Double XP Weekend!

Hello All!

I'm announcing Double XP Starting the morning of Friday the 24th and ending the morning of Tuesday the 28th!

Get your sweet sweet double XP over the extended holiday weekend.



Manifest URL updated

When we moved to our new domain the manifest URL changed, until today that didn't matter but we've pushed out an update that requires patching.  Please update your Manifest in Tequila to the new URL:



Victory Server

Hey folks!

This is a quick guide for those looking to join us on the Victory game server.


To join us go to and create a forum account.

Then go to and there you can create your game account.


Download Tequila from (Skip this step of course if you already have Tequila)


In Tequila click options. In the bar directly below manifests paste "" and click add.

Make sure the new manifest is selected and click ok. Tequila will talk to the server and download any files it needs.

Even if you already have CoH installed it will install a few new things. Up at the top it should say Victory!

If it's still listing Score, Paragon Chat, and Icon you'll need to use the drop down above the options button to select a different manifest, and then re-select the Pc-Logix manifest. That should fix it.


When you launch CoH for our server, the server that's listed should be called "Victory". That's the right one! The listed name isn't correct just yet, but something we're going to be fixing.


If you need help feel free to reach out to us. The Victory discord is likely the easiest place to get help!