Forum email confirmation issues

It seems users who have tried to sign up with Microsoft email accounts (MSN, Hotmail, Outlook, and anything powered by Office365) have not been getting our email confirmation messages.  Microsoft has blacklisted the IP addresses that our servers use (they appear to have been blacklisted when they were assigned to us) and refuse to delist them even though they were Read More



Double XP!

Hello All!

I'm announcing Double XP Starting now, and ending Tuesday July 5th!

Get your sweet sweet double XP over the extended holiday weekend.



Uptime Announcement

Hello again all!  Things have cooled down (a bit) in the Pacific North West, and I've been able to get the servers back up and in action.  There was a hardware failure on one of the machines that will need to be swapped out soon, but for now Victory is up and running again.  Very sorry for the downtime.


Go. Hunt. Kill Skuls.



Downtime Announcement

Hello all!  As some of you may know, the Pacific North West of the United States is currently going through a record setting heatwave.  Unfortunately the server that runs Victory runs in my garage, hardware failure is quoted @ 47c / 116f and it's currently 110 in my garage.  I've shut the severs that run everything down to avoid damage.  This also effects the ability to Read More