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City of Heroes: Victory

Patch Notes for January 4th, 2022


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  • Thermal Defenders have been hard at work melting the snow in Atlas Park.
  • Super Packs no longer drop Experience Boosters instead of Experienced.




  • Fixed bartap LOD at distance that has been broken for a long time
  • Fixed bartaps being sunk too low on maps and supergroup bases.
    • This fix is transparent to anyone who left the bartaps alone in their bases. If you moved or added any after the page3 release, you will unfortunately have to re-position them again. We do apologize for this issue.




  • Fixed missing visual FX for the Holiday Event version of the Snowball temporary power.




  • Fixed issues with em ddcoffee, em ddcoffee2 emote visuals on male and huge
  • em ddcoffee, em ddcoffee2 now properly require the same badge as the donuts
  • Females should no longer attempt to douse their foreheads with enriche
  • A house fell on the Sand Witch and she will no longer be turning sandwiches invisible


Quick Chat Emote Menu


  • Emotes which were unlocked but still displaying as locked on the quick chat menu have been enabled:
    • em bringit
    • em pushup
    • em snowflakes (em throwsnowflakes)
    • em growl
    • em boast ("Show Off")
    • em opengift
    • em collapse
    • em swoon
    • em propose
    • em throwrice
    • em throwconfetti
    • em throwrosepetals
    • em hiss
    • em sniff
    • em savage
    • em offergift
    • em receivegift
    • em throwsnowflakes (alias of em snowflakes, keeping it in the Holiday menu as well for consistency)
    • em fireworkrocket
    • em fireworkbloom
    • em fireworksparkle
    • em inspiration
    • em hottemper
    • em trainwhistle
    • em protestloyalist (internally unlocked)
    • em protestresistance (internally ulocked)
    • em praetoriansalute (internally unlocked)
    • em drinkenriche (internally unlocked)
    • em powerup
    • em powerdown
    • em calculate
    • em mixforumla
    • em pool
    • em soccer
    • em basketball
    • em catchbreath
    • em cardtrick
    • em juggle
    • em jugglemagic
    • em jugglefire
    • em juggleelectricity
    • em stancehero1
    • em stancehero2
    • em stancevillain1
    • em stancevillain2
    • em heroloyal
    • em vigilanteloyal
    • em villainloyal
    • em rogueloyal
  • Some emotes which were intentionally locked have now been unlocked:
    • em ghoulflex (previously required participation on the Resistance side of "The Great Escape" Zone Event in Neutropolis)
    • em tantrum (previously required participation on the Praetorian Police side of "The Great Escape" Zone Event in Neutropolis)
    • em listenstolenpoliceband
  • Some emotes which were intentionally locked have had their unlock requirements changed:
    • em matablet now only requires the "Thrill Seeker" badge, instead of the previous "Mission Engineer" badge. The "Architect Comlink" power still requires the "Mission Engineer" badge and is not affected by this change.
  • Some emotes which are extra flare versions of existing emotes remain locked behind simple rewards and will remain locked:
    • High Roller
    • Tablet Write
    • Drenched Donuts

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