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City of Heroes: Victory

Unable to log into one Character


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Hello Support,

I have 2 characters on my account that are exhibiting issues.

The Primary Character Level 40 is unable to login, the Screen just freezes up until it times out and then makes me log back in.

Then back to the lockup, over and over again.


The 2nd character, was the Evil Character level 24,

I re-speced this character to have Super Jump Instead of Super Speed.

Now when I log in, he only has Super Jump but no Combat Jump I can place to toggle.

It shows it as a Power but I cannot see or use it.


Any Ideas?



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I'd suggest opening a support ticket @ https://cityofheroes.dev/forums/support/  This forum is more for players helping players.  I'm going to need more info for the stuck character so when you open the ticket please include the character name, and the zone that it's in.


For the 2nd issue, I'd verify that you actually have Combat Jumping as a selected power, you can get Super Jump without selecting Combat Jumping.  When you look at the power list window it will show all of the powers in the pool, but only ones actually owned by the character can be added to your bar.

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