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City of Heroes: Victory

Victory to merge with Homecoming


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Hello, with the recent announcement that Homecoming has been granted a License to operate their City of Heroes™ Servers, we have been invited to merge Victory in as a 6th shard along their existing shards.  You will need to opt in to the transfer of your City of Heroes™ data to Homecoming, if you do not link your Victory account to Homecoming, your data will not be transferred, and you will lose your Characters and Supergroups.

If you do not already have a Homecoming account you will need to create both a Forum account AND Game account here: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/getting-started/, and then head to our Account panel https://cityofheroes.dev/forums/account-tools/gameaccount.html/ and link the accounts.  There is no ETA currently for the merge, but it will be happening in the near future.

When our server is merged into Homecoiming, you will keep your characters, their inventory, character descriptions and any Supergroup bases your characters own.  Your global handle may end up changed if it conflicts with an existing global handle in use on Homecoming.  Auction house data may or may not come across, and Architect Entertainment (Mission Architect) arcs will NOT transfer, if you wish to bring your MA Arcs across please make sure you save the arcs and custom critters and re-publish them after the merge.

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On 1/30/2024 at 11:19 AM, nekrazort said:

I'm trying but it won't me access the account tools section: first it gave me an error and now i'm clicking but nothing happens


6 hours ago, wakeandb1ake said:

Do we know when/if the link to connect our accounts will be running. Still getting an error message.

This should be fixed now.  Forum upgrade disabled the module this was hooked in.  Sorry about that, thanks for letting me know!

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On 2/4/2024 at 11:34 AM, Weaksause said:

No issues linking for me.

Do you know about email items? should i make sure to claim my account items before the move?


Global emails should transfer over with no issue. Currently Character Items migrate, but not Account Items.  The migration code is still being written though so don't worry about claiming account items just yet.

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