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City of Heroes: Victory

Page 4 patch notes 10/5


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Sister Valeria

  • Ambushes no longer chase players endlessly and shouldn't see through stealth.
  • Added missing Incarnate finale rewards for non-task-owners.


Repeatable Cimerora Incarnate Missions

  • Due to the inconsistency issue with Sister Valeria not introducing Alexandra Sideris to many players, Alexandra Sideris is now unlocked by owning the Sister Valeria arc completion badge so you will gain access to these incarnate missions even if you completed Sister Valeria's arc using Ouroboros.
  • All option dialog on the task selections now includes a highlight of the mission objectives in red to more easily distinguish what that choice's task will be.


Advanced Difficulty - General

  • Re-added missed inspiration restriction modes to 2-Star and 3-Star Advanced Difficulty levels.


Advanced Difficulty - Imperious Task Force

Mission 3

  • Fixed issue with initial behavior on the Aereus Colossi Twins that was sometimes causing them to behave strangely.

Mission 4

  • Nictus Romulus Augustus' Ebon Eye now has a -Fly debuff.


Sister Solaris

  • In the finale mission the spawns with multiple Minotaur and Cyclopes will now only have two of them at incarnate level with the added Nictus powers.


Colleen Nelson

  • Fixed the error that was causing text in her arc to appear as pstrings.


Steven Sheridan

  • Atmospheric pedestrians, cars, and trams should no longer spawn on the two new outdoor Rikti invasion mission maps.


Power Fixes

  • Fixed numerous typos in power descriptions for Sonic Assault and Symphony Control.
  • Tintable customization of the Munitions Mastery Freeze Ray FX was missed for the fix that resolved the disjointed firing point; Now always fires from the correct point of the chosen rifle model.



Sheathed Weapons

  • Male/Female/Huge - Broadsword: Sheathed positioning for 'Rikti Sword' & 'Rikti Sword 2' on Broadsword adjusted to sit more naturally on the back.
  • Female/Huge - Broadsword: Fixed 'Rapier' & 'Carnival of Shadows Rapier' to scale properly as they were previously bigger than intended.
  • Female - Broadsword: Sheathed 'VK-99 Event Horizon' & 'PX17-N Supernova' were set to the wrong draw FX.
  • Male/Female - Broadsword & Dual Blade: The following smaller weapons have been set to sit slightly lower on the back while sheathed to make them look more natural:
    • Hook Sword
    • Machete
    • Organic Sword
    • Sky Raider Machete
    • Vahzilok Bone Saw
    • Vahzilok Butcher Knife
    • Faer Dagger (Dual Blade only)
    • Dragon Dagger (Dual Blade only)
    • Redcap Dagger (Dual Blade only)
    • Sai (Dual Blade only)
    • Tanto (Dual Blade only)
    • Main Droite & Main Gauche (Dual Blade only)
  • Male/Female/Huge - Dual Blades: Left Dual Blades now sit closer to the Right Dual Blades on all body types so they won't appear to float as far off the back.
  • Female - Dual Blades: Adjusted the spacing offsets for Dual Blades as there was a bit more space between them and the weapons than was needed to facilitate bone size variations in costumes.
  • Male/Huge - War Mace, Bane Spiders, & Mace Mastery: Improved the back position offsets for a couple models that were leaning a little far from the back:
    • Carnival of Light
    • Carnival of War
    • Carnival of Vengeance
    • Carnival Mallet
    • Coral Club
    • Coral Hammer
    • Rularuu's Fury
  • Male - War Mace: Sheathed Tech Mace was set to the wrong draw FX.


Enemy Groups

Cimeroran Traitors

  • Cimeroran Traitor elite bosses are now bigger and have a slightly different helmet crest to make them more identifiable against the normal bosses, whom they previously shared a costume with.
  • Fixed an issue where Incarnate-level Minotaurs had the damage set unintentionally too high on their Chop power.


The Lost

  • Fixed an issue that was causing Lost mobs to spawn at higher levels than intended in certain missions.



Peregrine Island

  • Since Castle is now fulfilling his trainer duties in Recluse's Victory to train incoming Temporal Warriors, Vanguard's Incandescent has been appointed as the new trainer in Peregrine Island while she works on organizing collaborative efforts between Vanguard and Portal Corp.


Fort Trident

  • The submarine inside Fort Trident was incorrectly pointing to the Smuggler's Ship destinations, it now correctly connects to the Smuggler's Submarine destinations (one-way).


The Crucible

  • Owning the 'Arbiter' badge for completing the Barracuda Strike Force now properly unlocks The Crucible as a Long Range Teleporter destination.


Supergroup Bases

  • Fixed the issue that was causing "Shower Floor 2" (the smaller of the two) to have changed position in existing bases.
  • Fixed issue that was causing freshly placed teleporter beacons to not attach properly to teleporters.



  • Removed a non-functional PlayerName variable from contact busy text.
  • Various client stability fixes to address crash reports.
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