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Patch Notes: Issue 27, Page 2

Tour Guide Missions

Issue 27, Page 2 introduces a brand new type of mission: Tour Guide Missions. These are special tip missions which drop when street sweeping in most zones, and will direct you to any exploration badges that you haven't yet earned in that zone. This is especially helpful for unlocking Long Range Teleporter destinations without needing to rely on VidiotMaps.


Detailed Info

  • Enemies in most zones now have a small chance to drop a Tour Guide Mission Tip
    • The tips will only drop when street sweeping, by defeating enemies out on the streets (critters spawned through other means will not count)
    • The tips will drop regardless of your level - grey conned mobs will still drop tips - however, the tip drop rate increases based on the rank of the enemy you're fighting (ie: bosses are more likely to drop tips)
    • Tour Guide Missions are classed as Tips, and will show up in the Tips tab of the Contacts window
    • You can only hold one tip per zone at a time, but can carry a total of three
  • Investigating this tip will direct you to one of the exploration badges in that zone
    • Once accepted, these missions cannot be abandoned, autocompleted, or team completed - you must visit the badge location, which will auto-complete the mission
    • If you earn the exploration badge for a specific tip before investigating it, it will point you towards a different exploration badge in that zone
    • If you earn the exploration accolade before investigating the tip, you will only be able to dismiss it
  • They do not grant any additional rewards beyond the badge
  • All zones which can be unlocked in the Long Range Teleporter have Tour Guide Missions set up (apart from Pocket D and Kallisti Wharf), which is a total of 288 missions!

Step 1: Go. Hunt. Kill Skuls.



Step 2: Acquire Tips.



Step 3: Collect Badges.



Travel Power Updates

This update brings a wide range of buffs for travel pools, a brand new travel power (as part of an update to the Concealment pool), and some mechanical improvements to how travel powers work. Check out this thread for a detailed breakdown of these changes and our goals for this update.


Travel Power Stacking

  • Almost all travel powers are no longer mutually exclusive and can be activated at the same time, but only the strongest buff of each type (run speed, jump speed, jump height, fly speed, air control) will apply
    • This ensures that every power you pick or activate will only ever improve your mobility
  • Some exceptions:
    • Click buffs (eg: Inertial Reduction), external buffs (eg: Speed Boost), and auto powers (eg: Swift) still stack as they did before
    • Prestige Run powers (Ninja Run, Beast Run, Athletic Run) are still mutually exclusive with each other
    • Temporary jetpacks are still mutually exclusive with each other
    • Sprint powers still stack with other run speed buffs and are still mutually exclusive with each other
    • Some Peacebringer flight powers and effects are mutually exclusive with their vanilla counterparts

Level Scaling

  • Travel powers no longer increase in strength as you level up, the previous level 50 values now apply at all levels
  • Travel speed caps no longer increase in strength as you level up, the previous level 50 values now apply at all levels

Inherent Fitness

  • All Inherent Fitness powers are now gained at level 1 rather than level 2

Travel Stances

  • Inherent_Stance.png.bff60c9e229a9535f3c9d586a1f53e24.png Inherent > Stance
    • Added Ninja, Beast and Slide Travel Power Only customization options
    • Selecting one of these options will cause the stance to only become active if any of the following powers are active:
      • SuperSpeed_SuperSpeed.png.c7b0740d9fa4bdf6622415eef245128d.png Super Speed
      • Experimentation_SpeedofSound.png.b0a70628ecee418730de416ea7fe7fd1.png Speed of Sound
      • Jump_LongJump.png.965618363ac8f16e7cc32209f5ee6b1c.png Super Jump
      • ForceofWill_MightyLeap.png.68958a297bf392684d4f96375d0e0a27.png Mighty Leap
      • Infiltration.png.b5c57bbeaf9ea728fcbbc5b151e63f44.png Infiltration

Concealment Pool

  • Concealment has been updated to include a new sneaky & versatile travel power: Infiltration
    • Concealment is now classed as a travel pool - the first 3 powers in the pool are available immediately instead of just the first 2
    • Invisibility and Stealth have been merged together, the best parts of both powers are now available with just Stealth
    • Infiltration now sits where Invisibility used to be in the T3 slot
  • Invisibility_Stealth.png.104f33f2f11bf3378ee0ba5b0fa04d5a.png Stealth
    • Stealth radius increased to match the numbers Invisibility had before this patch
      • PvE radius has increased from 36ft to 55ft
      • PvP radius has increased from 389ft to 611ft
    • Out of combat defense increased from 3.5% to 7%
      • The defense bonuses suppression in this power has been cleaned up, and will now suppress if the user attacks, heals or buffs an ally, commands a pet, is hit by a foe or the user attacks or interacts with a mission objective
      • In-combat defence is unchanged
    • Added a new 'Invisible' customization theme that makes the player barely visible when active
    • Should this power be called Invisibility or Stealth? Have your say here!
  • Infiltration.png.b5c57bbeaf9ea728fcbbc5b151e63f44.png Infiltration
    • Replaces Invisibility as Concealment's T3 power
      • If you previously had Invisibility, you will now have Infiltration
    • Grants a run and jump bonus similar to Ninja Run
    • Grants out-of-combat stealth
      • 36ft in PvE, 389ft in PvP (the same values as Stealth before this patch)
    • Grants 1.75% out of combat defense

Flight Pool

  • flight_combatflight.png.c5103d219b0511d0703390a1030c9f32.png Hover
    • Added new "No Pose" customization themes that allows you to remove the Hover stance
      • Note that the Hover stance has a higher priority than the default fly stance, meaning if Hover is active it will always apply even if other flight powers are also active, unless it's been disabled in power customisation
  • Flight_TravelFlight.png.74244b2f884386eb35f8ac9428278017.png Fly
    • Now increases your fly speed cap by 50% while toggled on (from 58.6mph to 87.9mph)
      • This increased cap is the equivalent of fully slotting the old version of Afterburner
      • This increased cap doesn't apply in PvP
    • Flight_Afterburner.png.9890bf9208f976be5c62e00f21c62b82.png Fly > Afterburner
      • Now built into Fly as a free secondary (server tray) power that doesn't require a power pick
        • If you already had Fly, you will now also have Afterburner for free
      • Now a timed toggle (30s duration, 60s cooldown) which increases your flight speed cap by a further 25% (to 102.27mph), and speeds you up significantly
      • No longer applies Only Affect Self or any other effects
        • Evasive Maneuvers has inherited most of Afterburner's old defensive effects
      • Added a Minimal FX customisation theme
      • Null the Gull will allow you to hide Afterburner's pop-up tray
  • image.png.a9de0837a33cf33379309a4bbfe9e4d0.png Group Fly
    • This power now applies to all pets regardless of their distance from the caster
    • No longer inaccurately claims it applies -Acc
  • Flight_EvasiveManeuvers.png.1e67b92f6c3529ffd38620fc25871fd4.png Evasive Maneuvers
    • Replaces the old version of Afterburner as Flight's tier 5 power
      • If you previously had Afterburner, you now have Evasive Maneuvers
      • Note that if you previously had Fly, the speed bonus previously given by Afterburner is built into Fly for free, and you'll get the new version of Afterburner as a free popup tray power
    • Evasive Maneuvers is a defensive toggle with moderate endurance cost (0.26/s), aimed at providing you with excellent airborne combat mobility
    • Provides the following effects whilst another Flight pool power (Fly, Hover or Group Fly) is also active:
      • -Fly and immobilize protection
      • Knockback resistance
      • Significant air control
      • Some unsuppressed flight speed (allowing you to fly much faster during combat)
    • Also provides the same level of defense as old Afterburner while out of combat, but this is removed while in combat
      • This bonus is suppressed for 10s when entering combat (the same as Stealth's out-of-combat defence)
      • The defense bonuses will suppress if the user attacks, heals or buffs an ally, commands a pet, or interacts with a mission objective

Sorcery Pool

  • SorceryPool_MysticFlight.png.3c6f2d0385535a1e3b309b5542f2c605.png Mystic Flight
    • Now increases your fly speed cap by 50% while toggled on (from 58.6mph to 87.9mph)
      • This increased cap doesn't apply in PvP
    • SorceryPool_Translocation.png.acd807b4b949c7684267c11fb7cda7bb.png Mystic Flight > Translocation
      • Range increased from 300ft to 350ft
      • Cast time reduced from 2.07s to 1.57s
      • Endurance cost reduced from 13 to 9.75
  • Note: The rest of Sorcery has received an overhaul, see the Sorcery Pool Updates thread for more details

Speed Pool

  • SuperSpeed_SuperSpeed.png.c7b0740d9fa4bdf6622415eef245128d.png Super Speed
    • Now increases your run speed cap by 30% while toggled on (from 92.5mph to 120.25mph)
      • This increased cap doesn't apply in PvP
    • Now has a new momentum leap mechanic
      • Running will build up momentum, allowing you to perform a single very high, very long jump after approximately 4 seconds of running
      • Jumping will cause you to expend your momentum - after landing, you'll need to remain grounded and running in order to perform another momentum jump
      • Super Speed's icon will gain a yellow ring when you are at maximum momentum
    • SuperSpeed_SpeedPhase.png.be2bac846fa85fc6ccc538976819a9c0.png Super Speed > Speed Phase
      • New free secondary (server tray) power that doesn't require a power pick
      • Toggle, moderate endurance cost
      • Removes collision with characters (ie: phase shift without being untargetable), and sets you to Only Affect Self
        • This allows you to pass through enemies, allies, civilians, cars, and even the Atlas Park blimp!
        • The effects of this power (including the OAS component) will suppress if you are attacked or damaged by an enemy
        • Note: as this power doesn't actually make you intangible, it doesn't trigger (and isn't affected by) the No Phase timer
      • Null the Gull will allow you to hide Speed Phase's pop-up tray

Experimentation Pool

  • Experimentation_SpeedofSound.png.b0a70628ecee418730de416ea7fe7fd1.png Speed of Sound
    • Now increases your run speed cap by 30% while toggled on (from 92.5mph to 120.25mph)
      • This increased cap doesn't apply in PvP

Leaping Pool

  • Jump_LongJump.png.965618363ac8f16e7cc32209f5ee6b1c.png Super Jump
    • Now increases your jump speed cap by 30% while toggled on (from 78.2mph to 101.8mph)
      • This increased cap doesn't apply in PvP
    • Jump_HighJump.png.864db247afae2249525adce6d03d45ea.png Super Jump > Double Jump
      • New free secondary (server tray) power that doesn't require a power pick
      • Timed toggle, 30 second duration (10s in PvP), 30 second cooldown shared with Jump Pack and Steam Jump
      • Allows you to jump to an unlimited height and jump again mid-air
      • Null the Gull will allow you to hide Double Jump's pop-up tray

Force of Will Pool

  • ForceofWill_MightyLeap.png.68958a297bf392684d4f96375d0e0a27.png Mighty Leap
    • Now increases your jump speed cap by 30% while toggled on (from 78.2mph to 101.8mph)
      • This increased cap doesn't apply in PvP
    • ForceofWill_Stomp.png.d2ed9aec030afaa6250005e989685a11.png Mighty Leap > Takeoff
      • Now increases jump speed cap by a further 10% (to 110.39mph) and boosts Mighty Leap to put you at the jump speed cap for 30 seconds
        • Previously this bonus was just under 20%, but it now stacks with the 30% bonus from Mighty Leap

Teleportation Pool

  • Teleportation_RecallTeleport1.png.e272eacb06c73f3f512fc27ef8e5249b.png Teleport Target
    • The following changes have been made when teleporting allies only (the teleport foe component remains unchanged);
      • Removed the 4s interrupt window, significantly speeding up the activation time
      • Increased the recharge by 4s
      • These two changes combined result in the total time between teleports being the same if you have no recharge buffs or enhancements - but it will much faster if you slot for (or are buffed for) recharge
  • Teleportation_Teleport.png.819d87e01d817f62694b6effd01c3432.png Teleport
    • Base range increased from 300ft to 350ft
      • Enhanced range (2x level 50 IOs) increased from 449.1ft to 523.95ft
    • The post-teleport hover buff has been adjusted
      • Now lasts up to 15s, rather than 6s
      • The hover buff will cancel if you move, interact with an objective, attack a foe or are attacked by a foe
      • Teleport's endurance cost is reduced by 50% while this hover buff is active, allowing you to use much less endurance when chaining teleports over long distances
    • Activation time reduced from 2s to 1.5s
    • The actual teleport now happens at 1.0s into the activation, rather than 1.97s into the activation
      • This allows you slightly more time to select the location of your next teleport
    • Location targeting has also received some improvements which also affect Teleport, see "Teleportation Targeting & /powexec_location" in the Miscellaneous section 


  • LuminousAura_EnergyFlight.png.06c44a7fdf90d09bbae9a2f58c4a9e20.png Energy Flight
    • Mirrored all i27, Page 2 changes for Fly
    • LuminousAura_QuantumAcceleration.png.96fe5f080b80b97c990322349e8598c9.png Energy Flight > Quantum Acceleration
      • Now built into Energy Flight as a free secondary (server tray) power that doesn't require a power pick
      • Mirrored all i27, Page 2 changes for Afterburner
      • Note that Quantum Acceleration shares a cooldown with Afterburner
  • luminousaura_combatflight.png.1cf20a89c41e963c5c82985e76213acf.png Combat Flight
    • Combat Flight's defensive buff is mutually exclusive with Hover's defensive buff
  • LuminousAura_QuantumFlight.png.69092a8f895bb83c5ae1c9dc0689d753.png Quantum Flight
    • Endurance cost reduced from 2.6/s to 0.65/s
    • This puts the endurance cost in line with Phase Shift
  • LuminousAura_LightofReason.png.3981d029c6e5431eb1c6d6c2e50345e9.png Quantum Maneuvers
    • Replaces Quantum Acceleration as a picked power
      • If you previously had Quantum Acceleration, you now have Quantum Maneuvers
      • Note that you will also still have Quantum Acceleration as it's now built into Energy Flight
    • Mechanically identical to Evasive Maneuvers, but prettier
    • Note that Quantum Maneuvers cannot be active at the same time as Evasive Maneuvers
  • luminousaura_teleportself.png.a339940e4f6082239e774679ead5d7ae.png White Dwarf Step
    • The post-teleport Hover buff can now be cancelled by moving


  • umbralaura_shadowrecall.png.b3b743e06e3bcd26969d48eb21c106a1.png Shadow Recall
    • Mirrored all i27, Page 2 changes for Teleport Target
  • UmbralAura_TeleportSelf.png.c57485a971688f67d6903d312cea2ef8.png Shadow Step
    • Mirrored all i27, Page 2 changes for Teleport apart from the animation time adjustment
      • Shadow Step already has a 1.67s activation time
  • UmbralAura_NebulousForm.png.138d577b99fe354891093fc6f60ef97c.png Nebulous Form
    • Endurance cost reduced from 2.6/s to 0.65/s
    • This puts the endurance cost in line with Phase Shift
  • UmbralAura_TeleportSelf.png.c57485a971688f67d6903d312cea2ef8.png Black Dwarf Step
    • The post-teleport Hover buff can now be cancelled by moving

Prestige & Temporary Powers

  • Inherent_NinjaRun.png.1e5da8a40f3a6968a733d32dd0ddbcad.png Ninja Run + Inherent_BeastRun.png.3145e09edb391b7a7a018386b1fc0b3b.png Beast Run + Inherent_AthleticRun.png.21dd485cd3d8e51152ae33a4c1a86489.png Athletic Run + temporary_mayhem_selfflight.png.4b3bb802b2c42437cbbb12a087fe9131.png Temporary Jetpacks
    • All travel speeds remain unchanged
    • Normalized endurance costs to 0.57/s (slightly higher than Fly at 0.46/s)
      • These weren't consistent before - most were lower, some were higher
      • The PvP jetpack has not been modified and still has a 2.0/s endurance cost
    • These powers no longer benefit from global endurance discounts
  • temporary_antigravitymatrix.png.4540d057c761ff3bf1a7d3ccc39da0af.png Rocket Board + temporary_antigravitymatrix.png.4540d057c761ff3bf1a7d3ccc39da0af.png Magic Carpet + temporary_antigravitymatrix.png.4540d057c761ff3bf1a7d3ccc39da0af.png Void Skiff 
    • No longer disables all other powers
    • Now applies Only Affecting Self
    • Fly speed reduced to match unslotted Fly
      • Previously you couldn't use anything (even Swift) to increase your fly speed using these powers, so they had a slightly increased speed by default
      • This is no longer the case, you can now stack them with other flight powers to fly at high speeds in style!
    • Can no longer be used in the Arena
  • inherent_panther.png.fef7e49db313da95fcc9cd1d33080a3b.png Panther Travel Power
    • Jump height and speed increased to match Coyote Travel Power

More information can be found in the Travel Power Updates thread, please use that thread to discuss these changes


Pool Powerset Update: Sorcery

Issue 27, page 2 is bringing an overhaul to the Sorcery pool, aimed at making the pool more viable for the widest majority of builds without causing it to be too strong for high-end builds. Check out this thread for a detailed breakdown of these changes and our goals for this update.

  • sorcerypool_spiritward.png.29314783d01256c5f9fcf5831e7e71bc.png Spirit Ward
    • This power is now a toggle which can be maintained on an allied target
      • 0.39/s endurance cost
    • Now provides a continually refreshing absorb shield for as long as the toggle is maintained
      • Each tick of the absorb shield lasts for 20s, meaning it will take 20s to max out or fully refresh the shield
    • The initial cast provides a burst of absorb shield
      • This initial burst is the equivalent of a 10s of the refreshing absorb shield
    • The strength of the Absorb shield now scales based on the caster's AT, rather than the target's health
      • ie: Defenders will apply a stronger shield (this is how all other ally buffs and heals work)
    • Cooldown reduced from 60s to 15s
  • sorcerypool_arcanebolt.png.f5320592c9f15bc9728afab0fe3ffaa1.png Arcane Bolt
    • Cast time reduced from 2.07s to 1.73s
      • PvE damage unchanged, PvP damage updated according to the standard formula
    • If you own Arcane Bolt, any power or inspiration you use has a small chance to grant you an Arcane Power buff
      • Arcane Power will immediately recharge Arcane Bolt and cause it to deal double damage
      • Landing Arcane Bolt will consume Arcane Power (missing will not consume it)
      • Arcane Power will dissipate after 15 seconds if it hasn't been used
      • Arcane Power's visual effect can be customised at the tailor
    • Note: This mechanic is disabled in PvP
  • SorceryPool_MysticFlight.png.3c6f2d0385535a1e3b309b5542f2c605.png Mystic Flight
    • Now increases your fly speed cap by 50% while toggled on (from 58.6mph to 87.9mph)
      • See the "Travel Power Updates" section above for more information on this speed cap increase
      • This increased cap doesn't apply in PvP
    • SorceryPool_Translocation.png.acd807b4b949c7684267c11fb7cda7bb.png Mystic Flight > Translocation
      • Range increased from 300ft to 350ft
      • Cast time reduced from 2.07s to 1.57s
      • Endurance cost reduced from 13 to 9.75
  • sorcerypool_enflame.png.b13064792d0e5c7d974c2daed1d1bb04.png Enflame
    • This power is now a timed toggle with a max duration of 60s
      • 0.52/s endurance cost
    • Cooldown reduced from 90s to 10s
    • Can now be used on targets in the air
    • The patch no longer causes enemies to run out of the area, but they may still flee if they feel harassed
    • VFX increased in size to more accurately reflect the full area of effect
    • Fixed dark and light customization options not spawning any VFX at all
    • Fixed numerous bugs which resulted in this power not benefiting from enhancements and procs
      • Procs are triggered by the toggle in a radius around the target, rather than by the patches left on the ground
  • sorcerypool_runeofprotection.png.d31667d01d7dbf6687a2cf3a42e73644.png Rune of Protection
    • Duration reduced from 90s to 60s
    • Cooldown reduced from 600s to 180s
    • Now ignores all recharge buffs, enhancements, and debuffs
      • No longer accepts recharge enhancements
    • Buff now applies immediately when the power begins activating, instead of 1s~ into the animation
    • Now grants damage resistance even if you use it whilst mezzed (previously only the mez protection component would be applied)
    • Fixed an issue which prevented the continuing VFX from playing

More information can be found in the Sorcery Pool Updates thread, please use that thread to discuss these changes


Powers Changes

Power Animation & Rooting Update

  • Power animation time and rooting time have been decoupled - meaning that powers now decide how long they should root the character for, not the animation
    • This greatly increases our flexibility in making adjustments to power timing, animations, and rooting, and also fixes various issues surrounding animation cancelling
  • The following powers will now never root during their activation:
    • Ally-targeting abilities that do not hit enemies (eg: Healing Aura, but not Twilight Grasp)
    • Self-only abilities that do not hit enemies (eg: Build Up, but not Soul Drain)
    • Scaling auras which do not damage enemies (eg: Invincibility, Beta Decay)
  • The following powers will still root during their activation (and will do so more reliably):
    • Any power that applies any kind of effect to enemies (this includes attacks as well as damage auras), apart from those mentioned above
    • All powers that summon other entities
    • All interruptible powers (snipes/assassinations/etc) will now root for their uninterruptible window
  • Weapon redraw should no longer cancel attack animations
  • In addition, many powers with excessively long cast times have been sped up (listed below)

 Stalker Crit Consistency Pass

  • All Stalker Critical Hits should follow these rules (many powers had wrong chances and/or missing/incorrect crit effects):
    • Single Target: 100% chance from Hide
    • AoE: 50% chance from Hide
    • PvE: 7% chance from non-Hide (before Team Size buffs)
    • PvP: 20% chance from non-Hide (when target is Held/Slept)

Detailed list of changes:

  • Broad Sword
    • Slice:
      • PvE Damage increased from 1.23 scale to 1.2346 scale
      • PvP Damage increased from 1.4133 scale to 1.596 scale
      • Fixed PvP non-hide critical from 5% to 20%
    • Disembowel: PvP Damage increased from 2.0599 scale to 2.06 scale (you’re welcome)
    • Headsplitter: PvP Damage increased from 2.5909 scale to 2.591 scale (seriously, you’re welcome)
  • Claws
    • Eviscerate: PvP Damage increased from 2.3856 scale to 2.3857 scale (seriously, all these PvP buffs are getting out of hand)
  • Dark Melee
    • Shadow Maul: PvP crit chance lowered from 100% to 50%
  • Dual Blades
    • Ablating Strike: PvP crit chance against held/slept reduced from 100% to 20%
  • Fiery Melee
    • Scorch: PvP scale from 0.974 to 0.9897
    • Cremate: PvP scale from 1.0974 to 1.1151
    • Assassin’s Blaze (fast): PvP scale from 1.4901 to 2.169
    • Breath of Fire: PvP scale from 0.9267 to 1.9383
    • Fire Sword Circle: PvP scale from 0.8768 to 0.6138
    • Greater Fire Sword: PvP scale from 2.5254 to 2.551 (combined)
  • Ice Melee
    • Ice Sword: Crit damage for pvp non-hide reduced from scale 1.5713 to 1.571
    • Assassin's Ice Sword (slow): Crit damage was not flagged as unresisted, this has been fixed
    • Frost: Added missing 20% held/slept crit chance, scale 0.4002 to 0.2875 per tick for DoT (scale 2.4004 to 1.7251 crit)
    • Frozen Aura: Added missing 20% held/slept crit chance, scale from 1.526 to 1.068
    • Freezing Touch: PvP scale from 1.7399 to 1.74
  • Martial Arts
    • Cobra Strike:
      • Added PvP-specific entry for base damage
      • Added missing hidden crit, scale 1.9321 to 1.969
  • Psionic Melee
    • Mental Strike: Added PvP-specific entry for Insight damage
    • Psi Blade: Added PvP-specific entry for Insight damage
    • Telekinetic Blow: Added PvP-specific entry for Insight damage, scale 2.3853 to 1.789
    • Greater Psi Blade: Scale 3.6666 to 2.75, insight scale 1.8333 to 1.3414
    • Mass Levitate: Added PvP-specific entry for Insight damage, scale 1.5733 to 1.18
  • Radiation Melee
    • Contaminated Strike: Crit scale 1.468 to 1.101
    • Radioactive Smash: Crit scale 2.4645 to 1.73
    • Proton Sweep:
      • Base ticks scale 0.5489 to 0.3847
      • Crit scale 2.1958 to 1.5389
    • Radiation Siphon: Crit scale 3.1479 to 2.361
    • Devastating Blow: Crit scale 3.9319 to 2.949
    • Atom Smasher: Scale 1.7765 to 1.3324
  • Staff Fighting
    • Guarded Spin:
      • PvE scale from 0.2317 to 0.2417 for each DoT tick
      • PvE crit damage scale from 1.39 to 1.2085
      • PvP scale 0.2458 to 0.2949 for each DoT tick, crit scale 2.0 to 1.4746
    • Eye of the Storm:
      • PvP scale from 0.2467 to 0.1919 for each DoT tick
      • PvP crit scale from 1.4804 to 1.1516
    • Sky Splitter: PvP held/slept crit damage scale 1.4905 to 2.9809
  • Street Justice
    • Spinning Strike: PvE crit scale from 1.54 to 1.5368


Mastermind Summons & Henchmen Buffs

  • Mastermind Henchmen Summons have had their recharge times reduced:
    • T1 Henchmen: reduced from 60s to 5s (25s in PvP)
    • T2 Henchmen: reduced from 90s to 10s (35s in PvP)
    • T3 Henchmen: reduced from 120s to 15s (50s in PvP)
  • These summon powers are no longer affected by recharge buffs or debuffs
  • Mastermind Henchmen Summons have had their endurance costs reduced:
    • T1 Henchmen: reduced from 19.5 end to 5.46 end
    • T2 Henchmen: reduced from 19.5 end to 9.62 end
    • T3 Henchmen: reduced from 19.5 end to 13.18 end
  • Henchmen upgrade end costs have been reduced from 22.75 to 11.375
  • Note: This were some quick low hanging changes to help Masterminds out a bit, we are currently investigating further improvements to Masterminds for the future


  • Inspiration Eden Trial.png Ambrosia
    • This inspiration now applies to the caster and all henchmen (MM pets)
    • The buff will also apply to newly summoned (or resummoned henchmen) until it expires
  • Inspiration Hambrosia.png Essence of the Earth
    • This inspiration now applies to the caster and all henchmen (MM pets)
    • The buff will also apply to newly summoned (or resummoned henchmen) until it expires

Demon Summoning

  • demonsummoning_summondemonlings.png.f71ca72a400979be9e3ea8870044f5d9.png Summon Demonlings
    • Cast time reduced from 4s to 2s
  • demonsummoning_summondemons.png.9362c4f303d9e49fe947d5fb4bcbd90e.png Summon Demons
    • Cast time reduced from 4s to 2s
  • demonsummoning_hellonearth.png.558258f41734346ba8ca48cc5a2fe882.png Hell on Earth
    • Cast time reduced from 4.03s to 2.03s
  • demonsummoning_summondemonprince.png.a857a4902767382a0370902a012def9e.png Summon Demon Prince
    • Cast time reduced from 4s to 2s

Assault Rifle & Mercenaries

  • assaultweapons_arflamethrowerignite.png.bf7e504ddb51ca9dee9d12907d04d06b.png Ignite (All Versions)
    • Cast Time reduced from 4s to 2s
  • assaultweapons_arfullauto.png.9bd6bfd1e0321ffa8f4327fff2e9f217.png Full Auto (All Versions, including Henchmen)
    • Cast Time reduced from 4s (or 6s) to 2.5s (Mercenary Commando actually took a whopping 6s before!)

Stone Armor

  • stonearmor_rooted.png.e64089c2e4e06f3bb7da33b894d96877.png Rooted
    • Now only applies movement debuffs while Granite Armor is also active
    • No longer suppresses travel powers
    • VFX has been toned down slightly as it no longer represents you being glued to the ground
  • stonearmor_granite.png.1d6a764346c943d9045fe741b1f20792.png Granite Armor
    • This power now disables all Flying, Running and Jumping toggle powers


  • ninjitsu_hide.png.3ca91307a94962420217e5ea61c94c6f.png Scrapper > Shinobi-Iri
    • This power no longer grants movement buffs (as they would be absorbed into the new stacking mechanics)
      • This power no longer accepts Jump, Run and Universal Travel enhancements
      • The buff has been toned down and moved to Kuji-In Rin
    • Stealth crit mechanic has been significantly improved
      • Now kicks in after 8s of no combat, rather than 20s
        • This allows the bonus to be used every encounter without requiring you to stop for 20s
      • Stealth crit chance for single target attacks is now 65%
      • Stealth crit chance for AoE attacks is now 30%
    • Power icon updated
  • ninjitsu_hide.png.3ca91307a94962420217e5ea61c94c6f.png Sentinel > Shinobi-Iri
    • This power no longer grants movement buffs (as they would be absorbed into the new stacking mechanics)
      • This power no longer accepts Jump, Run and Universal Travel enhancements
      • The buff has been toned down and moved to Kuji-In Rin
    • Stealth damage buff has been doubled from +20% to +40%
    • Power icon updated
  • ninjitsu_kujinrin.png.37c97bf48ae1e62672955c030c3d663c.png Scrapper | Sentinel | Stalker > Kuji-In Rin
    • This power now grants a small run speed and jumping buff (and as a click power, this will stack with all other movement buffs)
      • This power now accepts Jump, Run and Universal Travel enhancements
    • This power now accepts damage resistance sets (which will improve the psionic resistance component)

Dual Pistols

  • dualpistols_hailofbullets.png.88221954dfce83492d8991008b3f15e9.png Hail of Bullets (All Versions)

    • Cast time reduced from 4.17s to 2.47s

    • Adjusted Hail of Bullets animation

  • The text description for Dual Pistols powers have been updated for readability, if no issues are found with these descriptions, other powers will follow similar formatting

Other Powers Changes

  •  powerblast_sniperblast.png.5bbde28b705203b60723f5ac78ca93a8.png Snipe Powers
    • Fast (in-combat) snipes have had their ranges normalized to 80ft (and 100ft for Psi)
      • Slow snipes are unaffected and retain their increased range
  • invisibility_phaseshift.png.a95b186b87f5329bee945c53a6b295ff.png Phase Powers
    • The No Phase suppression window for all powers (PvE and PvP) has been reduced from 2 minutes to 90 seconds
  • inherent_rest.png.3867c43e1caeae5c58d4fe5a847a48d7.png Inherent > Rest
    • No longer has a recharge, making it easier to use at low levels
    • No longer accepts recharge reduction enhancements
    • It should now be a bit harder to accidentally move and interrupt Rest before it begins properly
    • Can now be activated in the air, but you will fall to the ground once Rest is fully active
    • Can no longer activate other powers while resting
  • icearmor_hybernate.png.1bdfa681f50633cd41dae5118e56c33d.png Hibernate (All Versions)
    • This power no longer de-toggles flight powers, but will still suppress flight
  • Arachnos_Patron_TeamToHitBuff_tga.png.a5aa58b00982ca389854d123f94317ed.png Sentinel > Mace Mastery > Focused Accuracy Coordinated Targeting
    • Unlike other versions of Focused Accuracy, this power is a team buff
    • To distinguish it from other versions of Focused Accuracy, it has been renamed to Coordinated Targeting and now has a new icon
  • electricalbolt_thunderouseblast.png.f68b96327cd85e26d9397cf88cdb4234.png Electrical Blast > Thunderous Blast (All Versions)

    • Cast Time reduced from 3.7s to 2.93s

  • radiationpoisoning_chokingcloud.png.2403482ce8c4b1010308c120430dd615.png Radiation Emission > Choking Cloud

    • Cast Time reduced from 3.47s to 1s

  • darkarmor_touchofdeath.png.0ca19efe91fa85b2f90683ebb098cfbe.png Darkness Manipulation | Dark Armor > Death Shroud (All Versions)

    • Cast Time reduced from 3.47s to 2.47s

  • icyonslaught_icepatch.png.50ddc7cff02a2f83a02eeb39354b9af4.png Ice Manipulation | Ice Melee > Ice Patch (All Versions)

    • Cast Time reduced from 3.47s to 1.57s

  • beastmastery_summondirewolves.png.aff63e0a605ef6913bf2dd3e07616174.png Beast Mastery > Summon Dire Wolf

    • Cast Time reduced from 4.67s to 2s

  • bioorganicarmor_athleticaugmentation.png.70a8ec5e17d418008b66130cb30a166a.png Sentinel > Bio Armor > Athletic Regulation

    • The stance benefits of this power have been modified

      • Note: this power always provides +3.67mph Run & +2.2mph Fly speed and -Defence resistance, only the stance bonuses have been changed

    • Before:

      • bioorganicarmor_defensiveadaptation.png.c6edee0bc28cbc4e5a9cedd7d5a7cdfd.png Defensive: 65% Resistance (-Run/-Fly)

      • bioorganicarmor_offensiveadaptation.png.ebfe149ee3b5510981dcc442e8fa4540.png Offensive: +227.5% Run Strength & +88.7% Fly Strength

      • bioorganicarmor_efficientadaptation.png.8cef23435bb281301ea1ab19bde3cd46.png Efficient: +113.75% Run Strength & +44.36% Fly Strength & 32.5% Resistance (-Run/-Fly)

    • Now:

      • bioorganicarmor_defensiveadaptation.png.c6edee0bc28cbc4e5a9cedd7d5a7cdfd.png Defensive: 40% Resistance (-Run/-Fly) (reduces the strength of speed debuffs)

      • bioorganicarmor_offensiveadaptation.png.ebfe149ee3b5510981dcc442e8fa4540.png Offensive: +2.00mph Run Speed & +3.00mph Fly Speed (a flat increase to movement speed in and out of combat)

        • With the always-on bonus from Athletic Regulation, this gives you a total of +5.76mph Run & +3.47mph Fly speed

        • This is similar to Super Reflexes > Quickness, which grants +5.01mph Run & +2.93mph Fly speed

      • bioorganicarmor_efficientadaptation.png.8cef23435bb281301ea1ab19bde3cd46.png Efficient: +33% Run / Fly Speed Strength (increases the strength of all your travel powers - essentially a free SO in every run / fly power)

    • Note: The combat monitor currently lies about +Fly speed bonuses, the +numbers you see are multiplied by 1.5x before being applied to the total (base fly speed and fly speed total are both accurate)

  • Flight_JumpJet.png.9b6aefab3b4c2ed4bcb107095d3897fb.png Jump Pack + Inherent_SteamJump.png.cba2d7d5ac18740efd5ada82b5e0e860.png Steam Jump + Jump_HighJump.png.864db247afae2249525adce6d03d45ea.png Double Jump
    • Improved the reliability of the mutual exclusivity mechanics for these powers
  • gravitycontrol_singularity.png.93725e305afe5288447a739c9840b451.png Gravity Control > Singularity

    • Singularity will now slowly pull enemies towards it, allowing it to make much greater use of the Repel effect

  • Temporary_FreakshowDisguise.png.f36338e21706238f57965f88c5aa7cfd.png Temporary & Prestige Costumes (aka Halloween Costumes)
    • These costumes are no longer mutually exclusive with stealth powers (they never provided stealth)
  • TrickArrow_DebuffDamRes.png.1715ed6e2889e85a31785b58b33e4227.png Trick Arrow > Disruption Arrow
    • The visual FX for this power has been changed to alleviate headaches being induced by the old VFX
    • Due to the health implications of the old VFX, this is not an optional change
  • Freedom Corps > Nullifier > Sonic Grenade
    • The visual FX for this power has been changed to alleviate headaches being induced by the old VFX


Story Arc Updates

Barracuda Strike Force

  • Power of Black Scorpion (the power required to kill Reichsman) is now always granted to the team leader, regardless of Archetype
    • Defenders now receive Power of Ghost Widow
    • Masterminds now receive Power of Captain Mako
  • Removed broken hospital in the first mission of the Barracuda SF which caused you to get stuck outside the map

The Graveyard Shift (Agent Watkins, Blueside)

  • Intro
    • Made a more obvious note that "Ask about available missions" bypasses the intro text when starting it organically in the 20-30 range
  • Mission 1 (Forum Brawl)
    • Zoombies
      • Ambushes all reduced to 1 (From 2)
      • More susceptible to control effects - Sleep, Hold, Stun, Immob and Confusion
      • Slowed them down slightly
      • Made them spawn from further away to give players a moment of reaction time
      • Explosion damage decreased, accuracy increased, radius increased (15ft > 22ft), target cap increased (12 > 30)
        • 1s activation added to explosion - there will not be a telegraphed animation.
      • Added -fly to their vomit
      • -Fly should now actually take it away instead of gifting it
      • -Fly potency increased, duration 15s
      • Zoombies can barf from a range of 30 (was 10)
      • Barf animation changed to the quick projectile barf
      • Zoombies will disappear properly whether the explosion hits or not
      • Zoombie explosion autohits entities friendly to it
      • AI issues resolved
      • Zoombie backpack solved
  • Mission 2 (Cannibal Corpses)
    • Moved mission location to Steel Canyon
    • Added dialog to explain that Dubstitch was the brains behind the Zoombies
    • Added additional context mob for more flavor text
    • Zoombie ambush should show up during, not after, the Dubstitch fight
    • Added resistances and sonic resistance field to Dubstitch
    • Dubstitch's Zoombies should not spawn directly on top of you
      • I mean, in theory anyway
      • Bring inspirations just in case!
    • Dubstitch ambush properly functions
  • Mission 3 (Freak Rave)
    • Rebalanced entry mob density in front room after lobby
    • Replaced one instance of an LT spawn with a Minion, which should make the spawns more in line in terms of expectation of difficulty
  • Mission 4 (Investigation)
    • Added a Bypass dialog function that will allow you to skip the entire investigation and move forward to the next mission in the Rivet
      • For people who don't want to read, or teams of people who don't want to stand around
  • Mission 5 (Rusty Rivet)
    • Added additional UsePower functions for Salamander and Grey Matter (DNA Siphon and Psychic Shockwave, respectively)
    • Added some additional dialog to the mission intro explaining Mander is Salamander
    • Added an objective on Nav to rescue hostages
  • Mission 6 (Pathogen)
    • Added more lab equipment to the Pathogen fight room, made all of them throughout mission much easier to destroy
    • Debuffed the Viral Cocktail and added an element of randomness to the power:
      • ALWAYS:
        • -Regen, -MaxHP, -Def
          • No longer debuffs Max Endurance or Recovery by default. However...
      • 10% chance every 10.5s for each of the following debuffs:
        • -End, -Recovery, 15s
        • -ToHit, 15s
        • -Recharge, 15s
      • 2.5% chance every 10.5s for...
        • A chance to stop and vomit for a moment. Heroes get upset tummies too!
    • To offset this change, the lab equipment will now:
      • ALWAYS:
        • +Regen, +MaxHP, +Def, 60s (Double what the debuff was taking away, 4x the duration of the debuff)
      • 85% chance for:
        • +MaxEnd, +Recovery, 40s
      • 80% chance for:
        • +Recharge, 40s
      • 75% chance for:
        • +ToHit, 40s
    • The fires are now friendly to NOBODY and do half the previous damage, or 1/4 of the first iteration (for those keeping track)
    • Rewrote the "I failed the timer" mission branch to the finale, including CDC Commander dialog
      • Players should not feel miserable for failing that mission now
      • Softened and altered Watkins' dialog to accommodate an improvement to his personality
    • Pathogen now applies -Fly with several of their attacks
  • Mission 7 (Finale)
    • Cortex confuse recharge increased to 30s from 20s
  • Souvenirs
    • Adjusted all souvenirs to reflect changes

Freakish Lab of Dr. Vahzilok (Doc Buzzsaw, Redside)

  • Mission 3 (Vah's Lab)
    • Fixed some hostage code errors
  • Mission 4_1 (Council Base)
    • Vandal
      • No longer has Detention Field
      • Added an occasional repel power
      • Added an AOE Knockup power called Drill Strike
      • Added status protection
      • PBAoE Smashing Damage with 75% chance for Knockup
      • All remaining powers in his toolkit have been reduced by a decent margin
      • Coded down to Elite Boss in redside encounter (Other versions are unchanged)
      • Fixed his KB/KD/Repel resistance only existing for 5s
      • Changed AI and attack power priorities on Vandal
        • Vandal should now use both his ranged and melee attacks more frequently
        • Ranged attacks should be seen more often in rotation
        • Drill Strike recharge lowered to 15s
  • Mission 4_2 (Crey Lab)
    • Hopkins
      • Damage needs to be evaluated in teams, solo, and against various build types and ATs
      • Coded down to Elite Boss in redside encounter (Manticore TF unchanged)
      • Removed overlapping resistance powers
      • Should be easier to fight now
      • Gave in to my dark temptations anyway, so:
        • Total Focus removed
        • Whirling Hands removed
        • Spinning Strike added
        • Crushing Uppercut added
        • Initial Strike added
      • Changed AI and attack power priorities on Hopkins
        • Should now use both his ranged and melee attacks more frequently
        • Ranged attacks should be seen more often in rotation
        • Fixed bug causing loop between just Initial Strike and Barrage
      • Hopkins should no longer have the Street Justice combo system factoring into his attacks
    • Tavish Bell
      • Resistances buffed
    • Immature Paragon Protectors
      • Death Gas removed from their powersets within the mission
      • Death Gas will return to their future incarnations
  • Mission 4_3 (Bile's Hideout)
    • TechDeck given additional insurance to not be accidentally killed before you can interrogate him


PvP-Specific Changes

Arena Maps

  • Lowered the max height on the Last Bastion arena map to 1150

Animation Rooting

  • In PvP only, all powers will only root for 75% of their total cast time

Mez Protection

  • The following powers now provide mez protection in PvP:
    • Storm Summoning > O2 Boost (stun/sleep only, 60s)
    • Sonic Resonance > Clarity (confuse/terrorize/held/immob/stun/sleep, 90s)
    • Empathy > Clear Mind (confuse/terrorize/held/immob/stun/sleep, 90s)
    • Force Fields > Insulation Shield (confuse/terrorize/held/immob/stun/sleep, 90s, main target only)
    • Kinetics > Increase Density (held/immob/stun only, 60s)
    • Pain Domination > Enforced Morale (confuse/terrorize/held/immob/stun/sleep, 90s)
    • Poison > Antidote (confuse/terrorize/held/immob/stun/sleep, 90s)
    • Thermal Radiation > Thaw (confuse/terrorize/held/immob/stun/sleep, 90s)
    • Electrical Affinity > Faraday Cage (held/immob/stun/sleep, while inside the static sphere)
    • Trick Arrow > EMP Field (generated by EMP Arrow, held/immob/stun/sleep, while inside the sphere)
  • Magnitude protection will not stack from multiple casters, but the strongest protection will always be active
  • Protection granted by these powers per AT:
    • Defender 10.81 Mag (requires 4 to 6 successful equal type mez to break through [based on the mez being mag 2 or mag 3])
    • Controller 8.65 Mag (requires 3 to 5 successful equal type mez to break through)
    • Corruptor 8.65 Mag (requires 3 to 5 successful equal type mez to break through)
    • Mastermind 6.49 Mag (requires 3 to 4 successful equal type mez to break through)

Other PvP Power Changes

  • Scrapper ATOs and Shinobi-Iri
    • Fixed a bug that prevented most Epic pool attacks from having their crit rate increased by these in PvP
  • Temp Powers > Raptor Pack
    • Duration reduced from 2 minutes to 45 seconds
  • Radiation Emission > Enervating Field (All Versions)
    • Increased -Resistance debuff from scale 2 to scale 3 (30% to 40% in the case of Defenders)
  • Empathy > Absorb Pain (All Versions)
    • Self Debuffs have been increased from 20s to 25s
  • Pain Domination > Share Pain (All versions)
    • Self Debuffs have been increased from 15s to 20s
  • Super Reflexes > Elude (All Versions)
    • This power now grants 20% Elusivity(AoE/Melee/Ranged) in PvP
  • Ninjutsu > Kuji-In_Retsu
    • This power now grants 20% Elusivity(AoE/Melee/Ranged) in PvP
  • Pool > Experimentation > Jaunt
    • In PvP, this power now recharges in 30s
  • Poison > Envenom
    • Resist Debuff lowered from 40% to 30% (defender values)
  • Pain Domination > Soothing Aura (All Versions)
    • In PvP, this power grant Heal over Time instead of +Regen, same way it does in PvE
  • Water Blast > Dehydrate (All Versions)
    • In PvP, this power grant Heal over Time instead of +Regen, same way it does in PvE
  • Time Manipulation > Temporal Mending (All Versions)
    • In PvP, this power grant Heal over Time instead of +Regen, same way it does in PvE
  • Time Manipulation > Chrono Shift (All Versions)
    • In PvP, this power grant Heal over Time instead of +Regen, same way it does in PvE
  • Nature Affinity > Regrowth (All Versions)
    • In PvP, this power grant Heal over Time instead of +Regen, same way it does in PvE
  • Stalker > Dark Melee > Shadow Maul

    • Hidden PvP Crit chance lowered from 100% to 50%

  • Stalker > Dual Blades >Ablating Strike

    • PvP damage chance against held/sleep foes lowered from 100% to 20%

  • Stalker > Staff Melee > Sky Splitter

    • PvP critical damage against held/sleep foes increased from 1.4905 to 2.9810



Coordinates & /thumbtack

  • Added a /thumbtack <x> <y> <z> command to set the thumbtack in the minimap with world coordinates
  • The /loc command now displays the current position as a thumbtack link
  • Writing a location in chat surrounded by square brackets will generate a thumbtack link to that position
    • They will only be considered valid if they consist of exactly three numbers, separated by spaces or commas
  • Added the $loc chat variable which translates to your current coordinates into a clickable thumbtack link
  • The /whereami command will now also display your current position as a thumbtack link



Signature Story Arcs in LFG

  • Signature Story Arcs are now available in the "Story Arcs" tab of the Looking For Group window
  • Note that you will only see the Signature Story Arcs for your current alignment



Enhancement Boosters & Catalysts

  • Enhancement Boosters and Catalysts can now be applied directly by clicking on them, without using the Combine button
  • The confirmation dialog box is optional and can be enabled or disabled from the Options window
  • Applying an Enhancement Booster that doesn't make the Enhancement +5 will have a faster animation



Teleportation Targeting & /powexec_location

  • Added a "cursor" targeting mode to /powexec_location
    • It behaves as if the power was activated with a click at the current mouse cursor location
    • This will allow you to quickly activate teleport with a hotkey without needing to click
  • Significantly improved the targeting cursor for teleportation powers and it's now much easier to reliably choose the desired destination
    • The 'red ring of doom' should rarely appear now, and it should be almost impossible to have it fall back to the character's feet
  • Fixed issues with two-side polygon collision that prevented the use of teleportation powers in a few places, the most notable being the outer ring of the Chantry / Storm Palace

New Command: /powers_togglealloff

  • Added a new /powers_togglealloff command which will toggle off all currently active toggle


  • Added the "Complicated" badge to Frostfire's story arc
    • This will be granted retroactively to characters that already have the arc's souvenir
  • Corrected the badge art for many "stature level" missions that were using the wrong level range or duplicate art
    • Hero badges; Negotiator, Spelunker, Plague Stopper, Spirit Warrior, Pwnz, Do No Harm, Emancipator, Meteorologist, True Nemesis, Bodyguard, Agent
    • Villain badges: Stone Cold, Bone Collector, Plague Carrier, Mask Maker

Pocket D & Null the Gull

  • Simplified Null the Gull's dialogue options for hiding pop-up trays
    • All travel powers now use the same option for hiding trays
    • Previously they all used the same flag, but presented as different dialog options - this was fine when only Origin pools had pop-up powers and you could only ever have one
    • With the standard travel powers gaining pop-up powers it was necessary to simplify this
  • Removed alignment warning boxes from the elevators
  • The exit to Winter Forest is now marked on the minimap

Atlas Park & Mercy Island

  • Enemies in Atlas Park and Mercy Island should no longer reproduce like rabbits and spawn in on top of players

User Interface

  • "Current Absorb" can now be monitored in the combat attributes window
  • Power details screens should no longer mix up PvP and PvE attributes
  • Changed the wording of defense and defense debuff attributes in power details screens so players can more accurately distinguish between them
  • Improved the readability of power descriptions with the addition of paragraphing and text colours to break up the information
  • PvP IO recipes can no longer be sold to vendors

Bug Fixes

  • The inter-dimensional Katana and Bow thief has finally be caught and brought to justice! (fixed Katanas and Bows frequently being invisible to other players)
  • Improved the validation of certain chat links; things like [Recipe:Boresight] or [Salvage:Tactics] will no longer be considered valid
  • Fixed "Medium Arcane Supergroup Banner 1", "Medium Tech Supergroup Banner 1"  texture issue
  • Fixed the Merit vendor display name for Encouraged Accuracy: To Hit Buff (Recipe)
  • Fixed malformed .fx file causing debug client errors ("FXGEO: Failed to alloc a child fx") when drawing a katana
  • Fixed an issue which allowed multiple emotes to be combined to trigger NPC-only animations and VFX
  • Fixed Veluta Lunata's story arcs requiring the Pirate badge in Ouroboros (this requirement was removed from the non-Ouroboros version of the arc a long time ago)
  • Made another attempt at fixing the Duray encounter in Admiral Sutter's Task Force
  • Fixed a non-existent version of Ouroborus appearing in the /search map list instead of the real version
  • Removed incorrect message about mastermind pets in Recharge Intensive sets
    • These enhancements previously stated these sets couldn't be slotted in Mastermind pets - this has never been the case

Costume Fixes

  • Fixed "Lebeaux" top not tinting correctly for "Robotic Arm 1" and "Robotic Arm 3"
  • Fixed Arachnos Soldier "Wolf Collar" from interfering with ear selection when "Wolf" helmet style is selected
  • Restored "Wolf 2" collar option
  • Fixed "Praetorian Police" boot option for males not appearing in asymmetry mode for the right boot
  • Fixed missing texture on "Impervium Katana" for Dual Blade models
  • Fixed Huge 'Cyborg 1' Asymmetric Shoulder Pad
  • Adjusted Female 'Fashion Tight' boots to lessen clipping around knees while standing and walking

Map Fixes

  • Various geometry fixes in the following zones:
    • Kings' Row
    • The Hive
    • The Hollows
    • Skyway City
    • Terra Volta
    • Eden
    • Peregrine Island
    • Pocket D
    • Dark Astoria
    • Siren's Call
    • Grandville
    • Dark Astoria (Echo)
    • Rikti Crash Site (Echo)
  • Storm Palace: Closed holes in the collision boundary of the zone
  • Renamed a warehouse door in Kallisti Wharf to fix issues with CityZone Any Warehouse missions breaking co-op teams

Powers Bug Fixes

  • The following Enhancements should no longer be weaker when hitting higher level enemies:
    • Impervious Skin
    • Numina's Convalescence
    • Sentinel's Ward
    • Miracle
    • Aegis
    • Dominating Grasp
  • Enhancements > Power Transfer > Chance to Heal Self: Should be able to stack when slotted in multiple passive powers regardless of server timing
  • Enhancements > Overwhelming Force > Knockback to Knockdown: Fixed this proc not always converting to knockdown when stacked with other knockback effects
  • Prestige > Athletic Run: Icon no longer continuously flashes
  • Various > Electric Blast > Thunderous Blast (All Versions): Fixed a bug where the two chances for -end were not doing independent chance checks)
  • Various > Radiation Blast > Radioactive Assault > Proton Volley (All versions): Fixed a bug where these powers were doing 20% less than intended damage in PvP
  • Various > Shield Defense > Phalanx Fighting (All Versions): Fixed a bug that caused the self buff in this power to be intermittent
  • Various > Titan Weapons (All versions): Fixed a bug with some Titan Weapon powers starting Momentum too early, most notably Crushing Blow
  • Various > Trick Arrow > Glue Arrow (All versions): Fixed the short help text (for reals this time)
  • Various > Dark Servant > Twilight Grasp: Fixed a bug where this power was doing -damage instead of -regen in PvE
  • Pool > Fighting > Cross Punch: Fixed critical damage values
  • Pool > Fighting > Boxing: Fixed this power missing it's 35% synergy chance for stun in PvP
  • Pool > Leaping > Spring Attack: Reimplemented this power with new tools, should address some odd bugs with this power
  • Pool > Speed > Burnout: Fixed this power causing toggles to flicker when activated
  • Blaster > Electricity Manipulation > Dynamo: Fixed a bug where this power would do damage to the caster
  • Blaster > Ninja Training > Shinobi:: Fix critical proc not working while exemplared
  • Blaster > Temporal Manipulation > Time Wall:
    • Fixed this power not accepting Blaster, Ranged Damage and Universal Damage sets
    • Fixed this power using melee damage modifiers instead of ranged damage modifiers (damage has increased slightly as a result)
  • Blaster > Mace Mastery > Summon Spiderlings: Fixed an error in the power description that claimed you required 2 powers to acquire (only one power is required)
  • Brute > Regeneration > Fast Healing: This version of the power should no longer ignore healing enhancements
  • Corruptor > Dual Pistol > Hail of Bullets: Fixed a on bug on this version of the power that made chemical ammunition have a lower chance to do damage than intended
  • Dominator > Electricity Assault > Static Discharge: Should no longer list Endurance Modification enhancements twice
  • Dominator > Savage Assault > Spot Prey: The perception buff on this power was lasting only 0.75s instead of 10s, this has been corrected
  • Dominator > Psionic Mastery > World of Confusion: Fixed this power triggering Controller Overpower instead of Domination
  • Mastermind > Beast Mastery > Summon Dire Wolf: Fixed a bug where this power was never actually playing the summoning animation
  • Mastermind > Beast Mastery > Summon Lions: Fixed a bug where this power was never actually playing the summoning animation
  • Sentinel > Bio Armor > Genomic Evolution: Fixed a bug which prevented the Offensive Adaptation range bonus from applying
  • Sentinel > Ice Armor > Frigid Shield: This power should no longer detoggle when mezzed
  • Sentinel > Mace Mastery > Focused Accuracy: This power should no longer detoggle when mezzed
  • Stalker > Fiery Melee > Fire Sword Circle: Fixed this power now granting Assassin's Focus
  • Stalker > Ice Melee > Assassin's Ice Sword: This power's stealth bonus damage should no longer be resisted in PvP
  • Stalker > Ice Melee > Frozen Aura: Fixed this power now granting Assassin's Focus
  • Stalker > Rad Melee > Radiation Siphon: Power had the wrong level requirement. Now properly set to be available at level 18
  • Stalker/Scrapper > Mace Mastery > Mace Beam: Fixed numerous bugs in the crit damage.
  • Stalker/Scrapper > Mu Mastery > Zapp: Fixed a bug where this version of Zapp would have a projectile delay on it's damage despite the power not using a projectile:
    • Scrapper Only: Fixed a bug that was causing the fast version of this power inflict slow-version criticals
  • The following powers had their attack types corrected (this only impacts defense types):




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