Spooky Season Approaches! Victory's Halloween Event 2023!



Another autumn's October greetings to all you classy cape wearers & stylish schemers out there!

 It's almost time for a frightfully good spook! 


...what time is that you might ask?
 Spooky season is once again upon us! Yes yes YES! 


🎃 Get ready for the Victory Halloween Event! 🎃

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Rikti Invasion event!

The Rikti Invasion event will be running from Sept 6th to Sept 15th.



Downtime 7/24

Hello All,

Today 7/24 There was a hardware issue on the Hyper-V host that hosts Victory, I attempted to move the VM over to a backup machine, but that transfer was unsuccessful.  Due to this Victory was down for ~11 hours.  At this time the server is back up, and I will be keeping a close eye on the Hyper-V server for any further issues.  Sorry for the downtime.


Thank you.



Patch Notes for May 16, 2023



  • The Council Supersoldier has broadened the utility of his rage and may throw heavy objects at flying supers.
  • The Council Supersoldier and Little League have had their power toolkit updated to work FOR them instead of against them.
  • Little League also has unlocked his Line Drive, a ranged baseball throw for pesky flying Read More