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City of Heroes: Victory

Patch Notes for April 29th, 2021


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New Prestige Powers

  • OnlyAffectSelf.png.58f9796877712b9b9a363e9094f5fc30.png Only Affect Self
    • Activating this power prevents you from attacking foes or aiding allies - all powers will only affect yourself
    • If you are attacked, this power will suppress, allowing you to fight back
  • Disable_All.png.8c716acc1a4ff27a88690a0dd3bd366a.png Disable All Powers
    • Activating this power will stop all your powers and set bonuses from working
  • Both of these powers can be acquired from the P2W vendor in the Prestige Utility category for zero cost

Travel Power Descriptions

  • All pool travel powers, prestige travel powers, Kheldian travel powers and sprints have had their descriptions updated to clarify the new stacking and suppression rules

Flight / Peacebringer

  • Flight_EvasiveManeuvers.png.e8a448c6e4bd9ee94450dff84b76faab.png Evasive Maneuvers and LuminousAura_LightofReason.png.be20fa0ec0a4353d8eb64035796846ea.png Quantum Maneuvers
    • Defence will no longer suppress upon activating any power
      • Defence will now suppress on all attacks, including pseudopet attacks, and will still suppress when buffing an ally, commanding a pet or clicking a mission objective
  • Flight_GroupFly.png.ddb9e9d14c2076bd52a110301f83d675.png Group Fly
    • This power should now acknowledge the owner having the Disallow Group Fly option from Null the Gull enabled


  • Invisibility_Stealth.png.2486cdaff867e131e33de6dc409b97ab.png Stealth
    • The stealth component is no longer split into two different effects with different rules
      • All stealth now only suppresses after attacking, being hit or clicking a mission objective
    • -Threat will now suppress after attacking, being hit or clicking a mission objective
    • Defence will no longer suppress upon activating any power
      • Defence will now suppress on all attacks, including pseudopet attacks, and will still suppress when buffing an ally, commanding a pet or clicking a mission objective


  • Respec Recipes can no longer be sold to vendors

Power Tray Locking

  • Add the ability to lock tray numbers, which removes the little arrows from power trays (both regular and floating)
    • Trays can still be changed using commands, binds, and macros
  • This option can be adjusted with /optionset LockTrayNumbers 1 or 0, or it can be found in the Windows tab of the options menu
  • Right-clicking on a power tray (both regular and floating) now includes "Lock Tray Numbers" and "Lock Powers in Trays" shortcuts

Options Menu

  • Added a new "Powers" heading in the Windows tab
    • Moved "Power Recharge Indicators" here, along with the new Lock Powers option
  • Moved "Chat Timestamps" and "Chat Timestamps Colors" under the Chat heading

Sprint / Run / Jump Invention Sets

  • Added a new IO set category: Sprints
    • Both existing Running sets (Celerity, Quickfoot) are now also in the Sprints category, and are listed as "Running & Sprints"
    • Both existing Leaping sets (Unbounded Leap, Springfoot) are now also in the Sprints category, and are listed as "Leaping & Sprints"
  • Sprint powers now only accept Sprint sets, not Running or Leaping sets
  • All other Running and Leaping powers are unaffected, and enhancement conversion only respects the original Running and Leaping categories
  • TL;DR: This has no impact on existing slotting, builds or conversion, we've made this change in order to be able to introduce new Running and Leaping sets in the future without having to balance around them being slotted in Sprint

Freaklok Arcs

  • Adjusted Salamander and Grey Matter's "Hail Mary" powers (in Agent Watkins' Rusty Rivet mission)
    • Endurance cost and recharge times on them have been reduced, making them more dangerous

Bug Fixes

  • Henchmen flying at a distance from their owner (due to the new Group Fly changes) will no longer ignore the laws of physics and teleport around the map
  • Henchmen in the air can now be pushed out of the way just like henchmen on the ground
  • Fixed Arachnos Soldier and Arachnos Widow having pstring descriptions during character creation
  • Fixed accidental change to Vahzilok Cadaver resistances
  • Fixed missing "&" in many references to the "Time & Space Manipulation" IO set
  • Fixed Rikti awarding Vanguard Merits in Architect Entertainment
  • Fixed some Giant Monsters awarding badge credit in Architect Entertainment
  • Fixed an exploit which allowed Peacebringers to earn unlimited XP by abandoning two specific missions
  • Fixed Long Range Teleporter sometimes not being purchasable from the P2W vendor after a server transfer

Powers Bug Fixes

  • Pool > Speed > Super Speed: Fixed this power sometimes preventing you from picking new powers when levelling up
  • Pool > Teleportation > Teleport (+Shadow Step): Fixed these powers occasionally failing to activate if you had a non-combat NPC targeted
  • Pool > Flight > Afterburner: Fixed the color palette on the Minimal FX theme for this power
  • Pool > Leaping > Super Jump: Now correctly refers to Double Jump instead of High Jump
  • Pool > Sorcery > Spirit Ward: Fixed sound effect repeating too much
  • Inherent > Rest: You can no longer walk very slowly while resting with a weapon drawn
  • Inherent > Stance > Slide: This stance will no longer interrupt flight stances
  • Prestige Utility > Reveal: Fixed this power not being usable in PvP zones
  • Temporary Powers: Fixed several Halloween costume powers still being mutually exclusive with stealth powers
  • Trick Arrow > EMP Arrow: Fixed an issue where the EMP Field left by this power would be colored white when picking No Redraw theme, instead of matching the other fx in the power
  • Sonic Resonance > Disruption Field: Fixed this power being erroneously flagged to alert enemies
  • Sentinel > Mace Mastery > Coordinated Targeting: Fixed missing icon
  • Controller > Darkness Affinity > Fade: Fixed this power causing characters to constantly flicker
  • Controller > Illusion > Spectral Terror: ToHit debuff enhancements should now work in this power
  • Stalker > Dual Blades > Ablating Strike: Fixed a bug where this power would not apply AoE knockdown on combo completion
  • Stalker > Dual Blades > Sweeping Strike: PvP Hide Crit changed from 100% to 50%
  • Stalker > Ice Melee > Ice Sword: Fixed minor scale discrepancy in PvP hidden crit (scale changed from 1.5713 to 1.571)
  • Stalker > Ninja Blade > Flashing Steel: PvP non-hide crit increased from 5% to 20%
  • Stalker > Ninja Blade > Dragonfly: PvP non-hide crit increased from 5% to 20%
  • Stalker > Spines > Spine Burst: PvP hide crit decreased from 100% to 50%
  • Stalker > Spines > Ripper: PvP hide crit decreased from 100% to 50%
  • Stalker > Spines > Throw Spines: PvP hide crit decreased from 100% to 50%
  • Stalker > Street Justice > Spinning Strike: PvE crit scale increased from scale 1.5368 to 1.54
  • Stalker > Electrical Melee > Jacobs Ladder: PvP Hide Crit changed from 100% to 50%
  • Stalker > Electrical Melee > Thunder Strike: (Splash Damage only) PvP Non-Hide/Held/Slept Crit changed from 10% to 20%
  • Stalker > Fiery Melee > Breath of Fire: PvP Hide Crit changed from 100% to 50%
  • Stalker > Fiery Melee > Fire Sword Circle: PvP Hide Crit changed from 100% to 50%
  • Stalker > Savage Melee > Shred: PvP Hide Crit changed from 100% to 50%


  • Essence Transfer Proc:
    • Now works the same as the Stalker's Assassin's Mark proc (must use the power it's slotted in once to grant the global enhancement, but now it will persist instead of expiring after 10s)
    • The Heal no longer scales by enemy combat level
  • Several enhancements were granting less of an increase than they should
    • Specifically, the endurance reduction portion of some non-superior sets was too low (scale 0.5 instead of scale 0.625) and all three parts of the superior ones were slightly too low (0.6162 or 0.6167 instead of 0.625)
    • Full list of impacted enhancements:

Avalanche: Damage/Endurance
Command of the Mastermind: Damage/Endurance
Frozen Blast: Damage/Endurance
Superior Avalanche: Accuracy/Damage/Endurance
Superior Blistering Cold: Accuracy/Damage/Recharge
Superior Blistering Cold: Accuracy/Damage/Endurance
Superior Entomb: Accuracy/Hold Duration/Endurance
Superior Frozen Blast: Accuracy/Damage/Recharge
Superior Frozen Blast: Accuracy/Damage/Endurance
Superior Ascendency of the Dominator: Accuracy/Control Duration/Endurance
Superior Assassin's Mark: Accuracy/Damage/Recharge (Stalker)
Superior Assassin's Mark: Damage/Endurance/Recharge (Stalker)
Superior Brute's Fury: Accuracy/Damage/Recharge
Superior Brute's Fury: Damage/Endurance/Recharge
Superior Critical Strikes: Accuracy/Damage/Recharge (Scrapper)
Superior Critical Strikes: Damage/Endurance/Recharge (Scrapper)
Superior Dominating Grasp: Accuracy/Control Duration/Endurance (Dominator)
Superior Dominion of Arachnos: Accuracy/Damage/Recharge
Superior Dominion of Arachnos: Damage/Endurance/Recharge
Superior Essence Transfer: Accuracy/Damage/Recharge (Kheldian)
Superior Essence Transfer: Damage/Endurance/Recharge (Kheldian)
Superior Gauntleted Fist: Accuracy/Damage/Recharge (Tanker)
Superior Gauntleted Fist: Damage/Endurance/Recharge (Tanker)
Superior Kheldian's Grace: Accuracy/Damage/Recharge
Superior Kheldian's Grace: Damage/Endurance/Recharge
Superior Malice of the Corruptor: Accuracy/Damage/Recharge
Superior Malice of the Corruptor: Damage/Endurance/Recharge
Superior Might of the Tanker: Accuracy/Damage/Recharge
Superior Might of the Tanker: Damage/Endurance/Recharge
Superior Overpowering Presence: Accuracy/Control Duration/Endurance (Controller)
Superior Scourging Blast: Accuracy/Damage/Recharge (Corruptor)
Superior Scourging Blast: Damage/Endurance/Recharge (Corruptor)
Superior Scrapper's Strike: Accuracy/Damage/Recharge
Superior Scrapper's Strike: Damage/Endurance/Recharge
Superior Spider's Bite: Accuracy/Damage/Recharge (Soldier of Arachnos)
Superior Spider's Bite: Damage/Endurance/Recharge (Soldier of Arachnos)
Superior Stalker's Guile: Accuracy/Damage/Recharge
Superior Stalker's Guile: Damage/Endurance/Recharge
Superior Unrelenting Fury: Accuracy/Damage/Recharge (Brute)
Superior Unrelenting Fury: Damage/Endurance/Recharge (Brute)
Superior Will of the Controller: Accuracy/Control Duration/Endurance
Superior Winter's Bite: Accuracy/Damage/Recharge
Superior Winter's Bite: Accuracy/Damage/Endurance
Superior Command of the Mastermind: Accuracy/Damage/Recharge
Superior Command of the Mastermind: Damage/Endurance/Recharge
Superior Defender's Bastion: Damage/Endurance/Recharge
Superior Defender's Bastion: Accuracy/Damage/Endurance
Superior Vigilant Assault: Damage/Endurance/Recharge (Defender)
Superior Vigilant Assault: Accuracy/Damage/Endurance (Defender)



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