Spooky Season Approaches! Victory's Halloween Event 2022!


An autumn's October greetings to all you do-gooders or evil-doers out there!

 It's that time of year again! 


...what time you might ask?
 Spooky time! Oh yes! 


🎃 It's almost time for the Victory's Halloween Event 2022! 🎃

October 2nd - November 1st

 I spy some familiar and Read More



Patch Notes for August 24th, 2022

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Lost AV from spawning in Death From Below.
  • Emote channel text is once again italicized in the chat window.
  • Name checking during character creation now properly shows names from recently deleted characters as "available".
  • Fixed a longstanding memory corruption bug in the chat system that dates Read More



Patch Notes for August 23rd - Issue 27, Page 4


Patch Notes: Issue 27, Page 4

  • Known issues are listed in purple.

What's New in Issue 27, Page 4?

Marquee Features

  • New Incarnate Mission Content: Sister Valeria
  • New Powersets - Symphony Control, Sonic Assault
  • Name Release Policy - Phase 1: Warnings
  • New Advanced Difficulty - Imperious Task Read More



Mapserver Madness! (Four-One 2022 Invasion Event)

Mapserver Madness! (Four-One 2022 Invasion Event):

After GM_Bot went rogue last year and was subsequently suppressed by our capable server admins, we thought all was well!

...We thought wrong. 😱

Small bits of the unknown and mysterious code that suddenly gave rise to GM_Bot's sentience have escaped and begun proliferating itself! We've Read More