Valentines/Spring Fling Event now live!

Hello everyone - The Spring Fling event is now live!

  • Special missions are available from Ganymede, Scratch, DJ Zero, Jessica Megan Duncan and Arbiter Hawk in Pocket D
  • Special Valentines tip missions will drop from any non-Incarnate enemies above level 20
  • Chilly and Dram are open for business in Pocket D
  • In total: 7 badges and 7 temporary Read More



Patch Notes for November 4th, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Lanaru the Mad: Vacation is over. Lanaru has returned.


Power Bug Fixes

  • Blaster > Atomic Manipulation > Beta Decay: This power no longer roots.
  • Blaster > Tactical Arrow > Eagle Eye: This power no longer accepts Endurance Reduction enhancements as the power cost no endurance.
  • Mastermind > Traps > Web Read More



Patch Notes for October 20th, 2022 - Issue 27, Page 5



Patch Notes: Issue 27, Page 5

What's New in Issue 27, Page 5?


Marquee Features

  • Sentinel Archetype Revamp
  • Sentinel Proliferation: Seismic Blast & Stone Armor
  • Dominator Proliferation: Illusion Control
  • PvP in Supergroup Bases


Powers & Gameplay Adjustments

  • Read More



Page 4 patch notes 10/5


Sister Valeria

  • Ambushes no longer chase players endlessly and shouldn't see through stealth.
  • Added missing Incarnate finale rewards for non-task-owners.


Repeatable Cimerora Incarnate Missions

  • Due to the inconsistency issue with Sister Valeria not introducing Alexandra Sideris to many players, Alexandra Sideris is now unlocked by owning Read More