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City of Heroes: Victory

Patch notes for 05/27


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Patrol XP can now be consumed in Architect Rewards mode and/or a bonus XP multiplier. It will always add 50% to the base XP earned.

Fixed the SHO reward for STF and LRSF; they were giving a SO if picked again after 18 to 24 hours.

Replaced the Jetpack Suppliers in the Shadow Shard with P2W Field Agents.

Some unused Pandora's Box SSA contacts were being introduced by other contacts; this should no longer happen.

Fixed a potential crash when putting an enhancement in the Auction House (OuroDev PR #66 & #70).

Zone maps will now be marked as "full" and stop new players from entering them if they grow over 1.8GB of RAM; meet in a different zone instance if someone you need to team with is on a "full" map. If a map uses over 2.0GB of RAM, it will automatically shutdown; even a mission map. It's not the most elegant way to address a memory leak, but it works for now.

Lowered the costume change timer from 30 seconds to 15 seconds.


The Positron Task Force (Part 1) can now be started with a minimum level of 8.

Completing a Morality mission now rewards 20 Merits. Turns out that 50 merits for 10 short missions was way too much.


XP Boosters purchased from P2W can now be deleted from the Powers window. This is useful if you decide that you want to switch from a 25% bonus to a 50% one, for example, or if you don't want the influence penalty anymore.

The Mission Architect version of the power "Unkindness" from Savage Assault will now actually damage the target instead of healing them.

The PPD Captain "Call for Backup" power will now only spawn up to three PPD reinforcements and not spawn additional ones unless one of the 3 is defeated, instead of an infinite forever every 30 seconds.


Added "Fashion Victim" for spending 50,000,000 inf on the tailor. Rewards a Free tailor token for your trouble.

Moved "Newsman", "Faultless Mystic" and "Apex" from Faultline to Echo: Faultline.

Added "Riveting", "Upcycled" and "Rock Bottom" to Faultline.

Added "Forsaken", "Pristine", "Claim Denied", "Spare Parts" and "Dug Too Deep" to Echo: Faultline.

Added "Epicenter", Echo: Faultline zone accolade.


"Apply to Room" and "Apply to Base" will now work to fill an entire block floor-to-ceiling.


Archery animations should now work properly.

Rain of Arrows animation has been reduced from 4 to 2 seconds. Recharge time has been increased slightly to compensate.

Bio Armor > Hard Carapace: This power should now offer damage resistance in PvP

Cold Domination for Controllers and Masterminds now have a Minimal FX option, just as Defenders and Corruptors do.

Fixed an error that allowed players to create Shield Defense characters with Claws, Dual Blades, Ninja Sword, Spines or Staff Fighting primaries. These characters always were broken and unplayable.

Scrapper's Shinobi-Iri should now be able to accept Jump enhancement sets.

Sentinel's Beam Rifle > Refractor Beam should now accept Defense Debuff sets.

Stalker's Ice Melee should now crit on PvP

Added missing Doppelganger conversion for the following player powersets:


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