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  1. I'm having the same problem Kazarr8 did. I'm putting in my profile user name and I even double check and go to settings to make sure I'm putting in the right password. Yes to ones who didn't know. You can go to your profile in your computer. And look up all passwords on your computer. That's bank, ring.com everything. Anyways any help will be very appreciated.
  2. What user name and Password do I use? Is it the one for my profile from the main profile. I did that. Is user name my MasterJedi and Password feom that profile? If so I'm not gettiing in. I feel a little lost. Sorry if I'm making this so difficult.
  3. I'm clicking all over. I can't find a server to get on. Where do I go to start playing? Also does this allow you to play City of Villans and City of Heroes going Rogue? You could be a villian and bring your character to City of Heores side for being a good person. Instead of bad.
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