooldown reduced from 60s to 15s
    • sorcerypool_arcanebolt.png.f5320592c9f15bc9728afab0fe3ffaa1.png Arcane Bolt
      • Cast time reduced from 2.07s to 1.73s
        • PvE damage unchanged, PvP damage updated according to the standard formula
      • If you own Arcane Bolt, any power or inspiration you use has a small chance to grant you an Arcane Power buff
        • Arcane Power will immediately recharge Arcane Bolt and cause it to deal double damage
        • Landing Arcane Bolt will consume Arcane Power (missing will not consume it)
        • Arcane Power will dissipate after 15 seconds if it hasn't been used
        • Arcane Power's visual effect can be customised at the tailor
      • Note: This mechanic is disabled in PvP
    • SorceryPool_MysticFlight.png.3c6f2d0385535a1e3b309b5542f2c605.png Mystic Flight
      • Now increases your fly speed cap by 50% while toggled on (from 58.6mph to 87.9mph)
        • See the "Travel Power Updates" section above for more information on this speed cap increase
        • This increased cap doesn't apply in PvP
      • SorceryPool_Translocation.png.acd807b4b949c7684267c11fb7cda7bb.png Mystic Flight > Translocation
        • Range increased from 300ft to 350ft
        • Cast time reduced from 2.07s to 1.57s
        • Endurance cost reduced from 13 to 9.75
    • sorcerypool_enflame.png.b13064792d0e5c7d974c2daed1d1bb04.png Enflame
      • This power is now a timed toggle with a max duration of 60s
        • 0.52/s endurance cost
      • Cooldown reduced from 90s to 10s
      • Can now be used on targets in the air
      • The patch no longer causes enemies to run out of the area, but they may still flee if they feel harassed
      • VFX increased in size to more accurately reflect the full area of effect
      • Fixed dark and light customization options not spawning any VFX at all
      • Fixed numerous bugs which resulted in this power not benefiting from enhancements and procs
        • Procs are triggered by the toggle in a radius around the target, rather than by the patches left on the ground
    • sorcerypool_runeofprotection.png.d31667d01d7dbf6687a2cf3a42e73644.png Rune of Protection
      • Duration reduced from 90s to 60s
      • Cooldown reduced from 600s to 180s
      • Now ignores all recharge buffs, enhancements, and debuffs
        • No longer accepts recharge enhancements
      • Buff now applies immediately when the power begins activating, instead of 1s~ into the animation
      • Now grants damage resistance even if you use it whilst mezzed (previously only the mez protection component would be applied)
      • Fixed an issue which prevented the continuing VFX from playing

    More information can be found in the Sorcery Pool Updates thread, please use that thread to discuss these changes


    Powers Changes

    Power Animation & Rooting Update

    • Power animation time and rooting time have been decoupled - meaning that powers now decide how long they should root the character for, not the animation
      • This greatly increases our flexibility in making adjustments to power timing, animations, and rooting, and also fixes various issues surrounding animation cancelling
    • The following powers will now never root during their activation:
      • Ally-targeting abilities that do not hit enemies (eg: Healing Aura, but not Twilight Grasp)
      • Self-only abilities that do not hit enemies (eg: Build Up, but not Soul Drain)
      • Scaling auras which do not damage enemies (eg: Invincibility, Beta Decay)
    • The following powers will still root during their activation (and will do so more reliably):
      • Any power that applies any kind of effect to enemies (this includes attacks as well as damage auras), apart from those mentioned above
      • All powers that summon other entities
      • All interruptible powers (snipes/assassinations/etc) will now root for their uninterruptible window
    • Weapon redraw should no longer cancel attack animations
    • In addition, many powers with excessively long cast times have been sped up (listed below)

     Stalker Crit Consistency Pass

    • All Stalker Critical Hits should follow these rules (many powers had wrong chances and/or missing/incorrect crit effects):
      • Single Target: 100% chance from Hide
      • AoE: 50% chance from Hide
      • PvE: 7% chance from non-Hide (before Team Size buffs)
      • PvP: 20% chance from non-Hide (when target is Held/Slept)

    Detailed list of changes:

    • Broad Sword
      • Slice:
        • PvE Damage increased from 1.23 scale to 1.2346 scale
        • PvP Damage increased from 1.4133 scale to 1.596 scale
        • Fixed PvP non-hide critical from 5% to 20%
      • Disembowel: PvP Damage increased from 2.0599 scale to 2.06 scale (you’re welcome)
      • Headsplitter: PvP Damage increased from 2.5909 scale to 2.591 scale (seriously, you’re welcome)
    • Claws
      • Eviscerate: PvP Damage increased from 2.3856 scale to 2.3857 scale (seriously, all these PvP buffs are getting out of hand)
    • Dark Melee
      • Shadow Maul: PvP crit chance lowered from 100% to 50%
    • Dual Blades
      • Ablating Strike: PvP crit chance against held/slept reduced from 100% to 20%
    • Fiery Melee
      • Scorch: PvP scale from 0.974 to 0.9897
      • Cremate: PvP scale from 1.0974 to 1.1151
      • Assassin’s Blaze (fast): PvP scale from 1.4901 to 2.169
      • Breath of Fire: PvP scale from 0.9267 to 1.9383
      • Fire Sword Circle: PvP scale from 0.8768 to 0.6138
      • Greater Fire Sword: PvP scale from 2.5254 to 2.551 (combined)
    • Ice Melee
      • Ice Sword: Crit damage for pvp non-hide reduced from scale 1.5713 to 1.571
      • Assassin's Ice Sword (slow): Crit damage was not flagged as unresisted, this has been fixed
      • Frost: Added missing 20% held/slept crit chance, scale 0.4002 to 0.2875 per tick for DoT (scale 2.4004 to 1.7251 crit)
      • Frozen Aura: Added missing 20% held/slept crit chance, scale from 1.526 to 1.068
      • Freezing Touch: PvP scale from 1.7399 to 1.74
    • Martial Arts
      • Cobra Strike:
        • Added PvP-specific entry for base damage
        • Added missing hidden crit, scale 1.9321 to 1.969
    • Psionic Melee
      • Mental Strike: Added PvP-specific entry for Insight damage
      • Psi Blade: Added PvP-specific entry for Insight damage
      • Telekinetic Blow: Added PvP-specific entry for Insight damage, scale 2.3853 to 1.789
      • Greater Psi Blade: Scale 3.6666 to 2.75, insight scale 1.8333 to 1.3414
      • Mass Levitate: Added PvP-specific entry for Insight damage, scale 1.5733 to 1.18
    • Radiation Melee
      • Contaminated Strike: Crit scale 1.468 to 1.101
      • Radioactive Smash: Crit scale 2.4645 to 1.73
      • Proton Sweep:
        • Base ticks scale 0.5489 to 0.3847
        • Crit scale 2.1958 to 1.5389
      • Radiation Siphon: Crit scale 3.1479 to 2.361
      • Devastating Blow: Crit scale 3.9319 to 2.949
      • Atom Smasher: Scale 1.7765 to 1.3324
    • Staff Fighting
      • Guarded Spin:
        • PvE scale from 0.2317 to 0.2417 for each DoT tick
        • PvE crit damage scale from 1.39 to 1.2085
        • PvP scale 0.2458 to 0.2949 for each DoT tick, crit scale 2.0 to 1.4746
      • Eye of the Storm:
        • PvP scale from 0.2467 to 0.1919 for each DoT tick
        • PvP crit scale from 1.4804 to 1.1516
      • Sky Splitter: PvP held/slept crit damage scale 1.4905 to 2.9809
    • Street Justice
      • Spinning Strike: PvE crit scale from 1.54 to 1.5368


    Mastermind Summons & Henchmen Buffs

    • Mastermind Henchmen Summons have had their recharge times reduced:
      • T1 Henchmen: reduced from 60s to 5s (25s in PvP)
      • T2 Henchmen: reduced from 90s to 10s (35s in PvP)
      • T3 Henchmen: reduced from 120s to 15s (50s in PvP)
    • These summon powers are no longer affected by recharge buffs or debuffs
    • Mastermind Henchmen Summons have had their endurance costs reduced:
      • T1 Henchmen: reduced from 19.5 end to 5.46 end
      • T2 Henchmen: reduced from 19.5 end to 9.62 end
      • T3 Henchmen: reduced from 19.5 end to 13.18 end
    • Henchmen upgrade end costs have been reduced from 22.75 to 11.375
    • Note: This were some quick low hanging changes to help Masterminds out a bit, we are currently investigating further improvements to Masterminds for the future


    • Inspiration Eden Trial.png Ambrosia
      • This inspiration now applies to the caster and all henchmen (MM pets)
      • The buff will also apply to newly summoned (or resummoned henchmen) until it expires
    • Inspiration Hambrosia.png Essence of the Earth
      • This inspiration now applies to the caster and all henchmen (MM pets)
      • The buff will also apply to newly summoned (or resummoned henchmen) until it expires

    Demon Summoning

    • demonsummoning_summondemonlings.png.f71ca72a400979be9e3ea8870044f5d9.png Summon Demonlings
      • Cast time reduced from 4s to 2s
    • demonsummoning_summondemons.png.9362c4f303d9e49fe947d5fb4bcbd90e.png Summon Demons
      • Cast time reduced from 4s to 2s
    • demonsummoning_hellonearth.png.558258f41734346ba8ca48cc5a2fe882.png Hell on Earth
      • Cast time reduced from 4.03s to 2.03s
    • demonsummoning_summondemonprince.png.a857a4902767382a0370902a012def9e.png Summon Demon Prince
      • Cast time reduced from 4s to 2s

    Assault Rifle & Mercenaries

    • assaultweapons_arflamethrowerignite.png.bf7e504ddb51ca9dee9d12907d04d06b.png Ignite (All Versions)
      • Cast Time reduced from 4s to 2s
    • assaultweapons_arfullauto.png.9bd6bfd1e0321ffa8f4327fff2e9f217.png Full Auto (All Versions, including Henchmen)
      • Cast Time reduced from 4s (or 6s) to 2.5s (Mercenary Commando actually took a whopping 6s before!)

    Stone Armor

    • stonearmor_rooted.png.e64089c2e4e06f3bb7da33b894d96877.png Rooted
      • Now only applies movement debuffs while Granite Armor is also active
      • No longer suppresses travel powers
      • VFX has been toned down slightly as it no longer represents you being glued to the ground
    • stonearmor_granite.png.1d6a764346c943d9045fe741b1f20792.png Granite Armor
      • This power now disables all Flying, Running and Jumping toggle powers


    • ninjitsu_hide.png.3ca91307a94962420217e5ea61c94c6f.png Scrapper > Shinobi-Iri
      • This power no longer grants movement buffs (as they would be absorbed into the new stacking mechanics)
        • This power no longer accepts Jump, Run and Universal Travel enhancements
        • The buff has been toned down and moved to Kuji-In Rin
      • Stealth crit mechanic has been significantly improved
        • Now kicks in after 8s of no combat, rather than 20s
          • This allows the bonus to be used every encounter without requiring you to stop for 20s
        • Stealth crit chance for single target attacks is now 65%
        • Stealth crit chance for AoE attacks is now 30%
      • Power icon updated
    • ninjitsu_hide.png.3ca91307a94962420217e5ea61c94c6f.png Sentinel > Shinobi-Iri
      • This power no longer grants movement buffs (as they would be absorbed into the new stacking mechanics)
        • This power no longer accepts Jump, Run and Universal Travel enhancements
        • The buff has been toned down and moved to Kuji-In Rin
      • Stealth damage buff has been doubled from +20% to +40%
      • Power icon updated
    • ninjitsu_kujinrin.png.37c97bf48ae1e62672955c030c3d663c.png Scrapper | Sentinel | Stalker > Kuji-In Rin
      • This power now grants a small run speed and jumping buff (and as a click power, this will stack with all other movement buffs)
        • This power now accepts Jump, Run and Universal Travel enhancements
      • This power now accepts damage resistance sets (which will improve the psionic resistance component)

    Dual Pistols

    • dualpistols_hailofbullets.png.88221954dfce83492d8991008b3f15e9.png Hail of Bullets (All Versions)

      • Cast time reduced from 4.17s to 2.47s

      • Adjusted Hail of Bullets animation

    • The text description for Dual Pistols powers have been updated for readability, if no issues are found with these descriptions, other powers will follow similar formatting

    Other Powers Changes

    •  powerblast_sniperblast.png.5bbde28b705203b60723f5ac78ca93a8.png Snipe Powers
      • Fast (in-combat) snipes have had their ranges normalized to 80ft (and 100ft for Psi)
        • Slow snipes are unaffected and retain their increased range
    • invisibility_phaseshift.png.a95b186b87f5329bee945c53a6b295ff.png Phase Powers
      • The No Phase suppression window for all powers (PvE and PvP) has been reduced from 2 minutes to 90 seconds
    • inherent_rest.png.3867c43e1caeae5c58d4fe5a847a48d7.png Inherent > Rest
      • No longer has a recharge, making it easier to use at low levels
      • No longer accepts recharge reduction enhancements
      • It should now be a bit harder to accidentally move and interrupt Rest before it begins properly
      • Can now be activated in the air, but you will fall to the ground once Rest is fully active
      • Can no longer activate other powers while resting
    • icearmor_hybernate.png.1bdfa681f50633cd41dae5118e56c33d.png Hibernate (All Versions)
      • This power no longer de-toggles flight powers, but will still suppress flight
    • Arachnos_Patron_TeamToHitBuff_tga.png.a5aa58b00982ca389854d123f94317ed.png Sentinel > Mace Mastery > Focused Accuracy Coordinated Targeting
      • Unlike other versions of Focused Accuracy, this power is a team buff
      • To distinguish it from other versions of Focused Accuracy, it has been renamed to Coordinated Targeting and now has a new icon
    • electricalbolt_thunderouseblast.png.f68b96327cd85e26d9397cf88cdb4234.png Electrical Blast > Thunderous Blast (All Versions)

      • Cast Time reduced from 3.7s to 2.93s

    • radiationpoisoning_chokingcloud.png.2403482ce8c4b1010308c120430dd615.png Radiation Emission > Choking Cloud

      • Cast Time reduced from 3.47s to 1s

    • darkarmor_touchofdeath.png.0ca19efe91fa85b2f90683ebb098cfbe.png Darkness Manipulation | Dark Armor > Death Shroud (All Versions)

      • Cast Time reduced from 3.47s to 2.47s

    • icyonslaught_icepatch.png.50ddc7cff02a2f83a02eeb39354b9af4.png Ice Manipulation | Ice Melee > Ice Patch (All Versions)

      • Cast Time reduced from 3.47s to 1.57s

    • beastmastery_summondirewolves.png.aff63e0a605ef6913bf2dd3e07616174.png Beast Mastery > Summon Dire Wolf

      • Cast Time reduced from 4.67s to 2s

    • bioorganicarmor_athleticaugmentation.png.70a8ec5e17d418008b66130cb30a166a.png Sentinel > Bio Armor > Athletic Regulation

      • The stance benefits of this power have been modified

        • Note: this power always provides +3.67mph Run & +2.2mph Fly speed and -Defence resistance, only the stance bonuses have been changed

      • Before:

        • bioorganicarmor_defensiveadaptation.png.c6edee0bc28cbc4e5a9cedd7d5a7cdfd.png Defensive: 65% Resistance (-Run/-Fly)

        • bioorganicarmor_offensiveadaptation.png.ebfe149ee3b5510981dcc442e8fa4540.png Offensive: +227.5% Run Strength & +88.7% Fly Strength

        • bioorganicarmor_efficientadaptation.png.8cef23435bb281301ea1ab19bde3cd46.png Efficient: +113.75% Run Strength & +44.36% Fly Strength & 32.5% Resistance (-Run/-Fly)

      • Now:

        • bioorganicarmor_defensiveadaptation.png.c6edee0bc28cbc4e5a9cedd7d5a7cdfd.png Defensive: 40% Resistance (-Run/-Fly) (reduces the strength of speed debuffs)

        • bioorganicarmor_offensiveadaptation.png.ebfe149ee3b5510981dcc442e8fa4540.png Offensive: +2.00mph Run Speed & +3.00mph Fly Speed (a flat increase to movement speed in and out of combat)

          • With the always-on bonus from Athletic Regulation, this gives you a total of +5.76mph Run & +3.47mph Fly speed

          • This is similar to Super Reflexes > Quickness, which grants +5.01mph Run & +2.93mph Fly speed

        • bioorganicarmor_efficientadaptation.png.8cef23435bb281301ea1ab19bde3cd46.png Efficient: +33% Run / Fly Speed Strength (increases the strength of all your travel powers - essentially a free SO in every run / fly power)

      • Note: The combat monitor currently lies about +Fly speed bonuses, the +numbers you see are multiplied by 1.5x before being applied to the total (base fly speed and fly speed total are both accurate)

    • Flight_JumpJet.png.9b6aefab3b4c2ed4bcb107095d3897fb.png Jump Pack + Inherent_SteamJump.png.cba2d7d5ac18740efd5ada82b5e0e860.png Steam Jump + Jump_HighJump.png.864db247afae2249525adce6d03d45ea.png Double Jump
      • Improved the reliability of the mutual exclusivity mechanics for these powers
    • gravitycontrol_singularity.png.93725e305afe5288447a739c9840b451.png Gravity Control > Singularity

      • Singularity will now slowly pull enemies towards it, allowing it to make much greater use of the Repel effect

    • Temporary_FreakshowDisguise.png.f36338e21706238f57965f88c5aa7cfd.png Temporary & Prestige Costumes (aka Halloween Costumes)
      • These costumes are no longer mutually exclusive with stealth powers (they never provided stealth)
    • TrickArrow_DebuffDamRes.png.1715ed6e2889e85a31785b58b33e4227.png Trick Arrow > Disruption Arrow
      • The visual FX for this power has been changed to alleviate headaches being induced by the old VFX
      • Due to the health implications of the old VFX, this is not an optional change
    • Freedom Corps > Nullifier > Sonic Grenade
      • The visual FX for this power has been changed to alleviate headaches being induced by the old VFX


    Story Arc Updates

    Barracuda Strike Force

    • Power of Black Scorpion (the power required to kill Reichsman) is now always granted to the team leader, regardless of Archetype
      • Defenders now receive Power of Ghost Widow
      • Masterminds now receive Power of Captain Mako
    • Removed broken hospital in the first mission of the Barracuda SF which caused you to get stuck outside the map

    The Graveyard Shift (Agent Watkins, Blueside)

    • Intro
      • Made a more obvious note that "Ask about available missions" bypasses the intro text when starting it organically in the 20-30 range
    • Mission 1 (Forum Brawl)
      • Zoombies
        • Ambushes all reduced to 1 (From 2)
        • More susceptible to control effects - Sleep, Hold, Stun, Immob and Confusion
        • Slowed them down slightly
        • Made them spawn from further away to give players a moment of reaction time
        • Explosion damage decreased, accuracy increased, radius increased (15ft > 22ft), target cap increased (12 > 30)
          • 1s activation added to explosion - there will not be a telegraphed animation.
        • Added -fly to their vomit
        • -Fly should now actually take it away instead of gifting it
        • -Fly potency increased, duration 15s
        • Zoombies can barf from a range of 30 (was 10)
        • Barf animation changed to the quick projectile barf
        • Zoombies will disappear properly whether the explosion hits or not
        • Zoombie explosion autohits entities friendly to it
        • AI issues resolved
        • Zoombie backpack solved
    • Mission 2 (Cannibal Corpses)
      • Moved mission location to Steel Canyon
      • Added dialog to explain that Dubstitch was the brains behind the Zoombies
      • Added additional context mob for more flavor text
      • Zoombie ambush should show up during, not after, the Dubstitch fight
      • Added resistances and sonic resistance field to Dubstitch
      • Dubstitch's Zoombies should not spawn directly on top of you
        • I mean, in theory anyway
        • Bring inspirations just in case!
      • Dubstitch ambush properly functions
    • Mission 3 (Freak Rave)
      • Rebalanced entry mob density in front room after lobby
      • Replaced one instance of an LT spawn with a Minion, which should make the spawns more in line in terms of expectation of difficulty
    • Mission 4 (Investigation)
      • Added a Bypass dialog function that will allow you to skip the entire investigation and move forward to the next mission in the Rivet
        • For people who don't want to read, or teams of people who don't want to stand around
    • Mission 5 (Rusty Rivet)
      • Added additional UsePower functions for Salamander and Grey Matter (DNA Siphon and Psychic Shockwave, respectively)
      • Added some additional dialog to the mission intro explaining Mander is Salamander
      • Added an objective on Nav to rescue hostages
    • Mission 6 (Pathogen)
      • Added more lab equipment to the Pathogen fight room, made all of them throughout mission much easier to destroy
      • Debuffed the Viral Cocktail and added an element of randomness to the power:
        • ALWAYS:
          • -Regen, -MaxHP, -Def
            • No longer debuffs Max Endurance or Recovery by default. However...
        • 10% chance every 10.5s for each of the following debuffs:
          • -End, -Recovery, 15s
          • -ToHit, 15s
          • -Recharge, 15s
        • 2.5% chance every 10.5s for...
          • A chance to stop and vomit for a moment. Heroes get upset tummies too!
      • To offset this change, the lab equipment will now:
        • ALWAYS:
          • +Regen, +MaxHP, +Def, 60s (Double what the debuff was taking away, 4x the duration of the debuff)
        • 85% chance for:
          • +MaxEnd, +Recovery, 40s
        • 80% chance for:
          • +Recharge, 40s
        • 75% chance for:
          • +ToHit, 40s
      • The fires are now friendly to NOBODY and do half the previous damage, or 1/4 of the first iteration (for those keeping track)
      • Rewrote the "I failed the timer" mission branch to the finale, including CDC Commander dialog
        • Players should not feel miserable for failing that mission now
        • Softened and altered Watkins' dialog to accommodate an improvement to his personality
      • Pathogen now applies -Fly with several of their attacks
    • Mission 7 (Finale)
      • Cortex confuse recharge increased to 30s from 20s
    • Souvenirs
      • Adjusted all souvenirs to reflect changes

    Freakish Lab of Dr. Vahzilok (Doc Buzzsaw, Redside)

    • Mission 3 (Vah's Lab)
      • Fixed some hostage code errors
    • Mission 4_1 (Council Base)
      • Vandal
        • No longer has Detention Field
        • Added an occasional repel power
        • Added an AOE Knockup power called Drill Strike
        • Added status protection
        • PBAoE Smashing Damage with 75% chance for Knockup
        • All remaining powers in his toolkit have been reduced by a decent margin
        • Coded down to Elite Boss in redside encounter (Other versions are unchanged)
        • Fixed his KB/KD/Repel resistance only existing for 5s
        • Changed AI and attack power priorities on Vandal
          • Vandal should now use both his ranged and melee attacks more frequently
          • Ranged attacks should be seen more often in rotation
          • Drill Strike recharge lowered to 15s
    • Mission 4_2 (Crey Lab)
      • Hopkins
        • Damage needs to be evaluated in teams, solo, and against various build types and ATs
        • Coded down to Elite Boss in redside encounter (Manticore TF unchanged)
        • Removed overlapping resistance powers
        • Should be easier to fight now
        • Gave in to my dark temptations anyway, so:
          • Total Focus removed
          • Whirling Hands removed
          • Spinning Strike added
          • Crushing Uppercut added
          • Initial Strike added
        • Changed AI and attack power priorities on Hopkins
          • Should now use both his ranged and melee attacks more frequently
          • Ranged attacks should be seen more often in rotation
          • Fixed bug causing loop between just Initial Strike and Barrage
        • Hopkins should no longer have the Street Justice combo system factoring into his attacks
      • Tavish Bell
        • Resistances buffed
      • Immature Paragon Protectors
        • Death Gas removed from their powersets within the mission
        • Death Gas will return to their future incarnations
    • Mission 4_3 (Bile's Hideout)
      • TechDeck given additional insurance to not be accidentally killed before you can interrogate him


    PvP-Specific Changes

    Arena Maps

    • Lowered the max height on the Last Bastion arena map to 1150

    Animation Rooting

    • In PvP only, all powers will only root for 75% of their total cast time

    Mez Protection

    • The following powers now provide mez protection in PvP:
      • Storm Summoning > O2 Boost (stun/sleep only, 60s)
      • Sonic Resonance > Clarity (confuse/terrorize/held/immob/stun/sleep, 90s)
      • Empathy > Clear Mind (confuse/terrorize/held/immob/stun/sleep, 90s)
      • Force Fields > Insulation Shield (confuse/terrorize/held/immob/stun/sleep, 90s, main target only)
      • Kinetics > Increase Density (held/immob/stun only, 60s)
      • Pain Domination > Enforced Morale (confuse/terrorize/held/immob/stun/sleep, 90s)
      • Poison > Antidote (confuse/terrorize/held/immob/stun/sleep, 90s)
      • Thermal Radiation > Thaw (confuse/terrorize/held/immob/stun/sleep, 90s)
      • Electrical Affinity > Faraday Cage (held/immob/stun/sleep, while inside the static sphere)
      • Trick Arrow > EMP Field (generated by EMP Arrow, held/immob/stun/sleep, while inside the sphere)
    • Magnitude protection will not stack from multiple casters, but the strongest protection will always be active
    • Protection granted by these powers per AT:
      • Defender 10.81 Mag (requires 4 to 6 successful equal type mez to break through [based on the mez being mag 2 or mag 3])
      • Controller 8.65 Mag (requires 3 to 5 successful equal type mez to break through)
      • Corruptor 8.65 Mag (requires 3 to 5 successful equal type mez to break through)
      • Mastermind 6.49 Mag (requires 3 to 4 successful equal type mez to break through)

    Other PvP Power Changes

    • Scrapper ATOs and Shinobi-Iri
      • Fixed a bug that prevented most Epic pool attacks from having their crit rate increased by these in PvP
    • Temp Powers > Raptor Pack
      • Duration reduced from 2 minutes to 45 seconds
    • Radiation Emission > Enervating Field (All Versions)
      • Increased -Resistance debuff from scale 2 to scale 3 (30% to 40% in the case of Defenders)
    • Empathy > Absorb Pain (All Versions)
      • Self Debuffs have been increased from 20s to 25s
    • Pain Domination > Share Pain (All versions)
      • Self Debuffs have been increased from 15s to 20s
    • Super Reflexes > Elude (All Versions)
      • This power now grants 20% Elusivity(AoE/Melee/Ranged) in PvP
    • Ninjutsu > Kuji-In_Retsu
      • This power now grants 20% Elusivity(AoE/Melee/Ranged) in PvP
    • Pool > Experimentation > Jaunt
      • In PvP, this power now recharges in 30s
    • Poison > Envenom
      • Resist Debuff lowered from 40% to 30% (defender values)
    • Pain Domination > Soothing Aura (All Versions)
      • In PvP, this power grant Heal over Time instead of +Regen, same way it does in PvE
    • Water Blast > Dehydrate (All Versions)
      • In PvP, this power grant Heal over Time instead of +Regen, same way it does in PvE
    • Time Manipulation > Temporal Mending (All Versions)
      • In PvP, this power grant Heal over Time instead of +Regen, same way it does in PvE
    • Time Manipulation > Chrono Shift (All Versions)
      • In PvP, this power grant Heal over Time instead of +Regen, same way it does in PvE
    • Nature Affinity > Regrowth (All Versions)
      • In PvP, this power grant Heal over Time instead of +Regen, same way it does in PvE
    • Stalker > Dark Melee > Shadow Maul

      • Hidden PvP Crit chance lowered from 100% to 50%

    • Stalker > Dual Blades >Ablating Strike

      • PvP damage chance against held/sleep foes lowered from 100% to 20%

    • Stalker > Staff Melee > Sky Splitter

      • PvP critical damage against held/sleep foes increased from 1.4905 to 2.9810



    Coordinates & /thumbtack

    • Added a /thumbtack <x> <y> <z> command to set the thumbtack in the minimap with world coordinates
    • The /loc command now displays the current position as a thumbtack link
    • Writing a location in chat surrounded by square brackets will generate a thumbtack link to that position
      • They will only be considered valid if they consist of exactly three numbers, separated by spaces or commas
    • Added the $loc chat variable which translates to your current coordinates into a clickable thumbtack link
    • The /whereami command will now also display your current position as a thumbtack link



    Signature Story Arcs in LFG

    • Signature Story Arcs are now available in the "Story Arcs" tab of the Looking For Group window
    • Note that you will only see the Signature Story Arcs for your current alignment



    Enhancement Boosters & Catalysts

    • Enhancement Boosters and Catalysts can now be applied directly by clicking on them, without using the Combine button
    • The confirmation dialog box is optional and can be enabled or disabled from the Options window
    • Applying an Enhancement Booster that doesn't make the Enhancement +5 will have a faster animation



    Teleportation Targeting & /powexec_location

    • Added a "cursor" targeting mode to /powexec_location
      • It behaves as if the power was activated with a click at the current mouse cursor location
      • This will allow you to quickly activate teleport with a hotkey without needing to click
    • Significantly improved the targeting cursor for teleportation powers and it's now much easier to reliably choose the desired destination
      • The 'red ring of doom' should rarely appear now, and it should be almost impossible to have it fall back to the character's feet
    • Fixed issues with two-side polygon collision that prevented the use of teleportation powers in a few places, the most notable being the outer ring of the Chantry / Storm Palace

    New Command: /powers_togglealloff

    • Added a new /powers_togglealloff command which will toggle off all currently active toggle


    • Added the "Complicated" badge to Frostfire's story arc
      • This will be granted retroactively to characters that already have the arc's souvenir
    • Corrected the badge art for many "stature level" missions that were using the wrong level range or duplicate art
      • Hero badges; Negotiator, Spelunker, Plague Stopper, Spirit Warrior, Pwnz, Do No Harm, Emancipator, Meteorologist, True Nemesis, Bodyguard, Agent
      • Villain badges: Stone Cold, Bone Collector, Plague Carrier, Mask Maker

    Pocket D & Null the Gull

    • Simplified Null the Gull's dialogue options for hiding pop-up trays
      • All travel powers now use the same option for hiding trays
      • Previously they all used the same flag, but presented as different dialog options - this was fine when only Origin pools had pop-up powers and you could only ever have one
      • With the standard travel powers gaining pop-up powers it was necessary to simplify this
    • Removed alignment warning boxes from the elevators
    • The exit to Winter Forest is now marked on the minimap

    Atlas Park & Mercy Island

    • Enemies in Atlas Park and Mercy Island should no longer reproduce like rabbits and spawn in on top of players

    User Interface

    • "Current Absorb" can now be monitored in the combat attributes window
    • Power details screens should no longer mix up PvP and PvE attributes
    • Changed the wording of defense and defense debuff attributes in power details screens so players can more accurately distinguish between them
    • Improved the readability of power descriptions with the addition of paragraphing and text colours to break up the information
    • PvP IO recipes can no longer be sold to vendors

    Bug Fixes

    • The inter-dimensional Katana and Bow thief has finally be caught and brought to justice! (fixed Katanas and Bows frequently being invisible to other players)
    • Improved the validation of certain chat links; things like [Recipe:Boresight] or [Salvage:Tactics] will no longer be considered valid
    • Fixed "Medium Arcane Supergroup Banner 1", "Medium Tech Supergroup Banner 1"  texture issue
    • Fixed the Merit vendor display name for Encouraged Accuracy: To Hit Buff (Recipe)
    • Fixed malformed .fx file causing debug client errors ("FXGEO: Failed to alloc a child fx") when drawing a katana
    • Fixed an issue which allowed multiple emotes to be combined to trigger NPC-only animations and VFX
    • Fixed Veluta Lunata's story arcs requiring the Pirate badge in Ouroboros (this requirement was removed from the non-Ouroboros version of the arc a long time ago)
    • Made another attempt at fixing the Duray encounter in Admiral Sutter's Task Force
    • Fixed a non-existent version of Ouroborus appearing in the /search map list instead of the real version
    • Removed incorrect message about mastermind pets in Recharge Intensive sets
      • These enhancements previously stated these sets couldn't be slotted in Mastermind pets - this has never been the case

    Costume Fixes

    • Fixed "Lebeaux" top not tinting correctly for "Robotic Arm 1" and "Robotic Arm 3"
    • Fixed Arachnos Soldier "Wolf Collar" from interfering with ear selection when "Wolf" helmet style is selected
    • Restored "Wolf 2" collar option
    • Fixed "Praetorian Police" boot option for males not appearing in asymmetry mode for the right boot
    • Fixed missing texture on "Impervium Katana" for Dual Blade models
    • Fixed Huge 'Cyborg 1' Asymmetric Shoulder Pad
    • Adjusted Female 'Fashion Tight' boots to lessen clipping around knees while standing and walking

    Map Fixes

    • Various geometry fixes in the following zones:
      • Kings' Row
      • The Hive
      • The Hollows
      • Skyway City
      • Terra Volta
      • Eden
      • Peregrine Island
      • Pocket D
      • Dark Astoria
      • Siren's Call
      • Grandville
      • Dark Astoria (Echo)
      • Rikti Crash Site (Echo)
    • Storm Palace: Closed holes in the collision boundary of the zone
    • Renamed a warehouse door in Kallisti Wharf to fix issues with CityZone Any Warehouse missions breaking co-op teams

    Powers Bug Fixes

    • The following Enhancements should no longer be weaker when hitting higher level enemies:
      • Impervious Skin
      • Numina's Convalescence
      • Sentinel's Ward
      • Miracle
      • Aegis
      • Dominating Grasp
    • Enhancements > Power Transfer > Chance to Heal Self: Should be able to stack when slotted in multiple passive powers regardless of server timing
    • Enhancements > Overwhelming Force > Knockback to Knockdown: Fixed this proc not always converting to knockdown when stacked with other knockback effects
    • Prestige > Athletic Run: Icon no longer continuously flashes
    • Various > Electric Blast > Thunderous Blast (All Versions): Fixed a bug where the two chances for -end were not doing independent chance checks)
    • Various > Radiation Blast > Radioactive Assault > Proton Volley (All versions): Fixed a bug where these powers were doing 20% less than intended damage in PvP
    • Various > Shield Defense > Phalanx Fighting (All Versions): Fixed a bug that caused the self buff in this power to be intermittent
    • Various > Titan Weapons (All versions): Fixed a bug with some Titan Weapon powers starting Momentum too early, most notably Crushing Blow
    • Various > Trick Arrow > Glue Arrow (All versions): Fixed the short help text (for reals this time)
    • Various > Dark Servant > Twilight Grasp: Fixed a bug where this power was doing -damage instead of -regen in PvE
    • Pool > Fighting > Cross Punch: Fixed critical damage values
    • Pool > Fighting > Boxing: Fixed this power missing it's 35% synergy chance for stun in PvP
    • Pool > Leaping > Spring Attack: Reimplemented this power with new tools, should address some odd bugs with this power
    • Pool > Speed > Burnout: Fixed this power causing toggles to flicker when activated
    • Blaster > Electricity Manipulation > Dynamo: Fixed a bug where this power would do damage to the caster
    • Blaster > Ninja Training > Shinobi:: Fix critical proc not working while exemplared
    • Blaster > Temporal Manipulation > Time Wall:
      • Fixed this power not accepting Blaster, Ranged Damage and Universal Damage sets
      • Fixed this power using melee damage modifiers instead of ranged damage modifiers (damage has increased slightly as a result)
    • Blaster > Mace Mastery > Summon Spiderlings: Fixed an error in the power description that claimed you required 2 powers to acquire (only one power is required)
    • Brute > Regeneration > Fast Healing: This version of the power should no longer ignore healing enhancements
    • Corruptor > Dual Pistol > Hail of Bullets: Fixed a on bug on this version of the power that made chemical ammunition have a lower chance to do damage than intended
    • Dominator > Electricity Assault > Static Discharge: Should no longer list Endurance Modification enhancements twice
    • Dominator > Savage Assault > Spot Prey: The perception buff on this power was lasting only 0.75s instead of 10s, this has been corrected
    • Dominator > Psionic Mastery > World of Confusion: Fixed this power triggering Controller Overpower instead of Domination
    • Mastermind > Beast Mastery > Summon Dire Wolf: Fixed a bug where this power was never actually playing the summoning animation
    • Mastermind > Beast Mastery > Summon Lions: Fixed a bug where this power was never actually playing the summoning animation
    • Sentinel > Bio Armor > Genomic Evolution: Fixed a bug which prevented the Offensive Adaptation range bonus from applying
    • Sentinel > Ice Armor > Frigid Shield: This power should no longer detoggle when mezzed
    • Sentinel > Mace Mastery > Focused Accuracy: This power should no longer detoggle when mezzed
    • Stalker > Fiery Melee > Fire Sword Circle: Fixed this power now granting Assassin's Focus
    • Stalker > Ice Melee > Assassin's Ice Sword: This power's stealth bonus damage should no longer be resisted in PvP
    • Stalker > Ice Melee > Frozen Aura: Fixed this power now granting Assassin's Focus
    • Stalker > Rad Melee > Radiation Siphon: Power had the wrong level requirement. Now properly set to be available at level 18
    • Stalker/Scrapper > Mace Mastery > Mace Beam: Fixed numerous bugs in the crit damage.
    • Stalker/Scrapper > Mu Mastery > Zapp: Fixed a bug where this version of Zapp would have a projectile delay on it's damage despite the power not using a projectile:
      • Scrapper Only: Fixed a bug that was causing the fast version of this power inflict slow-version criticals
    • The following powers had their attack types corrected (this only impacts defense types):




  2. Build 27.1.3516


    Winter Event

    • The Winter event is now active!
    • See the Wiki page for more info
    • The event will be active for 5 weeks, and will end during maintenance on Tuesday the 5th of January

    New for 2020: Snowbound Badge

    • Awarded for logging in during the event
    • Grants you the Holiday Spirit (debt protection) and Holiday Cheer (a gift for another player) temporary powers

    New for 2020: Winter Forest Updates

    • The Winter Forest, a special zone previously only accessible via Null the Gull, has been updated to be a seasonal hang-out spot
    • While the Winter event is active, it can be accessed from any TUNNEL portal or by using Long Range Teleporter
    • While the Winter event is active, several NPCs gather in the zone: Ms. Liberty (Trainer), an Icon Cosmetic Surgeon, The Candy Keeper, Shady Nick (Black Market), a P2W Winter Agent, a Last-Minute Gift Shop (Quartermaster), a Merit Vendor, several heroes and villains from around Paragon and the Rogue isles, and of course, Null the Gull himself
    • An invention table, a base portal, and a TUNNEL portal have also been added, and they remain at all times, even after the winter event ends
    • Several small geometry fixes have been made
    • A minimap and a special loading screen have been added





    Long Range Teleporter

    Destination List

    • Destinations are now categorized and coloured based on their location (Paragon City, Rogue Isles, Praetoria and Shadow Shard)
    • "Your Supergroup Base" is visible at the top of the list if you are in a Supergroup
    • "Enter Supergroup Passcode..." is visible at the top of the list at all times
    • Locked destinations are now listed
      • This makes it easier to see where you can and cannot go, and also keeps every destination in a consistent location regardless of how many you've unlocked
      • Zones that your current alignment cannot visit are not listed
    • Shadow Shard zones moved to the bottom of the list
    • Hero zones re-ordered slightly, all co-op zones are now at the bottom of the Hero zone list
    • Zone levels have been removed in order to make the list easier to read

    Zone Checker

    • A zone checker list has been added to the Fast Travel macro,  allowing you to check which zones you have and haven't unlocked in LRT has been added to the fast travel macro
    • Unlocked zones can be clicked, doing so will activate LRT (you'll still need to select the destination in the LRT popup)
    • This is likely only a temporary solution, we'd like to add something more integrated with the power itself
    • Thanks to @AboveTheChemist and @Jacke for their assistance with this
    • NOTE: If you have manually downloaded an updated version of fasttravel.mnu, you need to delete it in order to see this update

    Other Changes

    • Long Range Teleporter can now be purchased from the P2W vendor
      • It costs 1,000,000 influence
      • It can be found under Prestige Powers > Travel > Long Range Teleporter
      • This only unlocks the power itself (with the default base access), exploration badges are still required to unlock each zone
    • Long Range Teleporter's long and short descriptions now clearly state it allows you to access Supergroup bases
    • Long Range Teleporter now uses a long interruptible animation when used inside a mission with Temporary Powers disabled (eg: in Master Of runs)
    • Fixed Faultline not unlocking properly
      • Previously it would unlock if you owned any badge from Echo: Faultline, rather than Faultline proper





    Story Arcs

    The Graveyard Shift

    • Updates to spawns in the rave mission to reduce the chance for extreme psychological trauma
    • Adjusted the Raverobber spawn to ensure that the spawn clears as complete as soon as Raverobber drops
    • Reduced the potency of the viral cocktail, now only reduces endurance by 10 instead of 20

      • MM pets now also get the Viral Cocktail

    • Immune booster power corrected to run for 60s, not 30s, stacking

    • Upgraded the Zoombie explosions: They move faster, hit harder, hit you AND enemies - and added knockback

    • Disclaimers added to Pathogen and Cortex missions to bring friends

    The Freakish Lab of Dr. Vahzilok

    • Doc Buzzsaw contact updated to remove the HREF store link which would cause the contact to crash if clicked while running the arc via Ouroboros

    • Unkillable enemies getting onto the other side of the fence in the Zig should be less of a problem

      • Wardens using Gale were the issue, and that spawndef simply stops spawning bosses for Longbow now

    Cortex (Both arcs)

    • Heroside version

      • Rise to the challenge and wasting disease removed from him

    • Redside version

      • Psychic Scream removed fromdecaying version

      • Also has no confuse power still, intended

    • Mind Stab: 20s rech (was 4s), 1.24 damage scale (was 1.64)

    • Subdue: 3s rech (was 8s), .6 damage scale (was 1.0)

    • Telekinetic Blast: 6s rech (was 8s), damage for Smash/Psi now .63/.34, was 1/.64

    • Mesmerize: 3s rech (was 6s), sleep duration reduced from 30 to 18, damage reduced

    • Dominate: 5s rech (was 8s), .70 damage scale (was 1.0)

    • Greater Psi Blade: 30s rech (was 15s), lethal damage removed, psionic damage at 1.7 scale

    • Confuse added back into his power kit, recharge increased to 20s, mag increased from mag3 to mag4, duration cut to 10s from 20s

    • Updated the Cortex Illusion Spawns to be less painful in quantity



    Blaster Psychic Blast

    • Several powers have had their range increased to match the bonus range that other versions of Psychic Blast have
    • Psionic Dart range increased from 80ft to 100ft
    • Mental Blast range increased from 80ft to 100ft
    • Telekinetic Blast range increased from 80ft to 100ft
    • Will Domination range increased from 80ft to 100ft
    • Psionic Tornado range increased from 80ft to 100ft
    • Scramble Thoughts range increased from 80ft to 100ft

    Sentinel Psychic Blast

    • Several powers have had their range increased to match the bonus range that other versions of Psychic Blast have
    • Mental Blast range increased from 60ft to 75ft
    • Telekinetic Blast range increased from 60ft to 75ft
    • Psychic Scream range increased from 40ft to 50ft
    • Will Domination range increased from 60ft to 75ft
    • Psionic Strike range increased 60ft to 75ft
    • Psionic Tornado range increased from 40ft to 50ft
    • Scramble Thoughts range increased from 60ft to 75ft



    • Trainers no longer lie to players about Supergroup Mode and Prestige
    • Null the Gull no longer discusses the Dimensional Warder badge with Praetorians before they move over into Primal Earth properly

    Praetorian Supergroup Registrar

    • Added a new Supergroup Registrar for Praetorians
      • They are located in front of the Civic Center in Nova Praetoria (-4369.0 34.0 -256.0)
      • They use a fancy new Powers Division Supergroup registration form

    P2W Vendor

    • The various prestige teleportation powers in the P2W store now have proper descriptions instead of just saying "Buy me!"
    • Moved Prestige Sprints into the Travel category at the P2W vendor


    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed many powers having incorrect colour palettes for power customization
      • Many powers had their power customization options incorrectly assigned in i27 - this patch should resolve these issues
    • Fixed a bug that with the Supergroup registration screen; it was showing the wrong alignment very often
    • Fixed some text errors with the Auctioneer day job
    • Fixed the Monitor Duty badge incorrectly referring to the Base Teleporter power (the old name for the Monitor Duty Teleporter power)
    • Fixed the Visionary badge not awarding credit for Overseer bosses
      • These were still being tracked, they just weren't attached to the badge, so if you killed a bunch before this patch you may automatically earn the badge when you log in
    • Fixed the Duray encounter failing during Admiral Sutter's TF

    Powers Bug Fixes

    • Travel Powers should no longer generate a flashing buff icon

      • Note: Athletic Run was missed in this first fix, will be in the next patch

    • Trick Arrow

      • Disruption Arrow: This power's -MaxEnd debuff is now affected by AT modifiers

      • Glue Arrow:

        • Fixed short description to note it is a Location AoE

        • Slow enhancements should now work on this power

      • Mastermind: The following powers had their end cost accidentally lowered, this has been reversed:
        •  Ice Arrow
        •  Acid Arrow
        •  Disruption Arrow
        •  EMP Arrow
    • Energy Melee

      • Power Crash:

        • End cost for this power was set too low, increased from 9.36 to 15.184

        • Stalker version was not doing Crit from hide, this has been fixed

      • Stalker > Energy Punch: Crit damage was hitting for too little damage. This has been fixed

    • Dark Melee > Touch of Fear:

      • Power should again have a 30% chance for additional mag 1 fear on the primary target

      • A consistency pass has been made on Touch of Fear's AoE damage

    • Blaster > Darkness Manipulation > Touch of the Beyond: Should now grant fear resistance in PvP, not fear protection

    • Blaster > Tactical Arrow > Oil Slick Arrow: This power should now grant a Defiance buff

    • Scrapper > Energy Aura > Entropic Aura: This power should no longer debuff the caster's own recharge

    • Pool > Leadership > Victory Rush:

      • End Mod Enhancements should now work on this power

      • Fixed issues where sometimes it would do the same buff if used on Lts or Minions

    • Force Fields > Dispersion Bubble: Restored a missing VFX that would indicated what allies are being buffed by the power

    • Traps > Force Field Generator: Restored a missing VFX that would indicated what allies are being buffed by the power

    • Warshade > Umbral Aura > Shadow Slip: This power is now flagged as AoE, Negative Energy attack

    • Kinetics > Transfusion: This power should now heal even if the target dies shortly after the animation starts




    Patch Notes: Issue 27, Page 1

    Build 27.1.3403


    Welcome to the patch notes for Issue 27, Page 1! As you can tell, this is a very, very long list.



    Additionally, due to the large number of powers changes all characters will receive a free respec upon login.


    New Story Arc: The Graveyard Shift (Hero, Level 20-29)

    FBSA NetOps Agent Watkins has set up a small command station in North Steel Canyon, as an optimal location to investigate... something. Being somewhat dodgy about his assignment, he has constantly referred heroes to Positron first, to establish a reputation. The tasks that Agent Watkins has for you are no small feats, and involve the clean-up of one of the city's most exciting showdowns. Heroes 20 and above should seek him out, and bring plenty of club soda to wash out any stains.

    • Contact: Agent Watkins, Steel Canyon
      • Listed in Ouroboros under Champion (Level 25-29) > The Graveyard Shift (27.01)
    • This arc features new maps, new environments, the return of the Vahzilok Wasting Disease (it missed you), interaction with the alignment system, an actual investigation with clues and interviews, new badges, three alternate endings depending on the choices you make in earlier missions and... dubstep
    • The Vahzilok enemy group has also been expanded with a wider level range with some additional tweaks for the higher levels
    • This story arc currently awards 20 merits for completion, and an additional 20 merits for the first completion
      • These values will be adjusted in a future update to line up with other content when we have enough data to calculate the average playtime for this arc





    New Story Arc: The Freakish Lab of Dr. Vahzilok (Villain, Level 30-39)

    A notorious and well-admired sociopath of the Rogue Isles has put out a straight-forward distress call through the Broker network, asking individuals of highly dubious moral constitution to save her neck in the name of Science. Doc Buzzsaw is being stalked by a notable ne'er-do-well and the price on her head is significantly less than the value of preserving it. Villains of level 30 and beyond should seek her out in Sharkhead Isle, in the usual place, and relief will wash over you after the discovery that her attachment to bank accounts has disappeared in the face of her mortality, as an added bonus.

    • Contact: Doc Buzzsaw, Sharkhead Isle
      • Listed in Ouroboros under Criminal (Level 35-39) > The Freakish Lab of Dr. Vahzilok (27.02)
    • Chronologically this arc takes place after the Hero arc above
    • This arc features new maps, new environments, two new enemy factions, a prison break, new badges, several intricate missions with new spawn behaviours and a very, very cryptic poem
    • This story arc currently awards 20 merits for completion, and an additional 20 merits for the first completion
      • These values will be adjusted in a future update to line up with other content when we have enough data to calculate the average playtime for this arc





    Costume Editor Update: Asymmetrical Shoulders

    • Shoulders now have an asymmetrical toggle, which can be toggled on to allow separate left and right shoulder selection
      • Not every set of shoulders are available in asymmetrical mode, more will be added in future updates
      • All shoulder options remain available in symmetrical mode
    • The Kitten and Panda shoulder options are now available for Male and Huge characters






    Yes, two kittens


    Stance Selection

    • In the tailor, a new Inherent_Stance.png.8287c6c638d7ab0516c8135170b1cb5e.png Stance power in the Inherent tab will allow you to select one of the following stances:
      • Default
      • Ninja
      • Beast
      • Slide
    • This stance will apply to your character at all times, unless you activate a toggle with its own stance (e.g. Beast Run)
      • As this stance is controlled by power customisation, you can select a different stance for each costume
    • A new non-stance version of Ninja Run is available from P2W:
      • Inherent_AthleticRun.png.7b69ff39f84cadbbd7e613d65a27af3e.png Athletic Run
        • Athletic Run leverages your athletic training, allowing you to move at a higher speed and jump greater distances. It is free if you do not already own Beast Run or Ninja Run; otherwise, it costs 1,000,000 inf.


    Power Customisation Update

    Support for customising Temporary, Day Job and Accolade powers has been added, and more inherent powers can now be customized. In this update only a few powers are supported, but we are looking to expand this in the future.


    The following powers can now be customised in the "Inherent" tab:

    • Inherent
      • Inherent_Sprint.png.0cbcca7f214dfc425a13486a94541e73.png Sprint
      • Inherent_Sprint.png.0cbcca7f214dfc425a13486a94541e73.png Prestige Power Slide
      • Inherent_Sprint.png.0cbcca7f214dfc425a13486a94541e73.png Prestige Power Surge
      • Inherent_Sprint.png.0cbcca7f214dfc425a13486a94541e73.png Prestige Power Rush
      • Inherent_Sprint.png.0cbcca7f214dfc425a13486a94541e73.png Prestige Power Quick
      • Inherent_Sprint.png.0cbcca7f214dfc425a13486a94541e73.png Prestige Power Dash
      • The above all have original, light, dark, and minimal FX themes, and the customised versions of the prestige sprints have the dust cloud removed
      • See some examples here

    The following powers can now be customised in the "Other" tab:

    • Accolades
      • LongRangeTeleporter.png.4970195b31b9e2546510622430b293f0.png Long Range Teleporter
    • Prestige Travel
      • BasePortal.png.5989e719ab4845bd2a3cd51823b5218e.png Supergroup Portal
      • screenshot_200919-20-21-01_crop.png.8968c65792e978a90f2eba5701cbf5a9.png Base Transporter
      • MissionTeleporter_New.png.c1141d67b70eff3ecd527dd821308536.png Mission Transporter
    • Day Job Powers
      • DayJob_BasePortal.png.1a5fd02dfea47be7e7b7f18462dfd923.png Rapid Response Portal
      • DayJob_Teleport.png.e08e3e543d3b7af908dd5f0fd0436e75.png Monitor Duty Teleporter
    • Temporary Powers


    New Blaster Secondary: Sonic Manipulation

    Sonic Manipulation lets you control sonic forces to manipulate your foes, inflict damage and protect yourself.



    • SonicManipulation_SonicThrust.png.9e4a591b5c34a2a1c3f1b4b850901164.png T1: Sonic Thrust (Melee, Minor DMG(Smash/Energy), Foe Knockback)
      • A focused attack of intense sonic power that violently sends a nearby foe flying. Deals minimal damage, but can be very effective. Recharge: Fast
    • SonicManipulation_StridentEcho.png.75c9a3d2baf66dc56a4f6678f31502e6.png T2: Strident Echo (Melee, Moderate DMG(Smashing/Energy), chance for Hold)
      • Strident Echo deals minor damage over time. It has a low chance of causing a migraine, leaving the target shaking in pain and helpless. Recharge: Slow
    • SonicManipulation_EchoChamber.png.74ddfc2d1e863d828fbc1afd5a17539f.png T3: Echo Chamber (Ranged, Minor DMG(Energy), Foe Hold)
      • Encases the target in a field of sonic waves, dealing energy damage and holding them in place. Recharge: Slow
    • SonicManipulation_BuildUp.png.5ac1803a482553b4063bc6c5f9f328df.png T4: Sound Booster (Self +DMG, +To Hit, +Special)
      • Greatly boosts your attacks for a few seconds. Slightly increases chance to hit. Moderately increases the duration of mez effects. Moderately increases the chance for Sound Manipulation powers to induce migraines. Recharge: Long
    • SonicManipulation_DeafeningCry.png.1ed9159d34ebd539dbc79579b21c6f71.png T5: Deafening Wave (Melee (AoE), High DMG(Sonic/Energy), chance for Hold)
      • You create a large field of sonic waves, causing damage to all foes around you. It has a moderate chance of causing migraines, leaving them shaking in pain and helpless. Recharge: Slow
    • SonicManipulation_SoundBarrier.png.9ef8c213294b607131edc0eea0eda332.png T6: Sound Barrier (Toggle: Self +Absorb, +Recovery, +Res(Smashing, Energy, Sleep))
      • Creates a barrier around the caster which reduces incoming energy and smashing damage, provides protection against sleep effects and grants an absorption shield. Recovery is also increased. Recharge: Moderate
    • SonicManipulation_DisruptionAura.png.09aab2c08162aeeb6929ee31545eed17.png T7: Disruption Aura (Toggle: Foe -Res)
      • You emit a constant wave of sonic energy around yourself, weakening the Damage Resistance of all nearby foes. Recharge: Moderate
    • SonicManipulation_SoundCannon.png.912ac105ddfc93265d3b76192ff67407.png T8: Sound Cannon (Ranged (Cone), Foe Stun, Knockback)
      • You generate a powerful sonic wave that will knock back and disorient foes in front of you for a short time. Recharge: Long
    • SonicManipulation_Earsplitter.png.3b66ed36b218381f48f436c1aa92e784.png T9: Earsplitter (Melee, Heavy DMG(Smashing/Energy), chance for Hold)
      • You generate an earsplitting sound wave right in the face of your foe, inflicting great damage. It has a good chance of causing a migraine, leaving them shaking in pain and helpless. Recharge: Slow


    Powerset Revamp: Energy Melee

    Energy Melee has received a series of changes aimed at improving the performance of the set. Total Focus now acts as an opener for three different Energy Focus combos, including a Total Focus > Energy Transfer combo which provides fast, potent single target damage. Stun has been reworked into Power Crash, a cone attack, in order to provide a small amount of additional AoE capability to the set.


    Power Changes

    • PowerPunch_Quick.png.0b2c404e5c8c09c113c0e5e82582ccd1.png Barrage
      • If used with Energy Focus: 100% chance for stun and applies a weakening (-special and -regen) effect to the target
    • PowerPunch_EnergyPunch.png.44e985fa5f4304be9efb9290b00df6c3.png Energy Punch
      • Recharge increased from 4s to 5s
      • End cost increased from 5.2 to 6.032
      • Damage increased from scale 1 to scale 1.16
    • PowerPunch_BoneSmasher.png.4b5b0ff79881fce43094691d2d0bebf6.png Bone Smasher
      • Cast time reduced from 1.5s to 1.27s
    • PowerPunch_PowerCrash.png.a4d5d6bb685de2aa8ffb1941928fdd09.png Power Crash (Replaces Stun)
      • Power Crash is now a minor cone that can hit up to 5 targets (10 for Tankers)
      • No longer takes melee damage sets, now takes PBAoE damage sets (any existing enhancements will remain slotted until the character respecs)
      • If used with Energy Focus: Target cap increased to 10 targets (16 for Tankers)
      • If you previously had Stun in your build, you'll now have Power Crash
      • Stalkers only:
        • This power has a 16s recharge (instead of a 9s recharge for other ATs), with proportional damage and endurance cost increases per the standard damage formulas
        • As Stalkers do not have Whirling Hands, they rely entirely on Power Crash for AoE damage
    • PowerPunch_Flurry.png.0266af4c305c8b2d37103a3ad915e3d2.png Whirling Hands
      •  Damage increased from scale 1 to scale 1.1819 (it was slightly below what the damage formula dictated)
    • PowerPunch_TotalFocus.png.e155c20e6f19deb0c692462ed94e6020.png Total Focus 
      • Cast time reduced from 3.3 seconds to 2.53 seconds
      • Total Focus grants a charge of Energy Focus (even if power misses)
      • PowerPunch_EnergyStore1.png.1f177d3e036104c9808cfef4e83867db.png Energy Focus
        • Energy Focus is consumed when casting certain Energy Melee powers in order to provide bonus effects (Energy Focus is not consumed if the power misses)
        • Energy Focus expires after 15 seconds
      • Stalkers / Scrappers only:
        • This power only crits for 28% additional damage, but when it crits, it will also generate a backup Energy Store that will re-activate Energy Focus after the current Energy Focus is used or expires (essentially it provides two stacks of Energy Focus)
    • PowerPunch_EnergyTransfer.png.28fb635ca16499cd48a65ad885598dde.png Energy Transfer
      • Energy Transfer self damage is now 10% of base max HP for all ATs, and no longer costs any endurance
      • Damage is now 100% energy
      • Recharge lowered from 20s to 10s
      • If used with Energy Focus: Cast time reduced from 2.67s to 1.0s
      • Stalkers / Scrappers only:
        • This power only crits for 28% additional damage, but when it crits, it will not only avoid the self-damage, it will actually heal you for 10% of your base max HP

    Stalker Power Order Changes

    1. PowerPunch_Quick.png.0b2c404e5c8c09c113c0e5e82582ccd1.png Barrage
    2. PowerPunch_EnergyPunch.png.44e985fa5f4304be9efb9290b00df6c3.png Energy Punch
    3. PowerPunch_BoneSmasher.png.4b5b0ff79881fce43094691d2d0bebf6.png Bone Smasher
    4. PowerPunch_AssassinStrike.png.caa0f90860623217f220e74310f2a2e9.png Assassin's Strike
    5. PowerPunch_BuildUp.png.d545160103b98782e3803d7bbbdf5f6c.png Build Up
    6. PowerPunch_Placate.png.38cb98d273142960ba61e2b60a372c59.png Placate
    7. PowerPunch_PowerCrash.png.a4d5d6bb685de2aa8ffb1941928fdd09.png Power Crash (replaces Stun)
    8. PowerPunch_TotalFocus.png.e155c20e6f19deb0c692462ed94e6020.png Total Focus (moved from T9)
    9. PowerPunch_EnergyTransfer.png.28fb635ca16499cd48a65ad885598dde.png Energy Transfer (moved from T8)


    Tanker Power Order Changes

    1. PowerPunch_Quick.png.0b2c404e5c8c09c113c0e5e82582ccd1.png Barrage
    2. PowerPunch_EnergyPunch.png.44e985fa5f4304be9efb9290b00df6c3.png Energy Punch
    3. PowerPunch_BoneSmasher.png.4b5b0ff79881fce43094691d2d0bebf6.png Bone Smasher
    4. 317721682_PowerPunch_Taunt(1).png.837fdda95d0d1ba93b3aea49cad6c412.png Taunt
    5. PowerPunch_Flurry.png.0266af4c305c8b2d37103a3ad915e3d2.png Whirling Hands
    6. PowerPunch_TotalFocus.png.e155c20e6f19deb0c692462ed94e6020.png Total Focus (moved from T9)
    7. PowerPunch_BuildUp.png.d545160103b98782e3803d7bbbdf5f6c.png Build Up
    8. PowerPunch_PowerCrash.png.a4d5d6bb685de2aa8ffb1941928fdd09.png Power Crash (replaces Stun, moved from T6)
    9. PowerPunch_EnergyTransfer.png.28fb635ca16499cd48a65ad885598dde.png Energy Transfer (moved from T8)


    Other Changes

    • The stun chance for Energy Punch, Barrage and Bone Smasher for Stalkers was lower than the Tanker and Brute versions - this has now been corrected
    • The AE version of this powerset has been updated with missing powers and to match current power effects


    Powerset Proliferation: Energy Melee for Scrappers

    Energy Melee has been proliferated to Scrappers, with all the changes mentioned above.


    Power Order

    1. PowerPunch_EnergyPunch.png.44e985fa5f4304be9efb9290b00df6c3.png Energy Punch
    2. PowerPunch_Quick.png.0b2c404e5c8c09c113c0e5e82582ccd1.png Barrage
    3. PowerPunch_BoneSmasher.png.4b5b0ff79881fce43094691d2d0bebf6.png Bone Smasher
    4. PowerPunch_BuildUp.png.d545160103b98782e3803d7bbbdf5f6c.png Build Up
    5. PowerPunch_PowerCrash.png.a4d5d6bb685de2aa8ffb1941928fdd09.png Power Crash
    6. PowerPunch_Taunt.png.c1f6a4133067d367c6eb7b053278543b.png Confront
    7. PowerPunch_Flurry.png.0266af4c305c8b2d37103a3ad915e3d2.png Whirling Hands
    8. PowerPunch_TotalFocus.png.e155c20e6f19deb0c692462ed94e6020.png Total Focus
    9. PowerPunch_EnergyTransfer.png.28fb635ca16499cd48a65ad885598dde.png Energy Transfer


    Powerset Revamp: Titan Weapons

    Titan Weapons was released less than a year before the game shut down, and never had the opportunity for much follow-up work. The set suffers from two problems. Firstly, the mechanics of the set make the set difficult to get started with. Secondly, when fully built, Titan Weapons massively overperforms compared to other melee set in almost every metric.


    We've gone ahead and removed the arbitrary bonus damage the set has (bringing it in line with the standard damage formulas) in order to reign in the maximum performance bar the set can hit, whilst also refining the Momentum mechanic and redraw animations in order to reduce the clunkiness of the set.


    Set Changes

    • Removed arbitrary bonus damage from all attacks (roughly 8-10%)
    • Now has the same redraw rules as Katana, and will only play an interruptible draw animation under the following conditions:
      • Out of combat
      • Out of range from the target
      • Power still has not recharged
    • Whilst Momentum is active, all Titan Weapons attacks will:
      • Recharge 25% faster, with proportional damage and endurance cost reduction per the standard damage formulas
      • Have an additional 25% endurance cost reduction
    • Momentum is now granted even if the attack misses all targets

    Power Changes

    • TitanWeapons_SweepingStrike.png.7187af0f67494b0cc1d679c73d6c7b98.png Titan Sweep
      • Fast version cast time increased from 1s to 1.1s
    • TitanWeapons_FollowThrough.png.4c6c1151542b7f406dce2cb181751f1e.png Follow Through
      • Cast time increased from 1s to 1.1s
      • No longer inflicts additional damage over time
    • TitanWeapons_Confront.png.87d37a5718373eba667d84fe19dee5df.png Confront / Taunt
      • Cast time reduced from 1.96s to 1.67s
    • TitanWeapons_WhirlingSlice.png.e2fb1e027e4b119c6ae684420c171e44.png Whirling Smash
      • Radius lowered from 15ft to 10ft (however, it remains at 15ft for Tankers)
      • No longer inflicts additional damage over time
    • TitanWeapons_ArcofDestruction.png.f6219412a807e1b0ebc67b6b0ba7826d.png Arc of Destruction
      • Recharge reduced from 20s to 16s
      • Damage decreased accordingly (per the standard damage formulas)
      • Fast version cast time shortened from 1.5s to 1.37s


    Powerset Revamp: Trick Arrow

    Trick Arrow has suffered with performance issues for a long time, primarily due to the strength of the debuffs against higher level enemies, but also due to redundancy between powers in the set. We've made a comprehensive suite of improvements, impacting almost every power in the set.


    Power Changes (Numbers provided are Defender values)

    • TrickArrow_Immobilize.png.e59211e1622b40a4856847c2cd4eb478.png Entangling Arrow
      • Immobilize duration reduced from scale 15 to scale 7
      • No longer has a -Recharge debuff
      • Now applies a 30s -Res debuff
        • PvP only: This effect is removed
    • TrickArrow_Blind.png.cad97249f539b19437876e6155eafb09.png Flash Arrow
      • Can now be slotted with Range enhancements
      • -ToHit increased from -6.25% to -18.76%
        • Half this debuff is now irresistible
    • TrickArrow_Slow.png.b1873252eb2d06593ddfb7699b3e09db.png Glue Arrow
      • -Recharge debuff increased from -20% to -40%
      • Debuff duration increased from 30s to 60s
      • This power is now location based
    • TrickArrow_Hold.png.cb279a1bfaca050187c01db7be51af9a.png Ice Arrow
      • Increased the -Recharge debuff from -12.5% to 25%
      • Now applies a 60s -Special and -Damage debuff
        • PvP only: -Heal, -Absorb and -Damage removed, the remaining debuffs only last 10s
    • TrickArrow_DebuffDamage.png.fd7715d340a8c55152ba9d6c4a49f5b9.png Poison Gas Arrow
      • -Damage debuff now lasts 60 seconds
        • PvP only: Debuff only lasts for 3s after you leave the cloud
      • -Damage debuff increased from -31.25% to -50%
        • Half this debuff is now irresistible
    • TrickArrow_DebuffDefense.png Acid Arrow
      • Debuff radius increased from 8ft to 15ft (damage still has an 8ft radius)
      • -Res debuff moved to Disruption Arrow
        • This power still has a -25% defence debuff
      • Now applies a heal resistance debuff (heals on the target will be less effective)
        • PvP only: Debuff halved
      • Now applies a -special resistance debuff (Endurance, ToHit, Regen, Recovery, Recharge Time, and Endurance Discount debuffs against the target will be stronger)
        • PvP only: Reduced to -20%
      • Debuff duration increased from 20s to 45s
        • PvP only: Duration is still 20s
      • This power has a new icon
    • TrickArrow_DebuffDamRes.png.45b6b29aad7c5b6f8cfe72093b9fb205.png Disruption Arrow
      • Target cap increased from 10 to 16
      • Now applies a -MaxEnd debuff and takes Endurance Modification enhancements and sets
      • -Res debuff doubled (moved from Acid Arrow)
      • Only one Disruption Arrow can be maintained at once
      • Recharge decreased from 60s to 30s
      • Duration increased from 30s to 45s
    • TrickArrow_Knockdown.png.690ada140f7c68e5771aaa1923c0f2ce.png Oil Slick Arrow
      • Can now be slotted with Range enhancements
    • TrickArrow_Stun.png.0865dc133adc883617d725c771441f58.png EMP Arrow
      • Can now be slotted with Range enhancements
      • No longer applies -recovery to the caster
      • Half of the -regen debuff now lasts 45 seconds (previously the entire -regen debuff dropped off after 15 seconds, now only half of it does)
      • Hold duration for non-robots reduced by roughly 50%
      • This power is now location based
      • This power now spawns an EMP Field at the target location that acts similarly to Electrical Affinity's Faraday Cage and provides:
        • 15% damage resistance to all but Toxic (not enhanceable)
        • Resistance against End Drain and Recovery Debuffs
        • Protection against status effects and knock back


    Pool Powerset Revamp: Teleportation

    Teleportation has been considered one of the least desirable pools for a while (outside of specific uses, like Stone Armor) due to the wide availability of other travel options. In order to make the set more appealing, we've added two new powers with new mechanics. Combat Teleport emulates the feeling of Speed of Sound's Jaunt to quickly traverse the battlefield without the endurance cost burden of an active travel power, whilst Fold Space introduces a new way to play in melee - bring the enemies to you, instead of going to them!


    To make room for these, Recall Friend and Teleport Foe have been combined into one power and Long Range Teleport has been removed from the set and is now an unlockable Accolade power.


    Power Changes

    • Teleportation_RecallTeleport.png.6f11238cb1e9a8151d5bd2adc8cf2886.png Teleport Target (Replaces Recall Friend)
      • Now combines the functionality of Recall Friend and Teleport Foe
      • If you previously had Recall Friend, you'll now have Teleport Target
    • Combat_Teleport.png.aea719bb22d4911ea1aa202651b0da0c.png Combat Teleport (Replaces Teleport Foe)
      • A quick-casting, short-ranged (100ft) teleport designed to be used in combat
      • The range of this power can be enhanced, but it cannot be buffed or debuffed by set bonuses or other powers
      • This power can be activated up to 3 times in a row before it triggers a cooldown
      • This power grants a small ToHit buff to your next attack
      • If you previously had Teleport Foe, you'll now have Combat Teleport
    • Teleportation_Teleport.png.eeeec095e2005a7fc7b5a36a012dce5c.png Teleport
      • This power now grants a 4s untouchable buff
        • If you attack while this buff is active, both the Untouchable buff and the Hover buff will be cancelled
        • If you have been in combat in the last 10 seconds, phase will not be triggered
        • In PvP, using teleport 3 times within a 30 second window will trigger No Phase
    • Teleportation_GroupTeleport.png.3eab08633c7da2ba31708b9a999e4baa.png Team Teleport
      • Endurance cost reduced from 20 to 16
    • Teleportation_FoldSpace.png.04825380c32efb8345db1788d7d52cfa.png Fold Space (Replaces Long Range Teleport)
      • This power will teleport foes from the nearby area into melee range
        • Line of sight is required
        • 100ft range, 16 targets max, prioritizes closer targets
      • Long Range Teleport has been removed from the Teleportation pool and is now an Accolade power
        • If you previously had Long Range Teleport, you'll now have Fold Space
        • See the Long Range Teleporter section below for more information


    • 1092933564_UmbralAura_ShadowRecall(1).png.0f2dec4a258f43e507d651c83b28ecc7.png Inherent / Umbral Aura > Shadow Recall
      • Now functions the same as Teleport Target, and has a new icon to match (previously this power mirrored Recall Friend)
    • 810640279_UmbralBlast_StarlessStep(1).png.5dd7b402c7466d549b153ce54e1d50a3.png Umbral Blast > Starless Step
      • Now functions the same as Combat Teleport, and has a new icon to match (previously this power mirrored Teleport Foe)
    • 1050270741_UmbralAura_ShadowSlip(1).png.dc43ba81628010c25de9831b1d0610bf.png Umbral Aura > Shadow Slip
      • Now functions the same as Fold Space, and has a new icon to match (previously this power mirrored Long Range Teleport)


    Blaster Secondary Revamp

    After the game shut down, several new Blaster secondary sets were developed (e.g. Tactical Arrow, Atomic Manipulation, Plant Manipulation), but these sets were generally quite overtuned in the crowd control department, whilst also lacking in incentives to get into melee range - both of these factors contributed towards the sets being a tad too safe.


    Additionally, most of the legacy sets received some changes in the i24 beta just before the game shut down that were never really followed up on. This ended up with several sets (e.g. Ice Manipulation, Electrical Manipulation, Energy Manipulation) being slight underperformers, especially compared to the new sets.


    This round of changes aims to level the playing field for Blaster secondary sets, both towards each other and towards dedicated crowd control ATs. In general, you'll see many of the underperforming sets receive several buffs (both in terms of damage and survivability), alongside some reductions in the crowd control capabilities of most sets.


    Tactical Arrow

    • tacticalarrow_immobilize.png.4f665f950503df01b11ab2f44f95f903.png Electrified Net Arrow
      • Range reduced from 80ft to 60ft to be in line with other Blaster Manipulation T1 Immobilize powers
      • Endurance cost increased from 5.2 to 7.8 to be in line with other Blaster Manipulation T1 Immobilize powers
    • tacticalarrow_hold.png.9cb8fa1bceecad29ac70a6abc1979808.png Ice Arrow
      • Range reduced from 80ft to 60ft to be in line with other Blaster Manipulation ST mez powers
      • Recharge increased from 12s to 16s
      • Hold changed from Mag 3, Scale 12 to:
        • Mag 2, Scale 10 (non stacking)
        • Mag 1, Scale 6 (stacking)
    • tacticalarrow_buildup.png.31d416543680c3bb1770f390f948e166.png Upshot
      • +Recharge buff reduced to from 30% to 15%
      • +Damage buff reduced from 100% to 81.25%
      • +ToHit reduced from 20% to 15%
    • tacticalarrow_blind.png.779dad67187e8f24f369b22df0df6466.png Flash Arrow
      • This power's effects are no longer irresistible
        • This brings it in line with Smoke Grenade, which has always been resistible
    • tacticalarrow_quickness.png.44daf1fa7ac354a4f37fe6e7a9adc6cd.png Gymnastics (Replaces Agility)
      • Gymnastics and Agility have been merged into a new toggle power
      • Provides knockback protection, a 1.75% defence buff, a recharge bonus, a movement speed buff and some slow / mez protection
      • If you previously had Agility, you now have Gymnastics
    • tacticalarrow_stun.png.3277fdf4b61b22956c6dacc9e049eae2.png ESD Arrow
      • Hold now only applies to robots
      • Hold changed from Mag 3, Scale 8 to:
        • Mag 2, Scale 8 (non stacking)
        • Mag 1, Scale 5 (stacking)
      • Added Stun against all foes (does not override the robot hold):
        • Mag 2, Scale 8 (non stacking)
        • Mag 1, Scale 5 (stacking)
      • Now accepts Stun enhancements and sets
    • tacticalarrow_oilslick.png.986f6d3bc9d5329c33777f84c8724500.png Oil Slick Arrow (Replaced Gymnastics)
      • Similar to the Trick Arrow version, but with the following changes:
        • Has half the cooldown (90s vs 180s)
        • Does not have a defence debuff
        • Only has a 15ft radius
      • If you previously had Gymnastics, you now have Oil Slick Arrow
      • Recharge reduced from 180s to 90s
    • Power Order Changes
    1. tacticalarrow_immobilize.png.4f665f950503df01b11ab2f44f95f903.png Electrified Net Arrow
    2. tacticalarrow_slow.png.ac22cbec3b78488a8582c32e229fd841.png Glue Arrow
    3. tacticalarrow_hold.png.9cb8fa1bceecad29ac70a6abc1979808.png Ice Arrow
    4. tacticalarrow_buildup.png.31d416543680c3bb1770f390f948e166.png Upshot
    5. tacticalarrow_blind.png.779dad67187e8f24f369b22df0df6466.png Flash Arrow
    6. tacticalarrow_eagleeye.png.3b4c34972c6d147854009d531e223967.png Eagle Eye
    7. tacticalarrow_quickness.png.44daf1fa7ac354a4f37fe6e7a9adc6cd.png Gymnastics (Replaces Agility, merged with T9)
    8. tacticalarrow_stun.png.3277fdf4b61b22956c6dacc9e049eae2.png ESD Arrow
    9. image.png.3aa94a96fb61bb89909d634cdb65ce54.png Oil Slick Arrow (Replaces Gymnastics)


    Atomic Manipulation

    • atomicmanipulation_immob.png.70510ab5a650ee8a467d80a1b098eab5.png Electron Shackles
      • Range increased from 50ft to 60ft to be in line with other Blaster Manipulation T1 Immobilize powers
    • atomicmanipulation_hold.png.22ffdbb8866fcea2e761ebbac13316bc.png Positron Cell
      • Hold changed from Mag 3, Scale 12 to:
        • Mag 2, Scale 10 (non stacking)
        • Mag 1, Scale 6 (stacking)
    • AtomicManipulation_HoldPBAoE.png.8f05f07a5710118221c03aaa37afe0a8.png Radioactive Cloud
      • Hold effect has been adjusted:
        • 50% chance of hold by choking - choking foes might actually counterattack if hit
        • 50% chance of hold by barfing - barfing foes will continue emptying their stomachs until the duration of the hold expires

    Darkness Manipulation

    • darknessmanipulation_penumbralgrasp.png.c5260817b613bceb62e5b100feccd2bc.png Penumbral Grasp
      • Range reduced from 80ft to 60ft to be in line with other Blaster Manipulation T1 Immobilize powers
    • DarknessManipulation_TouchofFear.png.2c91ac7c77bd68dec5d570eef8dc9f0c.png Touch of the Beyond
      • Increased the duration of the self buff from 60s to 120s
      • The self buff now also provides Fear protection
      • The self buff now auto-hits, regardless of if the enemy-targeting portion of this power hits
        • The base accuracy of the power has been reduced from 150% to 120% as it no longer needs to hit to apply the buff
      • Added a short, non-enhanceable Mag 3 Hold (in PvE only)
      • The regeneration buff should no longer be weaker when used against higher or lower level enemies
      • This power is now flagged as a Ranged attack, not a Melee attack (this only affects ToHit checks)
    • DarknessManipulation_DarkPit.png.6515598efd35f467a23e023d485204f3.png Dark Pit
      • Recharge time increased from 60s to 90s
      • Endurance cost increased from 13 to 20.18
      • Stun changed from Mag 2, Scale 12 to:
        • Mag 2, Scale 8 (non stacking)
        • Mag 1, Scale 5 (stacking)


    • gadgets_webgrenade.png.b041c81188b25ebef0f4dcfbb7aada70.png Toxic Web Grenade
      • Range increased from 50ft to 60ft to be in line with other Blaster Manipulation T1 Immobilize powers
    • Gadgets_Taser.png.0a78b1e495a6157c3a325d8b8dc46dc8.png Taser
      • Fixed this power doing PvE damage in PvP
    • gadgets_cloak.png.830ac6418d2c0a93823c31f9ad3aabfd.png Field Operative
      • This power now has a No Fade customization them
        • Selecting this theme will stop the power from fading the player body
    • Gadgets_Turret.png.5eb11b2e78b8fb4e29904027fed53745.png Gun Drone
      • Now has 80% resistance to all damage
      • Taunt aura reduced to 8ft, mag 3, max of 4 targets
      • Death explosion now has a knockup component

    Electrical Manipulation

    • ElectricityManipulation_ElectricFence.png.e71558b53cf9168d65aaccffe8b67ff1.png Electric Fence
      • Range increased from 50ft to 60ft to be in line with other Blaster Manipulation T1 Immobilize powers
    • ElectricityManipulation_ThunderStrike.png.226108ba8814685dcc5123247940bc05.png Thunder Strike
      • Cast Time reduced from 3.3s to 2.53s
    • ElectricityManipulation_LightningField.png.8d1861ddf8dd71ba0c35c43bc73e7d0c.png Dynamo (renamed from Lightning Field)
      • Moved from T3 to T6 (see Power Order Changes below)
      • Is now the sustain power in the set (along with the existing damage aura component)
        • No longer has an endurance cost to run
        • Provides a Recovery and Regeneration buff
      • If you are concealed (from Stealth or a similar power) this power will not impact foes unless you are in combat (it will no longer accidentally break stealth)
      • If you had Force of Thunder, it will now be replaced by Dynamo and keep the same enhancements from Force of Thunder
    • ElectricityManipulation_LightningClap.png.265660e7d1a2a1c5a1e5e98595604a64.png Force of Thunder
      • Moved from T6 to T8 (see Power Order Changes below)
      • No longer provides a sustain buff
      • Stun changed from Mag 2, Scale 8 to:
        • Mag 2, Scale 8 (non stacking)
        • Mag 1, Scale 5 (stacking)
      • Knockback chance increased from 30% to 100%
      • If you had Lightning Field, it will now be replaced by Force of Thunder and keep the enhancements from Lightning Field
    • ElectricityManipulation_ShockingGrasp.png.60152ede4dc30e6d335177aadcec34dd.png Shocking Grasp
      • This power is now flagged as a Melee attack, not a Ranged attack (this only affects ToHit checks)
    • Power Order Changes
    1. ElectricityManipulation_ElectricFence.png.e71558b53cf9168d65aaccffe8b67ff1.png Electric Fence
    2. ElectricityManipulation_ChargedBrawl.png.cbe87e6db7d808619add775809f8a8c9.png Charged Brawl
    3. ElectricityManipulation_BuildUp.png.a20794aa7b676450345034cd56792db8.png Build Up (moved down from T5)
    4. ElectricityManipulation_HavokPunch.png.85c9581f219533afff76d583b5d08261.png Havok Punch
    5. ElectricityManipulation_ThunderStrike.png.226108ba8814685dcc5123247940bc05.png Thunder Strike (moved down from T7)
    6. ElectricityManipulation_LightningField.png.8d1861ddf8dd71ba0c35c43bc73e7d0c.png Dynamo (moved up from T3, renamed from Lightning Field)
    7. ElectricityManipulation_PowerSink.png.a52f9eeecf48054949dbd01318da5b07.png Power Sink (moved down from T8)
    8. ElectricityManipulation_LightningClap.png.265660e7d1a2a1c5a1e5e98595604a64.png Force of Thunder (moved up from T6)
    9. ElectricityManipulation_ShockingGrasp.png.60152ede4dc30e6d335177aadcec34dd.png Shocking Grasp


    Fire Manipulation

    • firemanipulation_ringoffire.png.6b3bdc1bf5d971cc4ef223b670ca3a88.png Ring of Fire
      • Range increased from 50ft to 60ft to be in line with other Blaster Manipulation T1 Immobilize powers
    • firemanipulation_blazingaura.png.6fe1c1983aa5829dbc33533c3709ef4b.png Cauterizing Aura
      • If you are concealed (from Stealth or a similar power) this power will not impact foes unless you are in combat (it will no longer accidentally break stealth)
      • Target cap has been corrected from 11 to 10

    Energy Manipulation

    • EnergyManipulation_ConservePower.png.dfd2b6782ea2468e6fed6be187068ff8.png Energize
      • Now provides a small amount of Stun protection (PvE only)
    • EnergyManipulation_Stun.png.837200e5bfb0c9e58d52579526b37970.png Stun
      • Recharge reduced from 20s to 14s
      • This power now has synergy with Power Boost and Boost Range
        • EnergyManipulation_BoostRange.png.e77bf8615565d81a7b9372789990ad7a.png With Boost Range active, this power becomes a ranged Stun
        • EnergyManipulation_PowerBoost.png.819e19cc3b420d3e4d43ec66fc0bd6a2.png With Power Boost active, this power becomes an AoE (instead of boosting its duration)
      • Stun will have an orange ring whenever either of these buffs are active
        • As highlight rings can only be one color, Power Boost and Boost Range are also getting a pale white ring to make it easier to know if their buffs are still active, without having to look at the buff bar
      • Full combo details:
        • Stun = 14s recharge, 7ft range, Mag 3 scale 10 stun, single target
        • Stun + Boost Range = 14s recharge, 60ft range, Mag 2 scale 10 stun + Mag 1 scale 6 stun, single targets
        • Stun + Power Boost = 90s recharge, 7ft range, Mag 2 scale 5 stun + Mag 1 Scale 2.5 stun, AoE (10 targets)
        • Stun + Power Boost + Boost Range = 90s recharge, 60ft range, Mag 2 scale 5 stun + Mag 1 Scale 2.5 stun, AoE (10 targets)
    • EnergyManipulation_TotalFocus.png.0eb20f7ac6d9816f7cef88e00d36f25f.png Total Focus
      • Cast time reduced from 3.3 seconds to 2.53 seconds

    Ice Manipulation

    • icemanipulation_chillblains.png.3fb14e25842a9ab800b0c0a1a501d4bc.png Chilblain
      • Range increased from 50ft to 60ft to be in line with other Blaster Manipulation T1 Immobilize powers
    • IceManipulation_ChillingEmbrace.png.a2e88e93ab6819e8ac63385dae084a30.png Frigid Protection
      • Absorb has been adjusted to match Cauterizing Aura's Heal per Second and can now stack up for up to 12 seconds
      • No longer shows floating numbers by default
        • A new "Show Floaters" theme is available if you prefer seeing the Absorb numbers
      • If you are concealed (from Stealth or a similar power) this power will not impact foes unless you are in combat (it will no longer accidentally break stealth)
      • Target cap has been corrected from 11 to 10
    • IceManipulation_Shiver.png.40a1dab0f47fdb47bfedb73cc0ce1636.png Shiver
      • Half of the debuff now lasts 60 seconds (previously the entire debuff dropped off after 18 seconds, now only half of it does)
    • IceManipulation_FreezingTouch.png.4bdd66af0e768f445c508dbcdff71fbb.png Freezing Touch
      • DoT on this power now lasts 10s, delivering additional cold damage ticks (11, up from 6)
    • IceManipulation_FrozenAura.png.73aa2f60b0a2393f7b2cb4528a3be2cd.png Frozen Aura
      • This power now inflicts damage and accepts damage enhancements and sets
      • Sleep changed from Mag 2, Scale 20 to:

        • Mag 2, Scale 20 (non stacking)
        • Mag 1, Scale 12 (stacking)

    Martial Combat

    • martialmanipulation_kipush.png.77247f508d38c5233f0a79eb571e5701.png Ki Push
      • Damage increased from scale 0.8 to scale 1.0
      • Recharge time reduced from 6s to 4s
    • martialmanipulation_reactiontime.png.74d184cc5b2a043635f71035b5bdb365.png Reaction Time
      • Absorb has been adjusted to match Cauterizing Aura's Heal per Second and can now stack up for up to 12 seconds
      • No longer shows floating numbers by default
        • A new "Show Floaters" theme is available if you prefer seeing the Absorb numbers
      • If you are concealed (from Stealth or a similar power) this power will not impact foes unless you are in combat (it will no longer accidentally break stealth)
    • martialmanipulations_throwsand.png.e5a4bba65163938088134a37cfa5bd4d.png Throw Sand
      • Stun changed from Mag 3, Scale 12 to:

        • Mag 2, Scale 8 (non stacking)
        • Mag 1, Scale 5 (stacking)
    • martialmanipulation_eaglesclaw.png.bd749ed384ab3e8080bf8d66873942d5.png Eagles Claw
      • This power now has a chance to cause lethal internal bleeding damage over time, similar to the set's Storm Kick

    Mental Manipulation

    • PsionicAssault_Subdue.png.df0dc706ad54759b6530ff4a229281a1.png Subdual
      • The range of this power is not being adjusted and will remain at 80ft as increased range is part of the secondary effects for Mental / Psionic powers
    • PsionicAssault_TelekineticThrust.png.a17fd7bd5778d7668380df90f0da39d8.png Telekinetic Thrust
      • Recharge increased from 6 seconds to 16s
      • Cast Time reduced from 2.07s to 1.67s
      • Damage Scale increased from 0.8 to 2.92 (per the standard damage formulas)
      • Moved from T3 to T9 (see Power Order Changes below)
    • MentalControl_WorldOfConfusion.png.64e2fd30fd7e892d1b433378b62c6225.png World of Confusion
      • Moved from T7 to T3 (see Power Order Changes below)
    • MentalControl_Scare.png.dafbcdcc67cbac48b427662344f794f9.png Scare
      • Moved from T8 to T7 (see Power Order Changes below)
      • This power is now flagged as a Ranged attack, not a Melee attack (this only affects ToHit checks)
    • PsionicAssault_PsionicShockwave.png.569f7db621abb018fdb84657362eba74.png Psychic Shockwave
      • Moved from T7 to T8 (see Power Order Changes below)
    • Power Order Changes
    1. PsionicAssault_Subdue.png.df0dc706ad54759b6530ff4a229281a1.png Subdual
    2. PsionicAssault_MindProbe.png.89d320cb2d17fc3efcf2124f0072db59.png Mind Probe
    3. MentalControl_WorldOfConfusion.png.64e2fd30fd7e892d1b433378b62c6225.png World of Confusion (moved down from T7)
    4. PsionicAssault_PsychicScream.png.a6a5792120541d2c6c29ae7d4f1cf371.png Psychic Scream
    5. MentalControl_BuildUp.png.9527df5e2bcbe5123f94f1b73aa38c0f.png Concentration
    6. PsionicAssault_PsychicSiphon.png.807efd205295e4de313ca85e6550cb27.png Drain Psyche
    7. MentalControl_Scare.png.dafbcdcc67cbac48b427662344f794f9.png Scare (moved down from T8)
    8. PsionicAssault_PsionicShockwave.png.569f7db621abb018fdb84657362eba74.png Psychic Shockwave (moved down from T9)
    9. PsionicAssault_TelekineticThrust.png.a17fd7bd5778d7668380df90f0da39d8.png Telekinetic Thrust (moved up from T3)


    Ninja Training

    • NinjaTools_Immob.png.ac4bea150408fdec44f3b4c5d2debf2b.png Immobilizing Dart
      • Toxic damage over time doubled to bring it in line with other single target immobilize powers
      • Range increased from 50ft to 60ft to be in line with other Blaster Manipulation T1 Immobilize powers
    • NinjaTools_KatanaLight.png.56eea593f67d953bd46791024eadad20.png Sting of the Wasp
    • ninjatools_hold.png.1a9135e65a95535eb2bef6b43dabf4b5.png Choking Powder
      • Hold changed from Mag 3, Scale 8 to:

        • Mag 2, Scale 10 (non stacking)
        • Mag 1, Scale 6 (stacking)
    • NinjaTools_Assassin.png.50ddb59179d9fadb8264b97b10275495.png Shinobi
      • No longer grants a damage buff outside of stealth
      • Now grants the caster a 20% chance to inflict lethal criticals with every attack
        • The amount of damage will be based on the recharge time of the power
        • Usually this will be 80% of the standard damage formula
        • This bonus damage ignores enhancements and damage buffs
    • NinjaTools_KatanaAoE.png.8f535a51d6bbe5043b9bc74d98e6d7d0.png The Lotus Drops
      • Recharge decreased from 28s to 14s
        • This was much higher than intended
    • NinjaTools_BlindingPowder.png.69ff9093bde25fbfeaa5650e557cc19e.png Blinding Powder
      • Sleep magnitude increased from 2 to 3
      • Chance for Confuse mag increased from 2 to 3
      • Chance for Confuse scale lowered from scale 20 to scale 8
      • Accuracy lowered to 0.8 (to match other AoE CC powers)
    • NinjaTools_GoldenDragonfly.png.2ce9a8f6a31736a95f9b5ced0364d8b7.png Golden Dragonfly

    Plant Manipulation

    • plantmanipulation_entangle.png.8894bd9aa6beea9a5cc99e6d80cb205e.png Entangle

      • Range increased from 50ft to 60ft to be in line with other Blaster Manipulation T1 Immobilize powers

    • plantmanipulation_skewer.png.716fe6b8bfb10c5b39d65e12b6298d0e.png Skewer

      • Cast Time reduced from 1.67s to 1.23

    • plantmanipulation_strangler.png.5ba9b66f235afeb09ab18d47bc4a6870.png Strangler

      • Hold changed from Mag 3, Scale 12 to:

        • Mag 2, Scale 10 (non stacking)
        • Mag 1, Scale 6 (stacking)
    • natureaffinity_sporecloud.png.9492932920cb756484124d6d48b70764.png Spore Cloud
      • Moved from T9 to T5 (see Power Order Changes below)
      • No longer grants a Defiance buff
        • As a toggle, it never should've given one
      • -Regeneration debuff now scales with player level
        • -59.32% at level 20
        • -80.33% at level 40
        • -90.83% at level 50
    • plantmanipulation_wildfortress.png.87a6920a7c1b02c702b54561e563dfa5.png Wild Fortress
      • Absorb has been adjusted to match Cauterizing Aura's Heal per Second and can now stack up for up to 12 seconds

      • No longer shows floating numbers by default

        • A new "Show Floaters" theme is available if you prefer seeing the Absorb numbers

      • VFX will now stay active as long as the toggle is active

    • plantmanipulation_vines.png.2b56f2b0a26671551bcedb9e6aff039a.png Vines
      • Hold effect has been adjusted:
        • 50% chance to hold foes at scale 8 mag 2 + scale 5 mag 1
        • Foes not held in this way will be held for scale 1.5 mag 2 and immobilized for 17.88s
      • This power can now be enhanced for immobilization
    • plantmanipulation_thornburst.png.00cbd5a72079e7e7cded751386c60342.png Thorn Burst
      • Moved from T5 to T9 (see Power Order Changes below)
      • Cast time reduced from 3s to 2s
    •  Power Order Changes
    1. plantmanipulation_entangle.png.8894bd9aa6beea9a5cc99e6d80cb205e.png Entangle
    2. plantmanipulation_skewer.png.716fe6b8bfb10c5b39d65e12b6298d0e.png Skewer
    3. plantmanipulation_strangler.png.5ba9b66f235afeb09ab18d47bc4a6870.png Strangler
    4. plantmanipulation_toxins.png.a9276c48b076800e41e49d41c7d7207d.png Toxins
    5. natureaffinity_sporecloud.png.9492932920cb756484124d6d48b70764.png Spore Cloud (moved down from T9)
    6. plantmanipulation_wildfortress.png.87a6920a7c1b02c702b54561e563dfa5.png Wild Fortress
    7. 155393899_plantmanipulation_ripper(1).png.0a7b9d218bbf6846b0391c69e696b440.png Ripper
    8. plantmanipulation_vines.png.2b56f2b0a26671551bcedb9e6aff039a.png Vines
    9. plantmanipulation_thornburst.png.00cbd5a72079e7e7cded751386c60342.png Thorn Burst (moved up from T5)


    Temporal Manipulation

    • timemanipulation_timewall.png.bf58413a9853e4b6d22a837efc41af3d.png Time Wall
      • Now inflicts scale 1 energy damage to bring it in line with other single target immobilize powers
      • Now accepts Damage enhancements and sets
      • Range increased from 50ft to 60ft to be in line with other Blaster Manipulation T1 Immobilize powers
    • timemanipulation_agingtouch.png.5f3c1819242d5d98bb172a750058dd17.png Aging Touch
      • Base damage slightly reduced from 1.32 to 1.02
        • This power was doing more damage than intended
    • timemanipulation_timestop.png.b5e37675e1d0675c9a6d8e7e08117fb2.png Time Stop
      • Hold changed from Mag 3, Scale 8 to:
        • Mag 2, Scale 10 (non stacking)
        • Mag 1, Scale 6 (stacking)
    • timemanipulation_temporalhealing.png.42a449ccbff479a4ad0f5af13df68ce3.png Temporal Healing
      • Absorb has been adjusted to match Cauterizing Aura's Heal per Second and can now stack up for up to 12 seconds

      • No longer shows floating numbers by default

        • A new "Show Floaters" theme is available if you prefer seeing the Absorb numbers

    • timemanipulation_futurepain.png.a707d4aaae909eb90a794f9a44d33d56.png Future Pain
      • Recharge increased from 11s to 18s
      • Endurance cost increased from 11.024 to 16.848
      • Damage increased accordingly (by about 52.8%, per the standard damage formulas)
    • timemanipulation_endoftime.png.33a87d34f91729d2d5b628e345dcc8c1.png End of Time
      • Recharge decreased from 22s to 17s
      • Endurance cost decreased from 20.176 to 16.016
      • Damage decreased from scale 1.552 to 1.232 (per the standard damage formulas)
    • timemanipulation_timeshift.png.bd5be286dc1ed711d951fb39e804c019.png Time Shift
      • Stun changed from Mag 3, Scale 8 to:
        • Mag 2, Scale 8 (non stacking)
        • Mag 1, Scale 5 (stacking)

    Architect Entertainment

    • AE versions of these powersets have been updated with missing powers and to match current power effects


    Other Powers Changes

    Dark Melee

    • ShadowFighting_ShadowMaul.png.9a1352866d09eea65aaf897aa2690ba2.png Shadow Maul
      • Target cap reduced from 10 to 5 (16 to 10 for Tankers)
    • ShadowFighting_TouchOfFearAoE.png.6304069616b8528500b11f44ad8f7b5e.png Touch of Fear
      • Now a melee targeted AoE with a 10 target cap (16 for Tankers)
      • Now deals negative energy damage over time
      • Fear duration reduced by roughly 50%
      • Cast time increased from 1.17s to 1.97s
      • Only the main target will be affected by the Fear and ToHit debuff
      • Now accepts Melee AoE Damage sets
    • ShadowFighting_Taunt.png.65d0eb768ad1d90baa972e54ad9c8443.png Taunt (Tanker / Brute)
      • Now has the correct icon border
    • AE versions of these powers have been updated with missing powers and to match current power effects

    Energy Assault

    • EnergyAssault_WhirlingHands.png.a7434511ffd7e0feed3c39753408be43.png Whirling Hands
      • No longer yields double damage with Energy Focus active
      • Instead it will instantly recharge the power
    • EnergyAssault_EnergyStore1.png.b2a138cacecc27b819eed25f978bb492.png Energy Focus
      • Previously Energy Focus could only be acquired once every 15 seconds, regardless of if you used it or not - you can now regain it again immediately after it has been spent
      • Cleaned up some timing issues
      • Now shows up on the buff bar
    • AE versions of these powers have been updated with missing powers and to match current power effects


    • All versions of the following powers have been converted from old pseudopet mechanics to new execute power mechanics
      • KineticBoost_Transfusion.png.c2e48834aef4f13fc9f17ba26e50ab16.png Transfusion
      • KineticBoost_SiphonPower.png.4803d3c171ba20ed559b48337f04cc6a.png Siphon Power
      • KineticBoost_Transferance.png.303485bedabc3b41c9dc6f5976f25996.png Transference
      • KineticBoost_KineticTransfer.png.a2849acf05eb809ca5f50b438048cd23.png Fulcrum Shift
    • Player powers should notice no difference beyond faster application
    • Some NPC powers may become weaker or stronger depending on their rank
    • AE versions of these powers have been updated with missing powers and to match current power effects

    Taunt Aura Slotting

    • Auras with a taunt component can now be slotted with Taunt sets
      • If a power could not taunt before, it still cannot taunt now - this change only impacts auras which could already taunt
    • The following powers are affected:
    • Bio Armor
      • BioOrganicArmor_Evolution.png.4e80d27bebde56b8a42830b11bb083f0.png Evolving Armor
      • BioOrganicArmor_GeneticContamination.png.1d9a448ff3d91e7ea80cb205f08570b0.png Genetic Contamination (Tanker/Brute only)
    • Dark Armor
      • DarkArmor_TouchOfDeath.png.9ab2b77a6615b78221db446b7d5c2b89.png Death Shroud (Tanker/Brute only)
      • DarkArmor_FearfulAura.png.ce98bba5c36327be10d63197fbbd3881.png Cloak of Fear (Tanker/Brute only)
      • DarkArmor_OppressiveGloom.png.e18f9e909de29d909ec731d4c14aab5f.png Oppressive Gloom (Tanker/Brute only)
    • Electric Armor
      • ElectricArmor_PBAoEMinorDamage.png.a483950e6212a31fe082d0e1c3fb00bc.png Lightning Field (Tanker/Brute only)
    • Energy Aura
      • EnergyAura_Entropy.png.5ef563549f9cc94bcb3a3e0a5cd020ad.png Entropic Aura
    • Fiery Aura
      • FlamingShield_FieryAura.png.8124014c1ee3f198884b844c9b53ff7d.png Blazing Aura (Tanker/Brute only)
    • Ice Armor
      • IceArmor_ChillingEmbrace.png.10e2c9d57488ddf7521e61d1ca7790e1.png Chilling Embrace (Tanker/Brute only)
      • IceArmor_Icicles.png.1bce3a7577078e4cd83108c15715c629.png Icicles (Tanker/Brute only)
    • Invulnerability
      • Invulnerability_Invincibility.png.2501ac68f23aa47181e7000f2932b60d.png Invincibility
    • Radiation Armor
      • RadiationArmor_BetaDecay.png.ec54b9bac80bfc589ffef02c96a91071.png Beta Decay
    • Regeneration
      • Regeneration_Integration.png.def0821ad207e4bf398f3b80afe16bad.png Integration (Brute only)
    • Shield Defense
      • ShieldDefense_AgainstAllOdds.png.c4333621f88a146ff1b72e31e400d517.png Against All Odds
    • Stone Armor
      • StoneArmor_Clay.png.5cf86cae157d6da5c77a04310d8e18f9.png Mud Pots (Tanker/Brute only)
    • Super Reflexes
      • SuperReflexes_Evasion.png.068cfc48574ad1da6b6b057be1054355.png Evasion (Tanker/Brute only)
    • Willpower
      • Willpower_RiseToTheChallenge.png.9a4914454ffefb7f8eec39f31f4f0bd7.png Rise to the Challenge


    • All active combat Accolade powers now recharge in 10 minutes (down from 25 minutes), but are no longer affected by global recharge buffs - this affects the following powers:
      • BA_Crey_Pistol.png.45de1d57a58d9e25db9acc18caff81a7.png Crey CBX-9 Pistol / BA_Crey_Pistol.png.45de1d57a58d9e25db9acc18caff81a7.png Stolen Immobilizer Ray
      • BA_Eye_Of_The_Magus.png.0c56decfbade381310347fb37f9ff606.png Eye of the Magus / BA_Eye_Of_The_Magus.png.0c56decfbade381310347fb37f9ff606.png Demonic Aura
      • BA_Geas_Of_Kind_Ones.png.3dea273b8e5a87396b5796e911e57c50.png Geas of the Kind Ones / BA_Geas_Of_Kind_Ones.png.3dea273b8e5a87396b5796e911e57c50.png Force of Nature
      • BA_Vanguard_Medal.png.b92cefaec3544f017e24bb5572e7b585.png Vanguard Medal / BA_Megalomaniac.png.9b8526e7d696d151a1e7cef2156a5781.png Megalomaniac
      • BA_ElusiveMind.png.4dde6224695b30d0ac41668d5f013b9e.png Elusive Mind
    • Accolade powers with different alignment versions (e.g. Vanguard Medal / Megalomaniac) can now be activated regardless of alignment, but will force the other version of the power into cooldown

    P2W Powers

    • Veteran_SummonPet.png.5f1a7207c26c4ee3fce71d6eb47efc3c.png Summon Workbench
      • Can now be summoned whilst flying (but must still target the ground)
    • Flight_JumpJet.png.17841a0a05af5fff6edb940189305baf.png Jump Pack / Inherent_SteamJump.png.742e4f396848fba1f532625bf741980b.png Steam Jump
      • These powers were intended to have a 30s lockout timer, but it never worked properly (on initial release, they had a 5 minute cooldown)
        • They sometimes were locked out permanently until you zoned, and sometimes could be used back-to-back
        • They also detoggled Intangibility powers on expiration, and were locked out for 2 minutes by NoPhase, despite having nothing to do with intangibility
      • The not-working lockout timer has been removed, and instead these powers now share a 30 second cooldown (which fixes all the above issues) using the new shared cooldown code tech developed for the accolades above
    • Temporary_Mayhem_SelfResurrect.png.ed117531230a8937d4cbb614572b5e24.png Renewal of Light (P2W) / Veteran_SelfRez.png.1a4056824c283ea8d7775d14aecc14cc.png Return to Battle
      • These powers are no longer mutually exclusive - you can own both at the same time
      • Instead they share a cooldown
      • The Winter Event version of Renewal of Light has been renamed to Light of Renewal to prevent confusion with the P2W version


    Travel Updates: Base Teleportation, Long Range Teleporter Accolade, Special TP Powers

    A strange energy spike in Galaxy City reached the old Supergroup Portal and caused a cascade overload in the entire Teleport network. Most of the damage has been repaired, but destinations in temporal flux have been lost to the past. DJ Zero was called in to establish the new portal in his Pocket Dimension, and as a courtesy he also set up portals in two other dimensions: Praetoria and The Shadow Shard. Vanguard has requested further restrictions of traffic near Paragon Heights while their investigation is in progress.


    More information about these changes can be found in the Zone Travel Updates thread. Please also use the Zone Travel thread for any feedback related to these changes.


    New Accolade Power: Long Range Teleporter

    • LongRangeTeleporter.png.4970195b31b9e2546510622430b293f0.png Long Range Teleporter
      • The Pocket D VIP Pass power has been significantly improved and is now the Long Range Teleporter
        • If you previously owned Pocket D VIP Pass, you will now have the Long Range Teleporter with Pocket D unlocked as a destination
      • Long Range Teleporter is unlocked by the Passport Accolade, which can be acquired by earning:
        • An exploration accolade in any zone with a Base Portal (see the "Complete Base Portal List" below for reference), or
        • The Pocket D VIP Gold Club Member badge (for spending 1 hour in Pocket D)
      • Long Range Teleporter can be used once to teleport you to any zone that you have unlocked
        • Collecting any exploration badge in a zone will unlock it as a destination
        • Pocket D can also be unlocked with the Pocket D VIP Gold Club Member badge
        • Only zones with base portals can be unlocked (see the "Complete Base Portal List" below for reference)
      • Long Range Teleporter has a 2s activation time and a 10 minute cooldown
        • Activation time is longer in PvP
      • If you activate Long Range Teleporter and do not use it, the cooldown will begin counting down but the power can still be used again until you zone
        • This is indicated by the red ring around the power
        • Note that even if you zone without using LRT, it will still go on cooldown - it's not possible to determine if you zone with the power or not
        • Examples:

          • You activate the power. Spend 60 seconds looking at the options before clicking one. When you zone, the power will be on cooldown with 9 minutes left.

          • You activate the power. You don't zone. Two minutes later you activate it again and zone. The power will go on cooldown with 10 minutes left (each activation resets the timer).

          • You activate the power, then keep running around the zone for five minutes. Then you use a monorail or whatever to go to a different zone. The power will go on cooldown with 5 minutes left

      • Long Range Teleporter allows you to use /enterbasefrompasscode to enter any base


    Fast Travel Menu

    • By acquiring Long Range Teleporter or any of the powers in this menu you will unlock the Fast Travel macro accolade (similar to the Architect Commlink)
      • This lists the various unlockable zone teleportation powers so they don't take up space in your power trays
    • Clicking the 281168755_TeleporterPopmenu.png.65fc58e8b615ae49d7ac718fc1e1c38e.png Fast Travel icon will open up this menu
      • Powers that are on cooldown or that you do not own (or have no charges of) will be greyed out
      • Portal powers (e.g. Ouro) will be automatically summoned at your feet so you don't need to click again
      • Each option has a keyboard shortcut whilst the menu is open (the white letters)
    • You can also use /popmenu FastTravel in a keybind, macro, etc to access this menu
      • e.g. /bind t popmenu FastTravel will open this menu when you press T, so pressing "T, O" will quickly open an Ouro portal at your feet


    Base Teleportation

    • The internal command /enterbasefrompasscode has been fixed, and now requires that you be able to enter a base normally before using it (this was always the intended functionality of the command), which includes any of the following:
      • Being within 45 feet of a base portal (including base portals summoned by the new powers detailed below)
      • Being anywhere inside a Supergroup base
      • Using Long Range Teleporter, Base Transporter (P2W) or Monitor Duty Teleporter (Day Job)
        • The command remains available to use until you move 20 feet from the location you used the power, or until you activate another power
    • The base teleportation network now includes many new zones, including zones in Praetoria and The Shadow Shard
      • In total, 16 new base portals have been added, and 7 new base beacons have been added (see the complete list below)
      • The only zones not included are time travel zones (e.g. Cimerora), a few small bases (e.g. The Midnighter Club), Hamidon zones, and layers of other zones (e.g. Underground Imperial City)
      • This same list of zones is also used by Long Range Teleporter
      • New powers which summon portable base portals have also been added (see below for more info)
    • Base teleportation is now more streamlined and consistent
      • Every zone with a base beacon now also has a base portal
      • Base beacons now drop you at the base portal instead of at a random location (Long Range Teleporter also uses the base portal locations)
      • Several base portals have been moved to more convenient locations
      • Base portals no longer have collision, so you can't get stuck inside them
      • The Base Transporter P2W power has had its cooldown reduced from 30 minutes to 10 minutes, and Long Range Teleporter can also take you to your base
    • Base portals in the Rogue Isles are now red, and the new Praetorian base portals are gold

    Complete Base Portal List

    • Paragon City
      • Atlas Park
      • Kings Row (Base Portal moved down to ground level)
      • The Hollows (Base Portal added)
      • Perez Park (Base Portal added)
      • Skyway City (Base Portal moved up to the small park with Synapse and Mynx, near the Monorail)
      • Steel Canyon
      • Boomtown (Base Portal added)
      • Faultline
      • Talos Island
      • Striga Isle (Base Portal added)
      • Independence Port (Base Portal moved slightly to be right next to the Monorail, allowing easy access to both sides of the zone)
      • Terra Volta (Base Portal added)
      • Croatoa
      • Brickstown
      • Crey's Folly (Base Portal added)
      • Founders' Falls
      • Eden (Base Portal added)
      • Rikti War Zone
      • Kallisti Wharf
      • Peregrine Island (Base Portal moved down to ground level)
      • Dark Astoria
    • Extradimensional
      • Pocket D
      • Cascade Archipelago (Base Portal & Beacon added)
      • Firebase Zulu (Base Portal & Beacon added)
      • The Chantry (Base Portal & Beacon added)
      • The Storm Palace (Base Portal & Beacon added)
    • The Rogue Isles
      • Mercy Island
      • Port Oakes
      • Cap au Diable
      • Sharkhead Isle
      • Nerva Archipelago (Base Portal moved slightly to be right next to the Black Helicopter line, allowing easy access to both sides of the zone)
      • St. Martial
      • Grandville (Base Portal moved down from the top of the tower to the main square)
    • Praetoria
      • Imperial City (Base Portal & Beacon added)
      • Neutropolis (Base Portal & Beacon added)
      • Nova Praetoria (Base Portal & Beacon added)
      • First Ward (Base Portal added)
      • Night Ward (Base Portal added)
    • The following zones have had their beacons removed:
      • Echo: Dark Astoria
        • These beacons will now be directed to Dark Astoria
      • Echo: Galaxy City
        • These beacons have been destroyed by an energy spike of unknown origin
      • Note: Both of these zones can still be accessed through Ouroboros

    New Supergroup Portal Power

    • BasePortal.png.5989e719ab4845bd2a3cd51823b5218e.png Supergroup Portal (New P2W Power)
      • Available from P2W for 10 million influence
      • Summons a base portal on the ground that lasts for 2 minutes (even after you leave the zone)
      • 10 minute cooldown, unaffected by global recharge buffs
      • Cannot be used in Tutorial or PvP Zones
      • Summoning a base portal will remove other summoned portals within a 15ft radius (to avoid blocking contacts, doors, etc)

    Other Teleportation Powers

    • screenshot_200919-20-21-01_crop.png.8968c65792e978a90f2eba5701cbf5a9.png Base Transporter (P2W Power)
      • Recharge time reduced from 30 minutes to 10 minutes, and is no longer affected by global recharge buffs
      • Activation time reduced from 17s to 2s in PvE (still longer in PvP)
      • If you activate Base Transporter and do not use it, the cooldown will begin counting down but the power can still be used again until you zone
        • This uses the same behaviour listed above under Long Range Teleporter
    • Teleportation_Ouroboros.png.ecf90b49828b085eab524f14f6cf951c.png Ouroboros Portal
      • Can now be summoned and entered from level 1, rather than level 14, and is much simpler to earn (see the badges section for more info)
      • Can now be summoned whilst flying (but must still target the ground)
      • Now lasts 2 minutes instead of 5 minutes, but will remain in place after you leave the zone
      • Can no longer be used inside mission maps while the "No Temporary Powers" flag is enabled (e.g. during Master Of attempts)
      • Summoning an Ouroboros Portal will now remove other summoned Ouroboros Portals within a 15ft radius (to avoid blocking contacts, doors, etc)
      • Can now be used in Ouroboros
        • This was a side-effect of allowing base portals to be summoned in Ouroboros, and any Ouroboros portals summoned within 15ft of the static Ouroboros portals in Ouroboros will be instantly destroyed (Supergroup portals are not affected by this)
    • Inherent_TeamTransport_New.png.2eada855fdeed8602e3bc48a1d54e1d5.png Team Transporter (P2W Power)
      • Can now be summoned whilst flying (but must still target the ground)
      • This power has a new icon to match the other prestige teleportation powers
    • MissionTeleporter_New.png.c1141d67b70eff3ecd527dd821308536.png Mission Transporter (P2W Power)
      • Activation time reduced from 15s to 10s
      • This power has a new icon to match the other prestige teleportation powers
    • AssembleTheTeam_New.png.ae6987fe3918b5e2bab6929d704b2f4f.png Assemble the Team (P2W Power)
      • This power has a new icon to match the other prestige teleportation powers
    • Teleportation_Wentworths.png.b06db847beef10e01bfda47435fe3917.png Auction House Teleporters
      • The purchasable Auction House teleporter powers have been removed from the Auction House
      • These powers had numerous bugs, and teleporting directly to the auction house isn't that useful with the /ah command available

    Day Job Teleportation Powers

    • These Day Job powers have been shuffled around
      • The Monitor Duty Teleporter (teleport self to base) power can now be earned by logging off near a base portal, and no longer requires the Rapid Response Member Accolade
        • The Monitor Duty badge speeds up earning charges of this power, in line with other basic day job powers
      • Rapid Response Portal is a new day job power which summons a base portal, and is now earned by logging off near a base portal with the Rapid Response Member Accolade
        • With the Accolade you will earn charges of Monitor Duty Teleporter and the Rapid Response Portal
      • The old Monitor Duty day job (which a long time ago granted a Prestige buff, but now grants a Brain Storm bonus) was previously awarded for logging off near a base portal, but is now earned by the Day Trader (Wentworth's) and Marketeer (Black Market) day jobs
        • The old Day Trader / Marketeer Teleporter day job powers can no longer be earned
    • DayJob_Teleport.png.e08e3e543d3b7af908dd5f0fd0436e75.png Monitor Duty Teleporter
      • This power has been renamed from Base Teleporter to Monitor Duty Teleporter (to match the badge it is connected to)
      • Recharge time reduced from 600s to 30s (this would be 0s, but we wanted to prevent accidental double usage as this power has limited charges
      • Activation time reduced from 17s to 2s in PvE (still longer in PvP)
    • DayJob_BasePortal.png.1a5fd02dfea47be7e7b7f18462dfd923.png Rapid Response Portal
      • Summons a base portal on the ground that lasts for 2 minutes (even after you leave the zone)
      • 90 second cooldown
      • Cannot be used in Tutorial or PvP Zones
      • Summoning a base portal will remove other summoned portals within a 15ft radius (to avoid blocking contacts, doors, etc)

    TUNNEL Network

    • The Hero and Villain TUNNEL networks have been merged together
      • Vigilantes and Rogues will now see both Hero and Villain zones in the list
      • Heroes, Villains, Vigilantes, Rogues and Praetorians can now all use the same portals in co-op zones
    • TUNNEL can now be used by Praetorians
      • Praetorians will only be able to access zones in Praetoria

    Free Fire Zone (PvP) Helicopter Line

    • All helicopters to and from PvP zones are now connected (including new helicopters in Siren's Call near the hero hospital and in Peregrine Island near the arena)
    • You can also use it to travel between the connected PVE zones, but only those that match your current alignment

    More information about these changes can be found in the Zone Travel Updates thread. Please also use the Zone Travel thread for any feedback related to these changes.



    Enhancement Upgrade Button

    • Added an Upgrade button to the bottom left of the Enhancements screen
    • This will upgrade all your store-buyable enhancements to +3 of your level, to a maximum of level 50
    • It costs the same as purchasing the enhancements from a store, and it will not change the enhancement type; a low level DO will be upgraded to a high level DO, not a SO.
    • Combined enhancements will be replaced following the new Enhancement Combining rules described below

      • This means a level 48++ SO will be "upgraded" to level 50 and charge full price



    Enhancement Combining

    • Combining enhancements now increases their level directly, instead of a combined level enhancement (ie: 33 instead of 32+1)
      • This means you can, through combination, get Titan, Hydra and Hamidon enhancements all the way to level 53
      • Existing combined enhancements are not affected, but another combination will increase their level and remove the combinations

    Acquiring Enhancements

    • Single Origin enhancements can now be purchased from vendors at levels 5, 10, 15 and 20
      • This is meant to equalize the availability of those enhancements at low levels, which currently are mostly obtained through farming the Death From Below trial
    • DOs can now be purchased from vendors at levels 5 and 10, just for parity
    • TOs have been removed from regular vendors but can still be purchased from the Supergroup Base enhancements vendor if you're into that kind of thing
    • Story Arc rewards that used to drop TOs and DOs will now always drop a SO of your origin

      • TOs and DOs will still drop from other sources as vendor trash

    • The tutorial zones now reward the player with Talisman of the Initiate (Damage) SOs instead of Damage TOs

    • Introductory tasks from City Hall reward the player with Damage SOs of their origin instead of Damage TOs

    • The Shop Keeper and Smuggler day jobs will now always award a SO

    AoE Enhancement Set Categories

    • "Targeted AoE Damage" sets are now "Ranged AoE Damage" sets
    • "PBAoE Damage" sets are now "Melee AoE Damage" sets
    • These rules were already almost universally followed - no changes to which powers can accept which sets have been made at this time

    Yin's Market

    • Yin's Talisman enhancements can now be used by characters of all origins and are available at level 5, 10, 15 and 20
      • They are also cheaper than SOs of the same level to purchase from Mr. Yin, although they will cost the same to upgrade
    • Yin's Talisman enhancements now use a fancy golden border
    • There are currently no plans to make those enhancements available to Villains or Praetorians, as the store unlock is a reward for the Faultline arcs
      • Those characters can purchase the enhancements from the auction house, receive them via character email, or store and retrieve them from Supergroup storage if they wish




    Several new badges have been added to the game!

    New Defeat Badges

    • defeats_jaegers.png.b468a68b9f3033aa059f4eeff6c749db.png Brass Hunter
      • Defeat 1000 Nemesis Jaegers
    • 1699805077_defeats_warhulkscopy.png.ec957595d983620fc607d827103b0b20.png Green Machine
      • Defeat 100 Nemesis Warhulks
    • 519787418_defeats_brutescopy.png.b1fb51e7aa983a8faa19bc38ec4c6235.png Brute Forced
      • Defeat 500 points worth of Rularuu Brutes
        • Bosses are worth 5 points, all others are worth 1, like the Praetoria and Dark Astoria defeat badges
    • 1636862581_defeats_natterlingscopy.png.905995d5b8e4ce0dab509c09effb5638.png Winged Nuisance
      • Defeat 500 Rularuu Natterlings of any rank
    • 432351809_defeats_sapperscopy.png.f11d15e7950085195edd2a173d3e4198.png Running on Empty
      • Defeat 200 Malta Sappers
    • 1474809920_defeats_bobo_protectorscopy.png.f564d2d3c4190e3ffc45cfef6838f46f.png Womp Womp
      • Defeat 100 Immature Paragon Protectors
    • defeats_superstunners.png.33fcfde73de039f24a6d875e076b6c20.png Assault and Battery
      • Defeat 50 Freakshow Super Stunners

    New Story Arc Badges

      Spoilers in the box below

    • 1127616041_SL4_Watkins_ArcCompletecopy.png.0dc9f735907b34e99195c5e30e9a68e4.png The Uncivil War
      • Complete Agent Watkins' arc
    • 1774994320_SL6_Buzzsaw_ArcCompletecopy.png.5aa767b8e77cd4614f0a0328a16e22b9.png Patient Zero
      • Complete Doc Buzzsaw's arc
    • 1659406812_SL4_Watkins_Containmentcopy.png.ad5cc6a29dd16e67a6881728684f4f7f.png Containment Specialist
      • Earned in Agent Watkins' arc (Spoilers in the box below)
      • Spoiler

        Turn off the sprinklers before the timer runs out during The Graveyard Shift story arc



    • 1284052450_SL4_Watkins_Defycopy.png.41a507e58ec9201e1b00b748a9d0dc9a.png Went Off Script
      • Earned in Agent Watkins' arc (Spoilers in the box below)
      • Spoiler

        Refuse to quarantine during The Graveyard Shift story arc (mission owner only)



    • 454208230_SL4_Watkins_Quarantinecopy.png.1e2e33b6fc456c6acee10810494023db.png The Greater Good
      • Earned in Agent Watkins' arc (Spoilers in the box below)
      • Spoiler

        Quarantine during The Graveyard Shift story arc (mission owner only)



    • 305632434_SL6_TStarcopy.png.f3434a36c506af7fdf8aabe5c84a0094.png Tarnished Star
      • Earned in Doc Buzzsaw's arc (Spoilers in the box below)
      • Spoiler

        Fill every jail cell in The Zig during your life as a hero, before becoming a villain and releasing Bile during "The Freakish Lab of Dr. Vahzilok" story arc



    Other New Badges

    • Badge_tourist_01.png.98471da62a255e5dadb6128b60bffd8a.png On the Shoulders of Giants
      • Located in Kallisti Wharf
    • V_badge_PvpMissionBadge.png.4a53769079914ce26f424f41cbc1792c.png Behind Enemy Lines
      • Complete at least one door mission in Bloody Bay, Siren's Call and Warburg (one mission per zone)

    Existing Badges

    • Badge_passport_01.png.6e20773e5535ab6e7b890abfce435bb4.png Passport
      • Moved from Events to Accolades, and no longer awarded automatically on character creation
      • Now unlocked by earning either:
        • An exploration accolade in any zone with a Base Portal (see "Complete Base Portal List" above), or
        • The Pocket D VIP Gold Club Member badge (for spending 1 hour in Pocket D)
      • Grants the LongRangeTeleporter.png.4970195b31b9e2546510622430b293f0.png Long Range Teleporter accolade power
      • Hint text has been updated to explain exactly how you earn Long Range Teleporter
    • 120px-Badge_Pocket_D_VIP.png.4a4570d04a4d874615787c562464f7f4.png Pocket D VIP Gold Club Member
      • No longer unlocks the Pocket D VIP Pass power
      • Now unlocks Pocket D as a Long Range Teleporter destination (and unlocks Long Range Teleporter if you don't already have it)
    • MCDraft-4.png.dcc60d3676b55fa102e9d27cabe815a1.png Loyal Customer
      • This badge now has new artwork (previously it was using the same artwork as the Air Pirate badge)
    • Badge_tourism_hazard.png.6242ffab3f9d0ca790449f4c07df6e7c.png Unabashed
      • Can now be acquired in the instanced Rikti Mothership Raid instead of just in the zone version
    • Badge_giant_octopus.png.823f8f4389d39da47da0481dfb9bcf9b.png Devilfish
      • Improved the reliability of this badge awarding when defeating Lusca
        • Along with awarding to anyone within X feet of Lusca dying, it now awards to anyone that receives kill credit (the normal method for awarding defeat badges)
    • Badge_tourism_hazard_accolade.png.7f3ed8295b027d845f3673fd7f85d1a4.png Wincott's Ally / Wincott's Betrayer
      • Now correctly uses the Hazard Zone Exploration Accolade artwork
      • The exploration badges in The Hollows have also been updated to use the correct artwork
    • V_badge_TourismBadge.png.3c4e8e110552c704d1a42aa792a11d9e.png Burgermeister
      • Now shows as Burgermeisterin on female characters
    • Badge_villain_rularru.png.41d7335d4809b3c1bd69713b38cdd4c5.png Visionary
      • Changed from defeating 100 Rularuu Overseers bosses to 500 points worth of Rularuu eyes (Watchers, Observers and Overseers)
        • Bosses are worth 5 points, all others are worth 1, like the Praetoria and Dark Astoria defeat badges
        • Existing badge progress will be transferred (1 boss on the old tracker = 5 points on the new tracker)
    • V_badge_ThiefBadge.png.96fef3a4c9579c993e612555c70a7522.png Power LiberatorMaster Thief
      • Moved from PvP to Accomplishment as the Cathedral of Pain Trial has no relation to PvP
    • Badge_DayJob_MonitorDuty.png.fb3e70f05b0cea927f59d8af216d5a79.png Monitor Duty
      • No longer increases the rate at which you earn the Monitor Duty (Brain Storm Idea boost) day job power
      • Now increases the rate at which you earn the Monitor Duty Teleporter (Teleport self to base) day job power
    • Badge_DayJob_Auctioneer.png.95bc1aa829198b6d563ee6ea850ba93b.png Day Trader / Marketeer
      • No longer increases the rate at which you earn Day Trader Teleporter / Marketeer's Teleporter day job power
      • Now increases the rate at which you earn the Marketeer (Brain Storm Idea boost) day job power
    • Badge_DayJobAcc_RapidResponse.png.f217e8a6f5140ade696a6931e501b43c.png Rapid Response Member / Trouble Maker
      • No longer unlocks the Base Teleporter day job power (this power no longer requires unlocking)
      • Now unlocks the Rapid Response Portal (Summon supergroup portal) day job power
    • Badge_ouroboros_enabled.png.2c55726037a2708a36c62d59481d6062.png Entrusted with the Secret
      • Moved to the top of the Flashback badge list
      • Ouroboros Portals can now be summoned and entered by characters of any level
      • The requirements to earn this badge have been cleaned up:
        • Completing any Flashback story arc using the Pillar of Ice and Flame will award the badge
        • Completing any story arc given directly by a Mender will award the badge
        • Completing any of the following missions will award the badge:
          • Follow up on Holsten Armitage's claim that Senator Dybalski has been kidnapped by Rikti
          • Defeat Ubelmann the Unknown in Ashwin Lannister or Laurie Pennington's story arc
          • Recover the PsychoChronoMetron or Destroy the PsychoChronoMetron from Agent G
          • Find "The Magic Man" and recover the Devil's Timepiece in Mercedes Shelton's story arc
          • Meet with Botis during Vincent Ross' story arc
          • Any mission with Professor Echo from Marshall Brass
          • Defeat Professor Echo when you encounter him during Pandora's Box story arc
          • Confront Mender Silos in the final mission of the Pandora's Box story arc
          • Travel to the ruined Cap Au Diable from the future in any Patron arc
          • Travel to the ruined Atlas Park from the Future in any Patron arc or the Lord Recluse Strike Force
          • Travel to the Dark Victory version of Atlas Park in Statesman's Task Force
        • Entering any of the following zones will award the badge:
          • Cimerora
          • Ouroboros
          • Recluse's Victory
          • Echo: Atlas Park
          • Echo: Galaxy City
          • Echo: Faultline
          • Echo: Dark Astoria
          • Echo: Rikti Crash Site
        • Entering one of these zones will also award the Ouroboros Portal power if you have somehow managed to lose it


    PvP Updates

    New PvP Accolades

    • Arena vendors now sell the following PvP-only fakkolades (fake knockoff accolades) for 10,000 influence each:
      • BA_Poortal_Jockey.png.00ae78a82b014ece28ed5b2fffee1821.png Veteran
        • Combined the four +HP / +End accolades
      • BA_Eye_Of_The_Magus.png.0c56decfbade381310347fb37f9ff606.png Indestructible
        • Combines Eye of the Magus / Demonic Aura and Elusive Mind
      • BA_Geas_Of_Kind_Ones.png.3dea273b8e5a87396b5796e911e57c50.png Supercharger
        • Copy of Geas of the Kind Ones / Force of Nature
      • BA_Vanguard_Medal.png.b92cefaec3544f017e24bb5572e7b585.png Mind Games
        • Copy of Vanguard Medal / Megalomaniac
      • BA_Crey_Pistol.png.45de1d57a58d9e25db9acc18caff81a7.png Nullifier
        • Copy of Crey CBX-9 Pistol / Stolen Immobilizer Ray
      • AlignmentPower_CalltoJustice.png.3caade586752209cd8b1a836c11bb537.png Justice
        • Copy of Call to Justice, the Hero alignment power, shares a cooldown with Rampage
      • AlignmentPower_Frenzy.png.2340dc3652b70caa9cf690902e6c7ade.png Rampage
        • Copy of Frenzy, the Villain alignment power, shares a cooldown with Justice
    • Using a normal accolade will put the non-PvP version of it on cooldown (and vice-versa)
    • These can be deleted when you no longer want them
    • Normal accolade & alignment powers are now disabled in the Arena and in PvP zones

    PvP Zone Vendors (All PvP Zones)

    • Added vendors selling the Arena temporary powers (which are now usable in PvP zones)
      • The Siren's Call vendor still requires the zone event to unlock

    PvP Zone Missions (Bloody Bay, Siren's Call)

    • Missions in Bloody Bay and Siren's Call are no longer limited to level 25 / 35 and can now be run all the way to level 50
      • Completing any door mission rewards the Veteran power
      • Completing any Longbow door mission rewards the Justice power
      • Completing any Arachnos door mission rewards the Rampage power
      • Completing the destroy / save outpost mission rewards the Indestructible power
      • Completing the plant / defuse bomb mission rewards the Supercharger power
      • Completing the kidnap / rescue officer mission rewards the Mind Games power
      • Completing the destroy / recover technology mission rewards the Nullifier power

    Recluse's Victory

    • All Incarnate powers apart from the Alpha slot are now disabled in Recluse's Victory
    • Support AVs from the zone event now spawn at level 52 instead of level 54
    • Removed some references to Statesman (RIP)

    Free Fire Zone (PvP) Helicopter Line

    • All helicopters to and from PvP zones are now connected (including new helicopters in Siren's Call near the hero hospital and in Peregrine Island near the arena)
    • You can also use it to travel between the connected PVE zones, but only those that match your current alignment

     PvP Power Restrictions (Arena & All PvP Zones)

    • PvP zones now obey the same rules as the arena when it comes to banning powers
      • This means that anything previously disabled in the Arena will now be disabled in PvP zones
      • Arena temporary powers now work in PvP zones
    • The following powers are now disabled in the Arena and in PvP zones:
      • Most Mayhem / Safeguard powers
      • Empowerment Station buffs crafted in bases
      • Most Day Job powers
      • Cathedral of Pain buffs
      • Various prestige / temporary powers
    • Complete list of disabled powers:
    • Increase_Recovery (from Mayhem/Safeguard)
    • Mayhem_Increase_Movement_Speed
    • Mayhem_Increase_Endurance
    • Mayhem_Increase_Health
    • Mayhem_Increase_Regeneration
    • prestige_InspirationGrant (Inner Inspiration)
    • Cryonite_Armor
    • Wedding_Band
    • Wedding_Band_FB
    • Mayhem_Cryonite_Armor
    • Mayhem_Store_Kinetic_Shield
    • Vanguard_Psionic_Shield
    • Invention_Kinetic_Dampener
    • Alt_LP_Kinetic_Dampener
    • Alt_Defense_Amplifier_1_hour
    • Alt_Defense_Amplifier_4_hour
    • Alt_Defense_Amplifier_8_hour
    • Alt_Offense_Amplifier_1_hour
    • Alt_Offense_Amplifier_4_hour
    • Alt_Offense_Amplifier_8_hour
    • Alt_Survival_Amplifier_1_hour
    • Alt_Survival_Amplifier_4_hour
    • Alt_Survival_Amplifier_8_hour
    • Alt_Frosty_Aegis
    • Day_Job_Movement_Increase_Lesser
    • Day_Job_Movement_Increase_Greater
    • Pilot_Lesser
    • Pilot_Greater
    • Day_Job_Increase_Regeneration_Lesser
    • Day_Job_Increase_Regeneration_Greater
    • Day_Job_Increase_Endurance_Lesser
    • Day_Job_Increase_Endurance_Greater
    • Day_Job_Increase_Recovery_Lesser
    • Day_Job_Increase_Recovery_Greater
    • Day_Job_Damage_Resistance_Lesser
    • Day_Job_Damage_Resistance_Greater
    • Day_Job_Psionic_Resistance_Lesser
    • Day_Job_Psionic_Resistance_Greater
    • Day_Job_ColdNegative_Resistance_Lesser
    • Day_Job_ColdNegative_Resistance_Greater
    • Day_Job_DPS_Buff_Lesser
    • Day_Job_DPS_Buff_Greater
    • Day_Job_Improved_Recharge_Time_Lesser
    • Day_Job_Improved_Recharge_Time_Greater
    • Combat_Shield
    • Increase_Attack_Speed (Empowerment Station)
    • Increase_Flight_Speed
    • Increase_Jump_Speed
    • Increase_Run_Speed
    • Increase_Perception
    • Grant_Invisibility
    • Smashing_Resistance
    • Lethal_Resistance
    • Cold_Resistance
    • Fire_Resistance
    • Energy_Resistance
    • Negative_Energy_Resistance
    • Toxic_Resistance
    • Psionic_Resistance
    • Endurance_Drain_Resistance
    • Slow_Resistance
    • Knockback_Protection
    • Knockback_Increase
    • Confusion_Resistance
    • Fear_Resistance
    • Disorient_Resistance
    • Hold_Resistance
    • Immobilize_Resistance
    • Sleep_Resistance
    • Arachnos_Power_Shield
    • I22_MissionReward_BoonSunXiong
    • The_Perfect_Eye
    • The_True_Furnace
    • Heart_of_a_Storm_Elemental
    • Anger_Monument
    • Crystal_of_Resilience
    • The_Atlas_Medallion
    • Super_Patriot
    • Freedom_Phalanx_Reserve
    • Task_Force_Commander
    • Portal_Jockey
    • Crey_CBX-9_Pistol
    • Eye_of_the_Magus
    • Vanguard_Medal
    • Geas_of_the_Kind_Ones
    • Marshall
    • High_Pain_Threshold
    • Born_In_Battle
    • Stolen_Immobilizer_Ray
    • Demonic_Aura
    • Megalomaniac
    • Invader
    • Force_of_Nature
    • Iron_Man
    • RIWE_Accolade_Power
    • GRHeroAlignmentPower
    • GRVigilanteAlignmentPower
    • GRRogueAlignmentPower
    • GRVillainAlignmentPower
    • Invention_Recovery_Serum
    • Alt_LP_Recovery_Serum
    • Alt_Frost_Bite_Granter
    • Alt_Frost_Bite
    • Alt_Winter_Ward
    • Flames_of_Prometheus


     Other PvP Powers Changes

    • Trick Arrow
      • See the Trick Arrow section above
    • Fast Snipes
      • No longer grant a +50% range buff in PvP
    • Empathy / Pain Domination
      • Absorb Pain: -Heal / -Regeneration reduced to 50% in PvP
      • Share Pain: -Heal / -Regeneration reduced to 50% in PvP
    • Temporary Powers
      • Envenomed Dagger's regeneration debuff is now Scale 1.0 non-stackable when used against players
    • -Jump Adjustments
      • Several adjustments to -jump powers in PvP have been made:

    The following powers have been set to Scale -1 Melee_Jump in PVP:

    • Mastermind_Pets.Spec_Ops.Web_Grenade
    • Villain_Pets.Arachnobot_Blaster.Web
    • Villain_Pets.Toxic_Tarantula.Web
    • Temporary_Powers.Day_Job_Powers.Web_Weaver_Grenade
    • Temporary_Powers.Temporary_Powers.Web_Grenade
    • Temporary_Powers.Temporary_Powers.SC_Store_Web_Grenade
    • Temporary_Powers.Temporary_Powers.Mayhem_Web_Grenade
    • Temporary_Powers.Temporary_Powers.Alt_Web_Grenade
    • Mastermind_Pets.Spec_Ops.Web_Grenade
    • Villain_Pets.Arachnobot_Blaster.Web
    • Villain_Pets.Arachnobot_Disrupter.Web_Spitter
    • Villain_Pets.Toxic_Tarantula.Web

    The following powers have been set to Scale -1.5 Melee_Jump in PVP:

    • Blaster_Support.Gadgets.Web_Grenade
    • Blaster_Support.Tactical_Arrow.Electrified_Net_Arrow
    • Epic.Blaster_Mace_Mastery.Web_Envelope
    • Epic.Blaster_Mace_Mastery.Web_Cocoon
    • Epic.Brute_Mace_Mastery.Web_Envelope
    • Epic.Corruptor_Mace_Mastery.Web_Envelope
    • Epic.Corruptor_Mace_Mastery.Web_Cocoon
    • Epic.Mastermind_Mace_Mastery.Web_Envelope
    • Epic.Mastermind_Mace_Mastery.Web_Cocoon
    • Epic.Sentinel_Mace_Mastery.Web_Envelope
    • Epic.Sentinel_Mace_Mastery.Web_Cocoon
    • Epic.Stalker_Mace_Mastery.Web_Cocoon
    • Epic.Weapon_Mastery.Web_Grenade
    • Epic.Weapon_Mastery_Stalker.Web_Grenade

    The following powers have been set to Scale -2 Melee_Jump in PVP:

    • Epic.VEAT_Mace_Mastery.Web_Envelope
    • Arachnos_Soldiers.Arachnos_Soldier.WS_Wide_Area_Web_Grenade
    • Controller_Buff.Traps.Web_Grenade
    • Corruptor_Buff.Traps.Web_Grenade
    • Defender_Buff.Traps.Web_Grenade
    • Mastermind_Buff.Traps.Web_Grenade
    • Training_Gadgets.Bane_Spider_Training.Web_Cocoon
    • Epic.VEAT_Mace_Mastery.Web_Envelope

    The following powers have been set to Scale -2.5 Melee_Jump in PVP:

    • Controller_Buff.Trick_Arrow.Entangling_Arrow
    • Corruptor_Buff.Trick_Arrow.Entangling_Arrow
    • Defender_Buff.Trick_Arrow.Entangling_Arrow
    • Mastermind_Buff.Trick_Arrow.Entangling_Arrow
    • Pets.StickyArrow_Blaster.StickyArrow
    • Redirects.Trick_Arrow.GlueArrow

    The following powers now do direct -Jump instead of -Enhancement(Jump) in PVP:

    • Blaster_Support.Time_Manipulation.Time_Wall
    • Controller_Buff.Kinetics.Siphon_Speed
    • Corruptor_Buff.Kinetics.Siphon_Speed
    • Defender_Buff.Kinetics.Siphon_Speed
    • Mastermind_Buff.Kinetics.Siphon_Speed
    • Controller_Buff.Poison.Neurotoxic_Breath
    • Corruptor_Buff.Poison.Neurotoxic_Breath
    • Defender_Buff.Poison.Neurotoxic_Breath
    • Mastermind_Buff.Poison.Neurotoxic_Breath
    • Boosts.Attuned_Winters_Bite_F.Attuned_Winters_Bite_F
    • Boosts.Superior_Attuned_Winters_Bite_F.Superior_Attuned_Winters_Bite_F

    The following power had its -Enhancement(Jump) reduced to 18s in PVP:

    • Blaster_Support.Ice_Manipulation.Shiver


    Miscellaneous PvP Changes

    • Kicking a player from team during an Arena match now requires confirmation
    • Quitting an Arena team (via the quit button, /leaveteam or the Exit Map button) now requires confirmation
    • Fixed UI scaling for the "Score" button, and made it toggle the results window
    • Disabled the Quit button in Classic UI while on an Arena map
    • The arena map list is now sorted alphabetically
    • Fixed the minimap for Cage Match, Factory, Stadium, Atlas Park, Steel Canyon and Skyway City


    New Arena Maps

    9 new arena maps have been added.


    Liberty Town (2-32 players)

    • A new arena map using an area from Founder's Falls
    • Minimap:



    Boomtown (2-16 players)

    • A new arena map using the construction site area of Boomtown
    • Minimap:



    Ouroboros (2-10 players)

    • A new arena map featuring the destroyed version of Ouroboros
    • Minimap:



    Last Bastion (2-16 players)

    • A new arena map set in a mostly-destroyed Praetoria
    • Minimap:



    Praetorian Office (2-10 players)

    • A new arena map set inside a Praetorian Office
    • Minimap:



    Industrial (2-16 players)

    • A new arena map set in an Industrial area
    • The old Industrial map is now named Factory
    • Minimap:



    Council Earth (2-16 players)

    • A new arena map set on the Council Earth
    • Minimap:



    Luna Square (2-16 players)

    • A new arena map set in a generic outdoor city area
    • Minimap:



    Dam Interior (2-10 players)

    • A new arena map set inside the Overbrook (Faultline) Dam
    • Minimap:



    Enhanced Gamepad Support

    • Added support for using the left and right triggers as modifiers with XInput
    • Added several convenience aliases for usage with keybinding

    Virtual Mouse Mode

    • Implemented virtual mouse mode for XInput gamepads
    • Holding both triggers now enters virtual mouse mode:
      • The left stick moves the mouse pointer. This is analog, with a small amount of acceleration past halfway pressed
      • Moving the right stick up and down moves the mouse wheel
      • Moving the right stick left and right passes through to your normal binds, allowing you to turn the camera
      • The A/Cross button is the left mouse button
      • The B/Circle button is the right mouse button
      • The Y/Triangle button is the middle mouse button
      • The d-pad will snap your mouse pointer around the screen
      • The X/Square button will snap your mouse pointer to the center of the screen

    New Gamepad-Related Slash Commands

    • /extra_modifiers [mod1] [mod2] [mod3] [mod4]
      • Allows setting up to four extra modifiers
        • These (currently) only work when no other modifier is pressed
      • Recommended for XInput users is /extra_modifiers LBumper RBumper
    • /controller_modifiers <first> <second>
      • Allows setting two controller buttons as modifiers
      • On non-XInput devices, when both of these are pressed together, the controller will enter virtual mouse mode
      • The arguments are the button numbers to use (from 1-24)
      • Recommended for XInput users is /controller_modifiers 7 8
        • (the two triggers, since these are currently hard-coded as virtual mouse mode on XInput)
    • /controller_vmouse <LMB> <RMB> [MMB] [Snap]
      • Configures virtual mouse mode buttons
      • By default, button 1 is the LMB and button 2 is the RMB - the other two are unset
      • Recommended for XInput users is /controller_vmouse 1 2 4 3
        • (which will give you the configuration from the above patch notes)
    • Further explanation on the use of additional modifiers from @Telephone:

    On the live shards, there are three pre-defined 'modifiers' (Shift, Ctrl, and Alt). These can be used in any keybind, etc.


    The patch allows you to define up to six additional modifiers: two 'Controller Modifiers' and up to four 'Extra Modifiers'. The 'Controller Modifiers' are special, as pressing them together enables Virtual Mouse Mode. They do work as bindable modifiers just like the pre-existing three.


    The up-to-four 'Extra Modifiers' are just additional inputs (either keys or buttons) that can be treated as modifiers when no other modifier is pressed. So for example, you could do /extra_modifiers LBumper RBumper to make the bumpers modifiers on your XInput gamepad. You could then use (for example) LBumper+Joy1 as a /bind (but also still be able to use LTrigger+LBumper as a separate bind).


    The 'Extra Modifiers' aren't limited to just gamepad buttons, however! If you want, you can bind any key on your keyboard as one (but note that due to some things that still need refactoring, you can't bind a specific Shift, Ctrl, or Alt key on your keyboard yet).


    Not noted in the patch notes is that we added a number of other convenience aliases which you may have already noticed (e.g. LTrigger, LeftTrigger, RightBumper, StartButton, AButton, and so on).


    Map Changes

    • Minor tweaks and additions to Steel Canyon, Skyway City and Faultline for the new story arcs (contacts, mission locations, etc)

    Pocket D

    • War Witch has been relocated to the ground floor of the club, just underneath her previous location
      • This change was made in order to minimize disruption to any roleplay going on in the upper floor
    • An entrance to Recluse's Victory has been added to the Pocket D arena
      • DJ Zero doesn't approve of fighting, so if you use this exit, there's no way back to the club from Recluse's Victory - you're on your own

    Kings Row

    Under advisement from Vanguard, the Paragon City Council has demolished and sealed shut the former tunnel connecting Kings Row to Galaxy City and reinforced that section of the War Wall to protect the citizens of Kings Row after the strange energy spike that destroyed the teleporter network. The Kelly Graham Foundation has commissioned a new statue of Galaxy Girl to stand in the former location of the Hazard Zone gate, and a small ceremony was held with the former residents of Paragon Heights.

    • The tunnel that previously connected Kings Row to Galaxy City has been sealed
      • A new statue of Galaxy Girl stands where the tunnel used to be
      • This also fixes this area of the War Wall not turning off during Rikti Invasions
    • Minor updates and additions for the new story arcs

    Independence Port

    • Minor updates and additions for the new story arcs
    • The power lines above Admiral Sutter's helicopter have been moved

    Siren's Call

    • Rotated the entire zone by 90° in order to match the city map
    • Added a Free Fire Zone Helicopter to the top of the Hero hospital

    Peregrine Island

    • Added a Free Fire Zone Helicopter near the Arena

    Perez Park

    • Hazard lights added to the Galaxy City gate


    • Can now be accessed at any level through an Ouroboros Portal (rather than 14+)


    • Can now be accessed at any level (rather than 35+) as long as you can access The Midnighter Club

    Echo: Galaxy City

    • Closed the Perez Park gate
    • Added an Echo transporter (was previously using the monorail as an exit)

    City Map

    • The old city cartographer has... retired
    • After 15 years, Brickstown is now the correct shape on the city map



    Other Changes

    • Reduced invite blocking time after quitting a team or league to 5 seconds
    • Restored the classic "pshewwwww" sound when entering the game
    • Halloween salvage vendors (Annah in Croatoa, Granny Beldam in Nerva Archipelago, Acantha in Imperial City) now have icons on the minimap
    • The basic version of Penelope Yin will no longer summon her gigantic pet outside of mission maps
      • This will prevent her from being difficult to talk to in Independence Port
    • Normalized LODInfo hashtable key names
      • This may address or at least rule out some possible causes of the crash upon changing graphics settings that some people are getting
    • Reduced the occurrence of the red ring cursor when choosing a teleport destination
      • It is now possible to teleport to some locations even if the camera loses line of sight to the player
    • /petition no longer requires you to type the subject into the command, you can just type "/petition" on its own to open up the petition window
    • The Tips tab is now visible for all characters regardless of level or dimension of origin
      • The alignment status panel will only appear for Primal Earth characters over level 20
      • This change currently has no use, it's been added to support some upcoming content

    Profanity Filter

    • Several outdated / reclaimed terms have been removed from the profanity filter
    • Several slurs have been added to the profanity filter
    • The profanity and copyright filter is now checked during character creation (this is the same behaviour as live - it just wasn't activated)

    New Command: /interact

    • Allows you to interact with objects in front of you as if they had been clicked
    • This includes contacts, doors, ouroboros portals, mission objectives, etc

    Command: /powexec_location

    • Several improvements have been made to /powexec_location to make it more reliable when used with teleportation powers
      • Directional and terrain-following mode are more robust and less likely to stop short of the full distance
      • Target mode no longer requires line of sight to the target, so long as the target is in a location that is a valid teleport destination
      • Target mode no longer tries to occupy the same space as the target - instead it selects a location as close as possible to the target without being pushed away

    Command: /window_scale

    • The /window_scale command takes the following new windows:
      • contactdialog to independently resize the window where contact give you mission descriptions and such
      • missionsearch to independently scale the AE mission search window
      • missionmaker to independently scale the AE editor window
    • Example usage: /windowscale contactdialog 2 to make it twice as big (accepts anything from 0.65 to 2)


    • The "LockedOption" structure in popmenus now has three extra fields:
      • Icon - adds a small image to the left side of the text
      • PowerOwned - unlocks the entry if this power is owned, regardless of state
      • PowerReady - unlocks the entry if this power is owned, enabled, and recharged

    Mission: The Strongest Bond

    This is the fourth and final mission given by the contact Ward, in the Night Ward, notorious for unrecoverable team wipe situations due to the location of the in-mission hospital

    • Gurneys moved to roof of mansion in order to buy you some time
    • An Acolyte of Repulsion wards the roof with a Dispersion Bubble and a Force Bubble, but their power is so strenuous and difficult to maintain that they are incapable of doing anything else
    • The Acolytes of Soothing, fragile but helpful, stand ready to assist with sweet nothings of periodic minor healing, but their devotion to your wellbeing renders them incapable of anything else
    • In the spirit of the original encounter, enemies are designed to chase you - this has not changed, we have simply provided the means for you to tip the scales in your favour


    Bug Fixes (Report Bugs Here)

    • You should no longer see erroneous messages about adding slots to certain temporary powers while levelling up
    • The double Duray fight in the Sutter Task Force should no longer fail to complete properly
    • Fixed an issue on the Portal Corp tech lab variant map in which certain objective placements would cause them to be almost entirely buried in geometry
      • You won't need to dig around for buried glowies anymore, but you are still on a Dr. Q...
    • Minor geometry fixes to Siren's Call, Talos Island, Port Oaks and Atlas Park
    • Fixed an issue that caused Ouroboros portals to occasionally be targetable when summoned by a villain
    • Fixed an issue that caused the base portals in Recluse's Victory to count towards the Duty Monitor (supergroup base) day job, and block the Predator (PvP zone) day job
    • Fixed the mission reward for levels 10 to 14 missing Pool B invention recipes

    • Tutorial missions in Outbreak and Breakout can no longer be abandoned

    • Fixed an issue that caused the glass on police drone sirens to not render correctly

    • Fixed the Lost Curing Wand sometimes revoking too early (and sometimes not revoking at all) during Montague Castanella's story arc

    Powers & Enhancements Bug Fixes

    • Procs that inflict damage should no longer auto-hit even if slotted in powers that auto-hit foes. This applies to:
      • Enhancements
      • Incarnate: Hybrid
      • Note: this already applied to Incarnate Interface procs, nothing changes there
    • Fixed recipe name for Encouraged Accuracy: To Hit Buff
    • Dual Pistols:
      • AoE powers no longer grant Defiance for every target hit
      • Single target powers no longer grant double Defiance
      • Hail of Bullets (Blaster): Fixed an issue where the blaster version of this power would not trigger the base lethal damage in PvE
    • Savage Melee (Scrapper & Stalker):  Fixed numerous errors with critical hits
      • Many powers had incorrect crit values or would not crit in PvE, PvP or both
    • Sentinel > Vulnerability: Will no longer spam floating messages when triggered
    • Dark Miasma > Tar Patch: Was recently flagged to ignore resistance - this was not intended and has been fixed
    • Enhancements > Gaussian's Synchronized Fire Control:
      • All enhancements in this set should now require level 17 to be slotted, instead of half the set being available at level 7
      • The set is documented to be 20-50 level range
    • Enhancements > Performance Shifter:

      • All enhancements in this set should now require level 17 to be slotted, instead of half the set being available at level 7

      • The set is documented to be 20-50 level range

    • All powers that provide +Stength buffs (e.g. Power Boost, Power Up) are now set to ignore strength buffs

      • This resolves unintended issues of chained +strength buffs applying buffs multiplicatively, instead of additively

    • Epic > Mastermind | Blaster > Oppressive Gloom: Self damage will no longer variate based on enemy level

    • Temporary Powers > Ethereal Shift: This power no longer ignores NoPhase

    • Dark Miasma | Dark Affinity > Twilight Grasp: Fixed a bug where tintable versions of this power would not play the healing sound or FX

    • Blaster > Fire Blast > Blazing Bolt: The slow version of this power was giving the player a 100% range buff instead of 50% - This has now been corrected

    • Scrapper | Brute > Energy Aura > Energy Cloak > Fixed a bug where the stealth was not suppressing in combat, preventing the taunt aura from working

    • Blaster > Assault Rifle > Sniper Rifle > Text description no longer claims there is a bonus when using Targeting Drone. This bonus was depreciated long ago with the Devices changes

    • Dominator > Martial Combat > Masterful Throw > This power should now accept ToHit Debuff sets and enhancements

    • Dominator > Savage Assault:

      • Attacks should now grant bonus Domination Meter in PvP

      • Feral Charge is now flagged as AoE instead of Melee

    • Radiation Melee | Assault > Radiation Siphon > This power no longer states it has an arc, or radius

    • Fixed a bug with certain powers which provided a stacking buff that was meant to be replaced (e.g. Invincibility)

    • Sentinel > Dark Armor > Obscure Sustenance: Buffs from this power should now ignore enemy level differences

    • Standardized the formula used for non-incarnate procs - this impacts the following procs when used on a power that is above 20s recharge time:

      • Opportunity Proc

      • Envenomed Blades

      • Frostbite

    • Dominator > Electricity Assault > Static Discharge: Now takes End Modification sets and enhancements

    • Dominator > Savage Assault > Feral Charge: This power now clearly states it is an AoE attack

    • Brute | Tanker > Martial Arts > Eagle's Claw: Damage buff from this power should no longer be affected by enemy level

    • Sentinel > Ice Armor > Frost Protection: This power should now accept recharge enhancements

    • Sentinel > Ice Armor > Moisture Absorption: This power should now be flagged as an AoE attack, not a Ranged attack (This only affects ToHit checks)

    • Stalker > Willpower > Reconstruction: This power now accepts resistance enhancement sets

    • Tanker > Stone Armor > Earth's Embrace: Heal in this power has been flagged to ignore resistances, as all other Armor Set self-heals

  4. Hello Everyone!
    I'm working with OVH who hosts the dedicated server for Victory.  There are some hardware issues that they are working on that requires the server to be rebooted a few times.  I've opted to keep the server down while this is happening to avoid further issues.  There is no ETA on when everything is expected to come back up but I'm working with OVH directly on this.  When we come back up I will also be updating Victory to Issue 27: Second Chances, Page 1, along with the winter event.

  5. We run a very close copy of the Homecoming code base, we are a VERY low population server, though when we started we did cruise in the high 20-30 players.  We actually launched a couple of days before Homecoming but since I was running the server off of a single dedicated box I didn't advertise the way they were able to so, we never really caught on.  We're as close to Vanilla as you can get with i26's code base, we don't run any crazy XP rates, nor do we offer free level 50s like some of the other servers out there.  We're just a few ex-Victory players who wanted somewhere safe to call home.

  6. Costume Editor Update

    Auras have been separated into two slots: Auras and Path Auras
    Boots and gloves now have an asymmetrical toggle, which can be toggled on to allow separate left and right glove and boot selection
    Not every set of gloves and boots are available in asymmetrical mode, more will be added in future updates
    All sets of gloves and boots remain available in symmetrical mode

    New Support Powerset: Electrical Affinity

    You are able to control and manipulate electricity to aid your allies and weaken your enemies. Some Electrical Affinity powers build Static, which increases the number of targets your Circuit powers can chain to.

    The set has been built around chaining powers and a stacking / combo system that's similar to those found in many of the more modern melee and ranged damage sets, with a focus on wide variety of buffs for the whole team as well as damage and endurance debuffs for your enemies.
    Electrical Affinity also introduces and makes use of a brand new mechanic which allows powers to dynamically change the number of targets they can hit - in this case, the four Circuit powers hit more targets for every stack of Static that you currently have.
    Electrical Affinity is available for Defenders, Corruptors, Controllers and Masterminds.
    Electrical Affinity has both a Hero (blue) and Villain (red) default theme available for all ATs, along with the light and dark customisation themes.

    New Origin Power Pool: Experimentation

    "Experimentation gives you access to poisonous ranged attacks as well as powers that boost your attack power and the survivability of your allies. This pool's travel power is Speed of Sound. While active, this power allows you to run at incredible speeds and also gives you access to the Jaunt power. Jaunt allows you to quickly teleport long distances once every so often."

    As a reminder: Only one Origin Pool (Sorcery, Force of Will, Experimentation) can be active in a build at any one time.


    Improved the loading time and stability of Architect missions with a large number of custom critters.
    Mac OS X 10.15, codename Catalina, removes support for 32-bit applications. We have been hard at work for the last couple of months upgrading the client and all server components to 64-bit, while @Manga has been working on a new version of Island Rum that uses the 64-bit version of Wine to run the game in Mac and Linux. This patch , fingers crossed, is the culmination of those efforts.
    Mac users experience issues 
    When launching Tequila, you will now be presented with three options:
    Victory 32-Bit: new 32-bit client based on modern development tools; backwards compatible with Windows XP.
    Victory 64-Bit: new 64-client, which is required for players running Mac OS Catalina and recommended for players running modern operating systems; players on older operating systems may need to install the Visual Studio Redistributable Package from Microsoft in order to launch this client.
    If you have a Mac, even if you're not currently running Catalina, please contact check out this post if you have problems with Island Rum. Since Mac users are a minority, we are going to need a lot of feedback to make sure things run smoothly for everyone.
    Linux users can still run the 32-bit client under Wine so they're less of a concern, but if you want to test the 64-bit client, be aware that it is dynamically linked and you will need to install the Visual Studio 64-bit runtime. The 32-bit version is statically linked to maximize compatibility.
    Because of the extensive code changes to both server and client with this patch, none of the data changes currently on the Beta servers are being published until we ensure that this patch is stable and will not require a rollback.
    Ambassador Kuhr'Rekt no longer requires the Native badge, which is unavailable to former Praetorians.
    The contact "Max" in Dark Astoria will no longer be stuck unable to give you any missions if you finished his arc using Ouroboros before running Dark Astoria normally. He should always, at the very least, offer the mission that introduces Praetor Duncan.
    Sentinels will now receive the Power of Scirocco clickie in the Barracuda SF.
    Fixed an issue that broke Windows XP compatibility with the 32-bit Client.
    Fix detection of more than 4GB of physical memory on 64-bit platforms.
    Be more aggressive about capturing the mouse pointer while in mouselook and camrotate mode.
    Fix the magical shrinking window on 64-bit; Windows Vista and newer in 64-bit mode report system metrics for window frame size differently.
    The 32-bit client should now work properly on Windows XP and old versions of MacOS; please let us know if you still need the Safe Mode client.
    Native High DPI Scaling mode. The game will now use the Windows UI Scaling setting for the monitor it is currently played on. You can disable Automatic UI Scaling from the Options (under the Windows tab) and change it manually. This slider can scale a lot more things than the old Window Scaling setting, which is still available via slash commands for individual windows.
    Added option under Windows tab to independently change the size of the names above players' / NPCs' heads.
    Added the ability to select Borderless Fullscreen mode in any monitor connected to the system.
    Corrected an issue that caused some billboards in the game to have swapped the colors blue and red in the 64-bit client.
    Fixed a crash on certain missions that spammed LOTS of chat bubbles (Confront Veles, Investigate Harvan's Lab).
    You can now move stacks of salvage out of the vault again.
    The background color for Damage Resistance enhancements is now a slightly redder hue, to distinguish them from Defense enhancements.


    Added a roleplaying tag which will flag yourself as currently RPing.
    This will change your character name to appear in purple as well as adding a "Roleplaying" title.
    Use /roleplaying to toggle the flag on and off, or use the dropdown in the helper window (H by default).
    Increased Supergroup membership limit from 150 to 300.


    Minor adjustments to particle physics in an attempt to prevent or mitigate a crash happening deep in the internals of the PhysX library. As we have not yet been able to reproduce the crash under controlled circumstances, this may or may not have an effect.


    The game no longer uses DirectInput due to incompatibility with Mac OS Catalina, and now uses standard Windows messages for input. For the most part you should not notice any difference, although players with international keyboard distributions may have issues entering non-English and special symbols.
    DirectInput Joystick support has been replaced replaced it with new Game Controller support.
    Instead of a simple "Joystick Input Enabled" toggle, you can select which device to use from the options menu.
    Native support for XBox controllers as well as other XInput compatible controllers. This is not available on Windows XP.
    Controller vibration support for XInput devices:
    Damage received
    Environmental effects
    Turn on vibration on the options menu, or you can choose to only enable vibration effects from one of the above sources.
    Raw Input handles non-XInput devices and replaces DirectInput.
    All DirectInput-compatible devices should be supported, including traditional joysticks.
    Fixed ability for the game to distinguish between the right shift and left shift keys
    Fixed Num Lock and Pause/Break being swapped in key bindings (Windows itself has this backwards for some reason)
    Added special handling to make bindings with Shift+Number Pad keys work (more fun legacy MS-DOS leftovers)
    Controllers in rawinput mode will now properly report D-Pad directions
    Added button debounce for rawinput mode to handle hardware with noisy button switches
    Reduced analog stick dead zone for XBox controllers in native (XInput) mode


    PhysX simulation is no longer frame-locked to the game. It now runs asynchronously, so if PhysX is processing too slowly to keep up, it should not slow down your framerate, but instead use larger simulation steps to compensate.
    If it falls too far behind, the number of PhysX objects in the scene will be reduced by removing the oldest objects.
    When particle physics quality is set to "High" or above, mutual collision is enabled between all PhysX objects. This means that junk from Propel will stack up instead of passing through other debris, bullet casings, trash, and leaves will bounce off of and can even come to rest on it, etc. These objects also affect each other, so pushing leaves around causes other nearby objects to move (depending on their mass).
    When physics quality is set to "Very High", the simulation step resolution is increased by 50%, and the step rate is allowed to scale up to 120fps rather than being capped at 60fps.
    Large objects (i.e. gravity control) will always interact with all other objects, even on the Low physics setting.

    User Interface

    A fresh install now defaults to borderless windowed mode on the primary monitor, for maximum compatibility with monitors that don't support such tiny (and petty) resolutions as 800x600 or 1024x768.
    Pressing Alt+Enter to switch to fullscreen mode now always switches to the desktop resolution. Non-native fullscreen resolutions can still be selected from the options menu.
    Pressing Alt+Enter to switch out of fullscreen back to windowed mode no longer results in a huge window that is partially offscreen.
    Running the game with -safemode to reset the graphics options now resets them to windowed mode, rather than 800x600 fullscreen which is not very safe.
    When in borderless windowed mode, the game will drop topmost status on loading screens and when waiting for network connections, to ensure that it's possible to Alt+Tab out to other windows while the client is otherwise busy.


    Added a new command line parameter: -gfxreset
    This will cause the game to reset all graphics settings and launch the game in windowed mode.
    Added some safety checks to game startup to ensure the game will not try to run borderless or on a monitor that's no longer connected.
    Switched to a different method of hooking the Print Screen key. This should fix the issues with using modifier keys in conjunction with it, as well as allow it to pass through to the OS so the traditional "copy to clipboard" functionality works again.
    Resynchronised modifier key state in certain edge cases (mostly involving the numeric keypad) to try and resolve issues of the shift key rarely getting stuck.

    Bug Fixes

    Fixed an issue with missing color palettes for Spines and Thorn sets in the Power Customization screen
    Fixed the damage percentage display in the description of the Going Rogue pre-order enhancements (the enhancements available from the P2W vendor)
    Fixed a client crash that could occur when combining enhancements
    Fixed the enhancement screen to correctly show salvage (boosters & catalysts) in the second slot when combining
    Fixed a major performance issue relating to the Targeting Drone fix from earlier today
    Soulbound Allegiance's Chance for Build Up proc again proc on Pets. It should not proc on players when summoning pets.
    Fix for issue with Engagement status that has been keeping Targeting Drone from dropping it's Up-Front damage buff while in combat.
    Fixed a bug where Degenerative Interface was over-stacking on raid encounters.
    Fix Rune of Protection FX persisting until zoning.
    Fix incorrect color of Common Vigor Alpha.
    Doc Buzzsaw was not aware of the decreased level range for Positron Part 1. She now spawns all the way down to level 8.
    Fixed very old memory corruption bug that could randomly cause crashes or other strange behavior while loading into a map
    Resolved a longstanding issue that would cause a crash if the game is installed in a folder with a path name longer than around 130 characters
    Fixed several client crashes reported through the Homecoming Crash Handler
    Fixed Adamastor summoning ritual not actually summoning Adamastor
    Fixed a bug with many special encounter enemies failing to telegraph their moves or spamming abilities they should not be using all the time (for example, Marauder spamming Nova Fist without warning)
    Fixed scripting issues in The Magisterium iTrial
    Fixed scripting issues in the Dilemma Diabolique iTrial
    Fixed an issue that caused cutscenes to not play
    Fixed scripting issues with the Propaganda event
    New characters should no longer see a "SILENT" popup upon first login.
    Invention > Build Snow Beast: should no longer show as a PString in mail attachments.
    Invention > Sentinel ATOs should no longer show as a PString in mail attachments.
    Fix issue with AltGr causing the A key to clear text boxes.
    Fixed clip region for the load costume list in the costume editor on high DPI monitors.
    Added a sanity check for the UI scale on startup in case it gets corrupted in the registry.
    Added a work around for a deficiency in old versions for Wine on Mac that resulted in a divide-by-zero crash on startup.
    Candy Canes can no longer drop in Architect Entertainment missions.
    Fixed mistimed VFX for the dark version of Atom Smasher.
    Fixed a bug with the 3D resolution option sometimes showing incorrect values in the options menu when in borderless windowed mode.
    Closing the options window on the login screen will no longer result in various options being reset on the first character you log into.
    (Maybe) fixed the issue with the D-Pad on PS4 controllers.
    Characters that crash on the first login after creation and become corrupted will now be cleared out by the dbserver instead of staying in the character list.
    Fixed crash when clicking Accept on the SG Settings interface when no fields where editable.
    Make it somewhat less likely for defeated enemies to be twisted into pretzels:
    Overhaul ragdoll parameters. The spring and dampen settings must have been different in older versions of PhysX, because the ones in NwRagdoll did almost nothing; which is why everything was so limp.
    Fixed joints (for all bones that don't have a spherical or hinge joint with special parameters) are apparently not working correctly, so replace them with a hinge joint that has a very small range of motion.                         
    This is still not perfect. As @Number Six put it, "Ragdoll is still broken, but it's broken in new and different ways."
    Fix enhancement tables not properly displaying % signs (and possibly crashing).
    Switching alignment with a completed mission will no longer abandon it. This was being exploited in order to repeatedly obtain the last mission of a story arc (delivery missions in particular) and obtain the merit rewards for the arc again and again. As a result, the mission will be stuck in your list until you switch to a compatible alignment and are able to call the contact again.
    The five Enhancement Sets from the Lords of Winter Super Pack (Avalanche, Blistering Cold, Entomb, Frozen Blast and Winter's Bite) are no longer incorrectly grouped with their Superior versions in the auction house.
    Many fixes to UI scaling for scrollbars, listviews, and compass elements.
    Fixed an issue preventing base item rotation in the 64-bit client.
    Implemented a workaround for a rare issue where the mapserver connection would get stuck while zoning into a map.
    Fixed the team window showing "On mission map" when a teammate is in their Supergroup Base and vice versa.
    Prevent immediate crash when passing a -patchdir parameter to a nonexistent directory. This seems to be happening on certain Macs.
    Fixes for many Mapserver crashes unearthed by the new crash handler.
    Various fixes and stability improvements to the client.
    This should allow some users that were previously stuck on the Safe Mode client to now use the new client.
    Fixed a bug that allowed players to inadvertently delete the geometry of entire zones.
    Possibly fixed a bug in certain AMD/ATI video drivers that crash the client when queried for how much video memory they have.
    Provost Marchand (Brickstown) will no longer give Hero-only missions to Villains/Rogues under rare circumstances.

    Powers Fixes
    Brute Melee > Battle Axe > Cleave: Max targets reduced from 10 to 5
    Scrapper Melee > Battle Axe > Cleave: Max targets reduced from 10 to 5
    Tanker Melee > Battle Axe > Cleave: Max targets reduced from 16 to 10
    Tanker and Brute inherent taunt procs now generate a combat message for the caster, to help determine if the taunt proc is currently working.
    Archery > Ranged Shot Fixed a bug where would not animate in the character customization screen.
    Blaster Ranged > Electric Blast > Corrected an FXGEO feedback error with this power's FX.
    Blaster Support > Atomic Manipulation > Beta Decay: Text should no longer state it taunts enemies.
    Blaster Support > Atomic Manipulation > Electron Shackles: Should no longer accept Endurance Modification enhancements or sets.
    Blaster Support > Psoinic Manipulation > Drain Psych: -Regeneration effect should no longer be enhanceable.
    Dark Control > Umbra Beast: Should now accept Fear Enhancement and Sets.
    Devices > Targeting Drone: The power description for Targeting Drone has been fixed.
    Dominator > Fire Control > Fire Imps: Should now always summon 3 imps.
    Dominator > Psionic Assault > Drain Psych: -Regeneration effect should no longer be enhanceable.
    Dominator > Savage Assault > Call hawk & Feral Charge: Should no longer accept Dominator Archetype Enhancement sets.
    Pool > Force of Will > Mighty Leap > Takeoff effect can now be cancelled.
    Pool > Force of Will > Weaken Resolve: Fixed typos. Now accepts Accurate ToHit Debuff enhancements.
    Gravity Control > Singularity should now apply and take advantage of the Impact mechanic.
    Ice Melee > Frozen Fists (Brute/Stalker/Scrapper) Power Description should no longer say it adds -res.
    Incarnate > Hybrid : Should no longer fail to shut down after zoning.
    Martial Arts > Crippling Axe Kick: now accepts defense debuff enhancements and sets.
    Poison Weaken and Cold Domination -Special powers should no longer be boosted by +Special powers like Power Boost. As a rule, Str effects should not be affected by other Str effects.
    Pool > Concealment > Stealth and Invisibility: translucency issues should now, FINALLY be fixed.
    Pool > Leaping > Spring Attack: should now do damage when used by Sentinels
    Proton Volley's Fast-Snipe sphere FX should now tint properly.
    Radiation Armor > Beta Decay: Taunt magnitude should now always be Mag 4
    Radiation Melee > Contamination AoE should now reliably trigger when hitting a contaminated target.
    Sentinel > Bio Armor > Athletic Regulation: Should no longer accept travel enhancement sets.
    Sentinel > Energy Aura > Power Armor:  Should now accept Healing Enhancement Sets
    Sentinel > Fire Blast > Blazing Blast: Should now do 13 ticks of damage over time.
    Tanker Melee > Psionic Melee > Greater Psi Blade: Should no longer do AoE insight damage.
    Temporary Powers > Ethereal Shift should shut down automatically as other Phase Shift powers.
    Boosts > Performance Shifter > Chance for +Endurance: Should now have a chance to grant the caster Endurance if used on an offensive attack.
    Arachnos Soldiers > Summoned Spiders should no longer play a teleport fx every 10 seconds.
    AE Critter > Sonic Resonance > Liquefy: This power had a range of zero. It has been changed to 60ft.
    AE Critter > Pain Domination > Soothing Aura: This power is now an Auto, as most AE versions of Toggle powers.
    AE Critter > Force Fields > Personal Force Fields now lasts 30 seconds instead of 0.75 seconds.
    AE Critter > Assault Rifle > Ignite: Should now properly do damage.
    Fixed the Tanker and Brute Global Taunt Proc not triggering on aura powers.
    Fixed bug with Gauntlet not triggering main-hit taunt messages.
    Clockwork Reassembly power should again calculate the chance for each individual spawned Gear, instead of only once at death. Average spawn count over time will not change, but it will be rare to get no Gears out of a defeated boss.
    Fixed many missing PStrings on crafting windows and mail attachments.
    Proton Volley's Fast-Snipe sphere FX should now tint properly in the Dark Theme.
    Fixed an issue with many powers displaying duplicate effects in their power info window.
    Addressed a bug where sometimes, after zoning, Bio Armor would have two both, offensive and defensive Adaptations active simultaneously.
    Many Lore Pet powers were not subject to PvP Mez suppression, this has been fixed.
    Players should no longer see a debuff icon when Carnival Master Illusionists summons pets.
    Players should no longer see a debuff icon when Tuatha Bosses use Animated Stone.
    Fixed short tool tip for Sirocco's Dervish to clarify it is a chance for damage.
    Mind Control > Terrify: This power no longer states it accepts Accurate ToHit Debuff sets. This power has never had a ToHit Debuff component.
    Fiery Melee > Breath of Fire: Fixed an animation bug when the power is used with Shield Defense.
    Energy Blast > Sniper Blast: Fixed sound sync issues with the tintable fast cast version of the power.
    Sentinel > Dark Blast > Antumbral Beam: Fixed missing sound FX.
    Dominator > Martial Assault > Masterful Throw (Quick Version): Adjusted the projectile and hit timing.
    Blaster > Devices > Caltrops: Enhancements and Procs should now work on this power.
    Dominator > Assault > Martial Assault > Caltrops: Enhancements and Procs should now work on this power.
    Dominator > Assault > Thorns > Thorntrops: Enhancements and Procs should now work on this power.
    Brute > Fury: Fixed a bug where some auras would passively grant the brute small amounts of +Fury.
    Blaster > Sonic Attack > Fixed PString messages on Power Customization.
    Fixed a bug where Targeting Drone's Up-Front damage would not always cancel out in combat.
    Incarnate > Interface (All Damage over Time Procs): Fixed a bug that resulted in lower than expected chance (thanks @Bopper & @Gulbasaur!)
    Short Tooltip for the following procs for the following procs changed to clarify they provide a chance for damage:
    Gladiator's Net
    Javelin Volley
    Mako's Bite
    Defender & Corruptor > Epic > Power Mastery > Power Build Up: This power should no longer have it's strength enhanced by other Power Build Up powers.
    Stalker > Ice Melee: Attacks in this powerset should now properly display CRITICAL float messages when they crit.
    Stalker > Ice Melee > Frost: This power should now take range enhancements, same as other versions of Ice Melee > Frost
    Pool > Sorcery > Rune of Protection: Clicking on this power should not trigger the animation if the power has not recharged.
    Pool > Hasten: Clicking on this power should not trigger the animation if the power has not recharged.
    Peacebringer > Light Form: Clicking on this power should not trigger the animation if the power has not recharged.

    Advanced Crash Avoidance Technology Implementation

    The mapserver will no longer crash when attempting to transfer a character from one shard to another before logging it in.
    Explanation: the previous patch introduced some internal changes to character data, and those changes are applied when the character logs in. If a character transfer was attempted on a character that had not been logged in, the receiving mapserver detected that the character was missing the new data fields, and triggered a programmer breakpoint in order to warn about the missing data -- which is to say, it crashed. It no longer is so enthusiastic about detecting missing fields on the live servers.
    The Mission Computer and Oracle will no longer crash the mapserver when a player tries to craft at tip mission while in a Task Force.
    Explanation: Tip missions are really contacts, and crafting one adds a contact to your list. While a player is on a Task Force, it can only have one Contact available, and trying to obtain another caused the mapserver to freak out and crash. It has now been taught that it can just refuse to give the character another contact instead.

    Mission Architect

    Stability enhancements for searches of AE missions; should hopefully prevent the crashes that were happening yesterday


    Fixed special enhancement rewards not dropping when exemplared (mostly affected Summer Blockbuster event and DfB)
    Fixed reward flags that were preventing merits and other rewards from dropping in some circumstances
    The reward fixes were applied as a hotfix yesterday, but may not have affected all outdoor zones until this morning's restart
    Base Editor

    Added 676 items to the base editor. You can find them by searching for "New" in the Place Item view.
    The red and black floor grid should now be hidden outside of the base editor.
    Nature > Grass Valley has had its alignment corrected and should now be usable with other floor plate details (e.g. all the other grass).
    Existing bases will not be modified. Simply moving any existing Valleys will update their position.
    The following details have had their selection box fixed:
    Arcane Teleport > Carnival of Light Portal
    Arcane Teleport > Magic Portal
    Arcane Teleport > Summoning Portal
    Arcane Teleport > Summoning Portal (Inactive)
    Tech Teleport > Interdimensional Shard
    Tech Teleport > Black Hole
    Tech Teleport > White Hole
    Tech Teleport > Small Portal
    Bathroom > Bathtub Water
    Added the Nemesis Horse as a base item, with and without FX.
    Fixed Bathtub Water collision bug.
    Renamed "Bathroom" tab to "Bath & Kitchen"
    Added 38 new base items created by @Naomi:

    Peacebringer FX

    Peacebringer customizable FX have been updated in order to actually use the secondary color.
    The glowy eyes have been reined in:
    All buff powers use the same eye glow VFX, so they will no longer stack.
    Attacks still spawn extra glowy eyes when used. This will get fixed someday.
    Conserve Energy will now have glowy eyes.
    The humming noise has been reined in:
    It no longer plays when activating attacks.
    It no longer plays when one VFX expires and transitions to another one.
    Being mezzed with the toggle sheilds on will no longer blow out your speakers.
    Inner Light now only plays it once instead of twice.
    Other stuff:
    White Dwarf Step no longer uses Warshade graphics.
    Quantum Shield's "No Bubble" setting no longer has fuzzy rings.

    Powers: Snipes

    General Changes
    ToHit is no longer required to achieve fast-snipe. Now, combat status determines if snipes are fast or slow, and ToHit buffs increase how much damage fast-snipe inflicts.
    The snipe will be fast if you have attacked or been attacked in the last 8 seconds; this is the same time as Stalker's Hide.
    Note that PvP scale is based only around the PvP damage formula. ToHit buffs and debuffs do not change quick snipe damage in PvP.
    The following fast snipe animations have been synced with their FX, no cast time changes: Moonbeam, Zapp, Sniper Blast, Proton Volley (they all remain at their original 1.33 second duration.)
    Added a new PVP IO Snipe set "Experienced Marksman"; includes proc that will always turn your Snipes into the fast version.
    Blaster/Defender/Corruptor Snipes
    12 second recharge and 14.352 end cost.
    Base 2.28 scale damage in their "quick" form, down from 2.76 scale.
    Every point of ToHit buffing the player has will increase or decrease this damage, up to a cap of 2.76 scale damage with +22% ToHit buff.
    Slow form will do 4.5 scale damage.
    Dominator Snipes
    20 second recharge and 18.512 end cost.
    Base 2.67 scale damage in their "quick" form, down from 3.56 scale.
    Every point of ToHit buffing the player has will increase or decrease this damage, up to a cap of 3.56 scale damage with +22% ToHit buff.
    Slow form will do 4.5 scale damage.
    Epic Snipes
    Will now have a base 1.75 scale damage in their quick form.
    Every point of ToHit buffing the player has will increase or decrease this damage, up to a cap of 2.3 scale damage with +22% ToHit buff.
    Slow form will do 3.56 scale damage
    Slow form crits will do 3.56 + 1.78 scale damage.
    Scrappers should now properly crit 10% of the time, instead of using Stalker requirements.

    Powers: Dominator Assault Sets

    Earth Assault
    Power Boost is now Power Up. (90s recharge, +34% damage, +75% str to other effects for 10 seconds.)
    Stone Spears: Cast time reduced from 2.10 seconds to 1.00 second.
    Tremor: Cast time reduced from 3.30 to 2.50 seconds.
    Hurl Boulder: Cast time reduced from 2.50 seconds to 1.50 second. Recharge increased from 8 seconds to 12 seconds. Damage increased from 86.64 to 120.5 damage.
    Heavy Mallet: Recharge increased from 12 to 14 seconds. Damage increased from 133.1 to 151.8 damage.
    Mud Pots: Increased radius to 15ft. Lowered endurance cost slightly. Damage lowered from scale 0.18 per tick to 0.13 per tick
    Electricity Assault:
    Thunder Strike: Cast time lowered to 2.5 seconds. Now knocks enemies down. ST and AoE Damage increased.
    Energy Assault
    Power Boost is now Power Up. (90s recharge, +34% damage, +75% str to other effects for 10 seconds.)
    Total Focus: Cast time shortened from 3.30 to 2.50 seconds.
    Power Burst: Cast time shortened from 2.00 to 1.67 seconds.
    New special mechanic. Most single target attacks have a 20% chance of granting Energy Focus mode. Hitting a foe with Total Focus will always grant Energy Focus mode.
    While in this mode, Whirling Hands will inflict a large amount of bonus damage. Power Burst will do some bonus damage.
    The mode will be removed if a power with bonus is used.
    Icy Assault
    Power Boost is now Power Up. (90s recharge, +34% damage, +75% str to other effects for 10 seconds.)
    Ice Bolt: Recharge increased from 4 seconds to 5 seconds. Damage increased from 52.9 to 61.3 damage.
    Ice Sword: Recharge increased from 8 seconds to 10 seconds. Damage increased from 95.8 to 114.5 damage.
    Ice Slash: Recharge increased from 10 to 17 seconds. Damage increased from 114.5 to 179.8 damage.
    Chilling Embrace: increased radius to 15ft. Added -10% damage str to affected enemies. Power now deals cold damage every 2 seconds to foes that are not under the Sleep status effect. Slightly lowered the speed movement debuff.
    Martial Assault
    Envenomed Blades: Fixed a bug where this power would sometimes proc more than once. Procs now ignores damage buffs and enhancements.
    Thunder Kick: Recharge lowered from 8 seconds to 7 seconds. Damage lowered from 95.8 to 86.4 damage.
    Trick Shot is now a proper chain attack, hits up to 5 targets. Damage lowered from scale 1.4 to scale 1.1
    Spinning Kick: Recharge increased to 10 seconds. Target cap reduced to 5, same as all other melee cones. This power was also doing Single Target damage despite it being a cone. This has been fixed but recharge increase should keep damage decent.
    Dragon's Tail: Recharge reduced from 20 seconds to 16. Damage scale from 1.1 to 0.8985.
    Explosive Shuriken should no longer state it's an AoE, but still will do splash fire dot damage to foes around the main target.
    Psionic Assault
    Psionic Dart: Cast time reduced from 1.33 to 0.83 seconds.
    Telekinetic Thrust: Cast time reduced from 2.07 to 1.00 seconds. Recharge lowered from 8 seconds to 7 seconds. Damage lowerd from 95.8 to 86.4.
    Radioactive Assault
    Contaiminated Strike: Recharge increased from 5 seconds to 8 seconds. Damage increased from 67.7 to 95.7 damage.
    X-Ray Beam: Recharge from 10 seconds to 11 seconds. Damage increased from 103.5 to 112.0 damage.
    Devastating Blow: Recharge 18 seconds to 20 seconds. Damage increased from 189.2 to 207.9
    Devastating Blow and Atom Smasher now accept Dominator ATOs.
    Savage Assault
    Vicious Slash: Recharge increased from 9 seconds to 11 seconds. Damage increased from 105.1 to 123.8 damage.
    Call Hawk: Recharge increased from 12 seconds to 14 seconds. Damage increased accordingly (variable damage.)
    Feral Charge: Target cap lowered to 5.
    Thorny Assault
    Aim replaced with Build Up.
    Thorny Darts: Recharge time increased from 3 to 4 seconds. Damage increased from 44.4 lethal to 52.8 lethal.
    Skewer: Cast time reduced from 1.63 seconds to 0.83 seconds. Recharge time lowered from 10 seconds to 6 seconds. Damage lowered from 114.45 to 77.1 damage. Chance for DoT increased from 80% to 85%.
    Impale: Cast time reduced from 2.43 seconds to 1.43 seconds. Recharge increased from 8 to 10 seconds. Damage increased from 86.6 to 103.5 damage.
    Flling Thorns: Lowered recharge to 10 seconds. Scale to 40.9 lethal damage and 4.5 toxic damage over time.
    Ripper: Recharge increased from 13  to 15 seconds, arc lowered to 60 degrees. Damage increased to 136.5 lethal damage.
    Thorn Barrage: Recharge time increased from  11 to 18 seconds. Damage increased to 42.8 lethal damage per tick.

    Powers: Devices

    Changed Web Grenade to Toxic Web Grenade, now deals scale 1 toxic DoT and can be slotted for damage
    Taser: Recharge reduced from 20 to 10 seconds, duration reduced from scale 10 to scale 5, damage increased from 0.25 to 1.96 (same damage as Energy Punch)
    Time Bomb:  Animation is now 2.77 seconds, interrupt time removed, countdown reduced to 5 seconds, defiance values reduced to match (this only applies to this set, not to the Traps support set versions.)
    Trip Mine:  Interrupt removed. Cast time is now 2.77 seconds. Recharge increased to 30 seconds.
    Targeting Drone now gives your first attack from out of combat a Built-Up effect (80% damage) and continues to provide a 20% damage buff while in combat.
    Powers: Stealth

    All self-stealth toggles should now recharge in 2 seconds.
    Pools > Concealment > Stealth: No longer slows the user down.
    Pools > Concealment > Invisibility:  Endurance cost lowered from 0.65 to 0.2275. You are now be able to attack while this power is active, but should you attack, all it's defense will suppress.
    Illusion Control > Superior Invisibility: Endurance cost lowered from 0.52 to 0.182.
    Powers: Misc Changes & Bug Fixes

    Gravity Control > Propel: Adjusted physics parameters on objects to make them feel solid and not bounce around like rubber toys.
    Night Widow & Fortunata Vengeance: Now triggers on league members. The buff will still only apply to teammates.
    Beta Decay: FX now anchors on the player and not the world.
    Pool > Leaping > Spring Attack: now does Containment damage when used by Controllers.
    Pool > Sorcery > Enflame: Should now do damage for Sentinels
    Kheldians > Inherent: Should now see Sentinels the same way they see Blasters and Scrappers, for the purpose of their inherent powers.
    Controller > Ice Control > Flash Freeze: should be properly flagged as a Targeted AoE, not a Point Blank AoE.
    Stalker > Savage Melee > Shred: This power erroneously said it consumed Blood Frenzy stacks. The text has been corrected. This power generates one Blood Frenzy stacks instead. All other AT versions of the power had the correct text for Shred.
    Dominator > Feral Charge: Fixed a bug where sometimes it would do no damage if executed from maximum distance.
    Dominator > Savage Assault > Unkindness: This power erroneously said it consumed Blood Frenzy stacks. The text has been corrected. This power generates one Blood Frenzy stack, and it's DoT becomes stronger the more Blood Frenzy the caster has. This bonus to Unkindness makes up for the set's lack of Savage Leap and Hemorrage.
    Sentinel > Ice Blast > Chilling_Ray: Should now accept Slow enhancements.
    Sentinel > Regeneration > Dismiss Pain: Increased amount of MaxHP granted to 24% from 6%, should had not been that low to begin with.
    Beam Rifle > Disintegration: Should [hopefully] never linger after the target dies.
    Earth Control > Animate Stone: should no longer stop to reconsider it's life choices for about 6 seconds after using Hurl.
    Mu Mastery Epic Pool: Zap now uses Melee Damage Modifiers
    All versions of Beam Rifle's Penetrating Ray now has a 55% chance of spreading disintegration.
    All versions of Beam Rifle's Lancer Shot now has a 100% chance of spreading disintegration.
    Fixed a bug in the no-redraw version of fast-Archery's Snipe.
    Psionic Lance's quick FX was completely broken and out of sync. FX has been resync but this required a slightly slower animation (1.33 seconds.)


    Chernobog will now always spawn after the cutscene in Shauna Stockwell's storyarc.
    Omnicore can no longer be killed by her own robots and prevent her mission from being completed.
    Added a very obvious waypoint to Laura Lockhart's body in the mission "Defend the UNSF Base".
    The first two story arcs for Issue 26 are here! Both were written by @holymittens, a professional video game writer, and target the two “middle” alignments, with one story arc for Vigilantes and one for Rogues.

    New Story Arc: Shauna Braun

    Characters of the Vigilante alignment between Security Levels 25 and 29 can find Shauna Braun in Independence Port, near the southern Police Station, or using the Contact Finder.
    Shauna Braun is a young programmer from Paragon City. She was raised by her father in a tiny apartment in between Kings Row and Independence Port. Shauna moved out when she went to college, but her father - having sacrificed so much to give his daughter a good education - continued to live there until it burned down a year ago. The PPD closed the case, citing an accident as the cause of the fire, but Shauna doesn't buy the explanation. She wants to uncover the truth behind her father's death and bring the perpetrators to justice.
    This arc has two different endings, with a badge for each. The badge art was created by @Log.

    New Story Arc: Bobby Curtin

    Characters of the Rogue alignment between Security Levels 25 and 29 can find Bobby Curtin in Crimson Cove, in front of the White Elephant building, or using the Contact Finder.
    Bobby Curtin is a bouncer at the White Elephant in Crimson Cove, a private establishment which prides itself on being 'neutral ground' between the many warring factions in Nerva. Bobby is known by frequent patrons for being willing to step in and break up fights between anyone, be they Longbow, Arachnos, or mortal manifestation of an ancient god.
    This arc introduces true branching missions to City of Heroes; depending on your choices, you will be presented with a couple of entirely different missions, leading to several possible endings. There is only one badge for this arc, with art created by @Log.

    Rikti Mothership Raid

    The Rikti Mothership raid can now be started from the LFG queue. Characters must be level 35 and have the Member of Vanguard badge to join the raid in this way.
    If the league is not locked, a minimum of 16 players is required to start the raid this way.
    All enemies inside the mission map are level 54, including the ones that are lower level in the zone. All players are bumped to combat level 50 for the duration of the raid.


    Ghost of Scrapyard can now be spawned by defeating 100 Scrapyarders in Sharkhead Isle, and should no longer walk into the Black Market kill field.
    The AVs that spawned in Recluse's Victory were dependent on team size, resulting in some of them being rare. As of this patch, they will spawn regardless of team size in one of three pairs: Positron/Synapse, Back Alley Brawler/Manticore, or Ms. Liberty/Penny Yin. On the villain side, it'll be Black Scorpion+Mako, Ghost Widow+Scirocco, or Lord Recluse+Random patron.
    The cars in Kallisti Wharf will no longer get stuck in an intersection.
    Fixed the zone cap in The Hive, The Abyss and the Rikti War Zone to be 50 (this was accidentally changed in May - it should have always been 50).


    Eochai and Jack in Irons will now reward their badges on defeat regardless of how much damage the player does to them.
    Fixed the badge art for "Skip Tracer" and "Portal Hopper".
    Added the 16th Anniversary badge, "Resurgent". It will award automatically during the month of May.


    Synthetic Hamidon enhancements for Accuracy/Mez and Damage/Mez will now combine with their Titan, Hydra and Hamidon counterparts.
    Fixed an issue with some procs not working on Dual Pistols > Hail of Bullets.
    Corrected "Chance for Fire Damage" text in Sentinel's Ward: Recharge/Chance for Absorb.


    Pool > Leadership > Maneuvers: fixed a bug where Melee, AoE, Lethal and Cold def were only being granted to the caster.
    Tanker > Spines > Spine Burst: This power erroneously had it's Radius increased to 16 instead of its Target Cap. This has been fixed.
    Blaster > Dual Pistols: Fixed an issue where the set was not granting blasters Defiance +Damage
    Dual Pistols > Hail of Bullets: Fixed an issue where the power DoT chance was calculated only once at the activation of the power instead of once per tick when non standard ammo was active.
    Set Bonus > Synapse Shock should no longer show a buff icon.
    Fixed an issue where Psionic Assault > Psi Dart and Poison > Envenom would randomly execute a different animations.
    Fixed an issue where Beam Rifle Disintegration Spread would not need Disintegration effect on the target to be triggered.
    Fixed an issue where Pool > Concealment > Stealth was making players completely translucent.
    Fixed missing +Range buff in Blaster Quick Snipes.
    Fixed an issue where Pool > Concealment > Stealth was granting double Stealth
    Fixed an issue where Engagement mechanics was taking 10 seconds after attack, when it should had taken 8.
    Fixed an issue where Devices > Targeting Drone was taking 30 seconds out of combat, instead of 8, to increase it's damage buff.
    Fixed a bug where Illusion Control powers would not stack as expected.
    Fixed a bug where Illusion pets were ignoring enhancements.
    Fixed a bug where Stalker > Epic > Mu > Zapp would crit multiple times in a single activation. Also fixed timing issues with the FX in this power.
    Fixed a bug in Quick Sniper Blast (All versions) where the central energy orb would ignore color tinting.
    Fixed a bug where some snipes would not disable properly.
    Blaster Devices:
    Targeting Drone and Field Operative were granting double buffs for some of their attributes since last patch. This has been fixed.
    Gun Drone now taunts enemies it hits. In addition, enemies near the Turret should often prioritize attacking the Drone. This power now takes taunt and taunt set enhancements.
    Mace Master > Mace Beam: This power was doing double critical hits in some situations since last patch. This should now be fixed.
    Savage Melee > Assassins Frenzy: This power should now grant 3 stacks of frenzy while used from hide.
    Concealment > Invisibility: the translucency effect should completely disappear if engaged in combat.
    Dominator > Radioactive Assault: Procs should no longer trigger off the special AoE triggered off hitting Contaminated targets.

    Issue 26, Page 3

    Check out this news post for details on the Halloween Event and more information about this update.

    New Origin Power Pool: Force of Will

    This power pool grants you access to various powers that allow you to manifest your own willpower and use it to harm your foes.
    You can only have one Origin Power Pool (Sorcery or Force of Will) in your active build.
    Weaken Resolve: You overwhelm your foe with sheer strength of will, reducing their defense damage resistance, and chance to hit! Recharge: Long
    Project Will: You manifest your willpower into a blast and project it toward a distant foe, causing moderate psionic and smashing damage. Project Will has a fair chance to knock the target down. Damage: Moderate, Recharge: Fast
    Mighty Leap: While this power is active you're able to leap great distances and jump incredibly high. In addition, while this power is active you're able to use Takeoff, which will knockdown nearby foes and increases jump speed. Recharge: Moderate
    Takeoff: You stomp your foot on the ground with tremendous force empowering your jump speed for a short time and shattering the earth beneath, knocking nearby foes off of their feet. Recharge: Long
    Wall of Force: You project an unfocused blast of sheer force at foes in a short wide cone in front of you, dealing moderate psionic and smashing damage and potentially knocking targets down. Wall of Force requires you to have two other powers from the Force of Will power pool. Damage: Moderate, Recharge: Slow
    Unleash Potential: Unleashing your potential, you grant yourself a moderate boost to defense, regeneration rate, and recovery for a short time. Unleash Potential requires you to have two other powers in the Force of Will power pool. Recharge: Very Long

    Other Changes

    The Abandoned Sewers have received a minor atmospheric tweak to make them visually distinct from the standard Sewer Network.
    Bloody Bay, Siren’s Call, Warburg and Recluse’s Victory now have a full complement of 8 Exploration Badges and one Exploration Accolade.
    The Exploration Accolade art was created by @Flashtoo.

    LFG Queue

    The LFG queue will now wait until you have the Recommended number of players for a Trial or Task Force before teleporting you to the contact or mission if the league is not locked.
    If the league is locked, Trials and Task Forces will continue to ignore the minimum players and start even solo. You can invite more players into the League once the Trial starts, but not to a Task Force.
    Incarnate and Holiday Trials continue to always require the minimum number of players, whether the league is locked or not.
    Incarnate trials will no longer automatically fail if a locked league drops below the minimum players. They will still fail if they drop below the minimum players in an unlocked league.
    This setup is an attempt to satisfy both players who want to start Trials and Task Forces solo or with small teams (lock the league) and those who want to use the LFG queue to find teams for Trials and Task Forces (don't lock the league).

  7. If you're trying to use the Homecoming manifest/client you'll need an account at https://forums.homecomingservers.com/ We have our own server and manifest you have to use to connect to our server read the below topic if you want to connect to Victory.


    Note, our server is *VERY* low population usually averaging 3-5 players, Homecoming has thousands of players at any given time across its 5 servers.


  8. On 8/6/2019 at 9:19 AM, Crimsonhorn200 said:

    Each time i login it says that the info is incorrect even though its the right log in info ive tried dozens of times help please.





    Hello.  This isn't the support forum, that'd be down the ways a bit. Though my suggestion would be to head over to The Game Account Page and set your password. Then make sure you're selecting the proper Manifest, You'll see "Victory - Heroes/Villains/Rogues" (Which only effect the splash screens you see).  The Manifest shipped with Cream Soda doesn't support Victory any more, so you will need to add our Manifest directly to Tequila/Creamsoda.

  9. Rewards

    Superpacks have a VERY rare chance of dropping on mission complete.


    Hamidon Origin enhancements can now drop off of the Devouring Earth GMs in the Hive/Abyss.


    Added new patterns to tights chest/pants/skirts/boots for Male/Female/Huge Provided by Derek Brown.

    Readded Malaise pattern to tights pants for Male/Female/Huge

    Added Malaise pattern to tights chest for Male/Female/Huge

    City Zones

    Back Alley Brawler got tired of standing around in the east side of the zone, and talked Ms. Liberty into switching spots with him.


    Trainers can no longer change your costume (Currently only blue side has this change live)

  10. TASKS

    Shauna Braun in Independence Port is looking for vigilantes level 25-29 to investigate the fire of Blackwood Tower in which her father died. You can find her using the Contact Finder, or from Ouroboros after level 30.

    The SSA2 introduction tip "A Window of Opportunity" was not dropping. It will now drop for Villains and Rogues level 30 or higher who have not yet completed it, just like the Mortimer Kal introduction tip 10 levels earlier.

    Sentinels will now receive the Power of Scirocco in the Barracuda Strike Force.


    Added the badges "Avenger" and "Beyond Reasonable Doubt" for Shauna Braun's story arc.

    Added the badges "Burgermeister", "Mostly Harmless", "Restless" and "What Lurks Beyond" to Bloody Bay, along with the zone accolade "Bad Blood".

    Added the badges "Hot Dog", "Still Standing", "Volatile" and "Wasted Resources" to Siren's Call, along with the zone accolade "Answered the Call".


    Added 676 base items. You can find them by searching for "New" in the Place Item view.

  11. Announcement from the company hosting our webserver, this will only effect the website/forum it will not effect the game server in any way.


    Start: 2019-06-26 04:00 UTC
    End: 2019-06-26 09:00 UTC


    During the above maintenance window the networking team will be upgrading core networking equipment to improve performance and reliability for our NYC1 location.

    Expected Impact: During this window you may experience brief moments of packet loss as traffic is shifted between networking devices. We will endeavour to keep this to a minimum during the maintenance window.

  12. POWERS

    Burn should no longer ignore accuracy enhancements.

    Night Widow & Fortunata Vengance will now trigger on league members. The buff will still only apply to teammates.

    Beta Decay FX now anchors on the player and not the world.


    From now and until says I, door missions (not AE) have a 20% chance to drop a random Super Pack when completed!


    Added an option to show timestamps on chat, under Options > Windows > Beta Features
    Added power cooldown indicators as a WIP option, accessible through Options > Window > Beta Settings.
    Fixed a couple of issues with the Cathedral of Pain that could cause it to get stuck if all the Obelisks were destroyed or the Aspect of Rularuu was defeated right when the Willforges respawned.
    Fixed a server crash when a player in the final stage of character creation disconnected from the queue server during an unusually long SQL wait queue.
    Fixed a client crash seen during activities with many active power effects, such as the Rikti mothership and Hamidon raids, by switching to 64-bit FX/Sequencer handles.
    Fixed a client crash in the UI drawing code if a pet has a creator but no owner.
    Connections from the client to the QueueServer were not encrypted; they now are.


    Added over 200 items to the Vehicles and Nature tabs. You can find them by searching for (new).


    Offloaded all the hardware-only physics effects to the CPU. This results in the same physics quality as enabling PhysX hardware, as has been requested, without having to actually update the PhysX libraries. The reason it's being done this way is because updating the libraries would break the game client for other servers that share the same game files. The impact on the CPU is negligible on modern hardware.
    Modified the Glacier FX so it can be looked at from below.
    Improved particle effects for Burst Of Speed power in Blaster/Martial Manipulation secondary.
    Improved the Ki Push FX from Martial Combat.
    Lowered the saturation of the reflection cubemap used in the tailor, to better display colors while in the costume creator.
    General improvements to many chest emblems, chest details and supergroup emblems: cleaned edges, reduced compression, standardized resolution.
    Added a second color on many chest and shield emblems that previously only took a single color.
    Repairs/improvements to Face textures to help with skin tone matching and reduction of uncanny valley. The Medusa face was missing the entire blue channel in its diffuse map, this has been reconstructed based on clues in the other parts of this face.
    Improvements to the Makeup color masks for female heads; mostly blurs the edges of the lipstick so it blends better and fits onto the lips more fully when the player chooses heads with different shaped features.
    Fixed a glitch with the Buckled Leather top and alpha channels on chest emblems.


    Immobilize Powers in Controller and Dominator primary power sets should no longer make their targets immune to KnockUp. KnockBack will be converted to KnockDown. This helps sets like Ice and Earth, as their AOE Immobilize power will no longer make their AOE Knockback power useless.
    Flash Freeze should now affect flying enemies.
    Glacier should now be usable while flying.
    Pool > Leaping > Spring Attack: now does Containment damage when used by Controllers.
    Pool > Sorcery > Enflame: Should now do damage for Sentinels
    Kheldians > Inherent: Should now see Sentinels the same way they see Blasters and Scrappers, for the purpose of their inherent powers.
    Controller > Ice Control > Flash Freeze: should be properly flagged as a Targetted AoE, not a Point Blank AoE.
    Stalker > Savage Melee > Shred: This power erroneously said it consumed Blood Frenzy stacks. The text has been corrected. This power generates one Blood Frenzy stacks instead. All other AT versions of the power had the correct text for Shred.
    Dominator > Feral Charge: Fixed a bug where sometimes it would do no damage if executed from maximum distance.
    Domintoar >Savage Assault > Unkindness: This power erroneously said it consumed Blood Frenzy stacks. The text has been corrected. This power generates one Blood Frenzy stack, and it's DoT becomes stronger the more Blood Frenzy the caster has. This bonus to Unkindness makes up for the set's lack of Savage Leap and Hemorrage.
    Sentinel > Ice Blast > Chilling_Ray: Should now accept Slow enhancements.
    Sentinel > Regeneration > Dismiss Pain: Increased amount of MaxHP granted to 24% from 6%, should had not been that low to begin with.


    Rikti War Zone pylons now drop 3 Vanguard Merits when destroyed, for a total of 60 Vanguard Merits for all 20 pylons.
    Rikti Drop Ships and Patrol Ships now drop 6 Reward Merits and 10 Vanguard Merits when destroyed.
    Fixed an issue with Morality Missions not resetting the mission owner's alignment points on completion in some cases. This does not apply to teammates, only the mission owner. This was allowing players to run Morality Missions back to back to very quickly get a lot of merits.
    Increased the reward for completing a Morality Mission to 40 Reward Merits.

  14. Welcome again all!

    The downtime planned for this weekend went off without a hitch!

    We now have 2 24GB 6 Core Mapservers, and a 12GB 4Core DBServer powering everyones favorite CoH Server!

    Startup times are now in the area of 5 minutes, all static (City zones) are loaded at boot so no more long zone times waiting on your next zone to load up!  Lag is down as this box is dedicated to Victory so enjoy!

  15. Hello all!

    Our server provider has provisioned our new server after a week of waiting! At some point over the weekend I'll be taking Victory down to be migrated over to our new hardware, there will be *NO* loss of data during the move.


    Thank you!

  16. You should be able to place your .storyarcs in the "Missions" folder in your City of Heroes directory, you'll also need to place your .critter files in the "Custom_Critters" folder.  Once they're there the AE console should show them and allow you to publish.


    Patrol XP can now be consumed in Architect Rewards mode and/or a bonus XP multiplier. It will always add 50% to the base XP earned.

    Fixed the SHO reward for STF and LRSF; they were giving a SO if picked again after 18 to 24 hours.

    Replaced the Jetpack Suppliers in the Shadow Shard with P2W Field Agents.

    Some unused Pandora's Box SSA contacts were being introduced by other contacts; this should no longer happen.

    Fixed a potential crash when putting an enhancement in the Auction House (OuroDev PR #66 & #70).

    Zone maps will now be marked as "full" and stop new players from entering them if they grow over 1.8GB of RAM; meet in a different zone instance if someone you need to team with is on a "full" map. If a map uses over 2.0GB of RAM, it will automatically shutdown; even a mission map. It's not the most elegant way to address a memory leak, but it works for now.

    Lowered the costume change timer from 30 seconds to 15 seconds.


    The Positron Task Force (Part 1) can now be started with a minimum level of 8.

    Completing a Morality mission now rewards 20 Merits. Turns out that 50 merits for 10 short missions was way too much.


    XP Boosters purchased from P2W can now be deleted from the Powers window. This is useful if you decide that you want to switch from a 25% bonus to a 50% one, for example, or if you don't want the influence penalty anymore.

    The Mission Architect version of the power "Unkindness" from Savage Assault will now actually damage the target instead of healing them.

    The PPD Captain "Call for Backup" power will now only spawn up to three PPD reinforcements and not spawn additional ones unless one of the 3 is defeated, instead of an infinite forever every 30 seconds.


    Added "Fashion Victim" for spending 50,000,000 inf on the tailor. Rewards a Free tailor token for your trouble.

    Moved "Newsman", "Faultless Mystic" and "Apex" from Faultline to Echo: Faultline.

    Added "Riveting", "Upcycled" and "Rock Bottom" to Faultline.

    Added "Forsaken", "Pristine", "Claim Denied", "Spare Parts" and "Dug Too Deep" to Echo: Faultline.

    Added "Epicenter", Echo: Faultline zone accolade.


    "Apply to Room" and "Apply to Base" will now work to fill an entire block floor-to-ceiling.


    Archery animations should now work properly.

    Rain of Arrows animation has been reduced from 4 to 2 seconds. Recharge time has been increased slightly to compensate.

    Bio Armor > Hard Carapace: This power should now offer damage resistance in PvP

    Cold Domination for Controllers and Masterminds now have a Minimal FX option, just as Defenders and Corruptors do.

    Fixed an error that allowed players to create Shield Defense characters with Claws, Dual Blades, Ninja Sword, Spines or Staff Fighting primaries. These characters always were broken and unplayable.

    Scrapper's Shinobi-Iri should now be able to accept Jump enhancement sets.

    Sentinel's Beam Rifle > Refractor Beam should now accept Defense Debuff sets.

    Stalker's Ice Melee should now crit on PvP

    Added missing Doppelganger conversion for the following player powersets:


  18. All of the non pigg files are handled by other mirrors.  I know yesterday a lot of people were having issues with some of the mirrors serving corrupted files.  You might want to full close and relaunch Tequila, and hit validate to see if it's able to pickup good files.

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