Patch Notes for November 4th, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Lanaru the Mad: Vacation is over. Lanaru has returned.


Power Bug Fixes

  • Blaster > Atomic Manipulation > Beta Decay: This power no longer roots.
  • Blaster > Tactical Arrow > Eagle Eye: This power no longer accepts Endurance Reduction enhancements as the power cost no endurance.
  • Mastermind > Traps > Web Read More



Patch Notes for October 20th, 2022 - Issue 27, Page 5



Patch Notes: Issue 27, Page 5

What's New in Issue 27, Page 5?


Marquee Features

  • Sentinel Archetype Revamp
  • Sentinel Proliferation: Seismic Blast & Stone Armor
  • Dominator Proliferation: Illusion Control
  • PvP in Supergroup Bases


Powers & Gameplay Adjustments

  • Read More



Page 4 patch notes 10/5


Sister Valeria

  • Ambushes no longer chase players endlessly and shouldn't see through stealth.
  • Added missing Incarnate finale rewards for non-task-owners.


Repeatable Cimerora Incarnate Missions

  • Due to the inconsistency issue with Sister Valeria not introducing Alexandra Sideris to many players, Alexandra Sideris is now unlocked by owning Read More



Spooky Season Approaches! Victory's Halloween Event 2022!


An autumn's October greetings to all you do-gooders or evil-doers out there!

 It's that time of year again! 


...what time you might ask?
 Spooky time! Oh yes! 


🎃 It's almost time for the Victory's Halloween Event 2022! 🎃

October 2nd - November 1st

 I spy some familiar and Read More