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City of Heroes: Victory

Patch Notes for November 4th, 2022


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Bug Fixes

  • Lanaru the Mad: Vacation is over. Lanaru has returned.


Power Bug Fixes

  • Blaster > Atomic Manipulation > Beta Decay: This power no longer roots.
  • Blaster > Tactical Arrow > Eagle Eye: This power no longer accepts Endurance Reduction enhancements as the power cost no endurance.
  • Mastermind > Traps > Web Grenade: This power was accepting Slow SO enhancements. but not IO sets, that has been fixed.
  • Sentinel > Fiery Aura > Molten Embrace: The proc from this power should no longer proc on pets.
  • Enhancements > Invention Origin > Aegis: The mez resistance in this set should now always be active regardless where it is slotted.
  • Brute > Melee: Fixed a sorting mistake in with the Spines powerset listing in the character creator.
  • Brute > Fiery Aura > Burn: Fixed a bug while using Fiery Embrace that unintentionally created additional patches.
  • Tanker > Battle Axe > Cleave: Fixed Fiery Embrace damage, was unintentionally set too high.
  • Masterminds > Necromancy > Life Drain: This power should now accept Accurate To-Hit Debuff enhancements.
  • Dominator > Illusion Control > Phantom Army: Fixed various powers tooltip errors.
  • Temporary Powers > Build Snow Beast: It is no longer possible to summon infinite Snow Beasts by claiming one copy of the power at a time from Character Items to skip the recharge timer and spamming one summon after another.
  • Stealth Toggles: All primary/secondary stealth toggles have had their PvE Stealth Radius increased by 0.5', and their PvP Stealth Radius increased by 1.0'. This is an effort to de-conflict with pool stealth toggles that was causing momentary stealth drops when same-radius stealth toggles were on at the same time.


Prestige Costumes

  • Fixed the texture mapping incorrectly on the female Dominatrix Servant costume's head.

Costume: Undefined Mode & Costume: Undefined Mini Mode

  • The aura effect on these powers can now be disabled in the Power Customization menu.
  • Minor adjustment on the aura offsets so that it properly encapsulates the body on Male & Huge costumes.
  • The leg geometry on Male & Huge costumes should no longer clip with kilts/skirts.


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