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City of Heroes: Victory

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Costume Editor Update

Auras have been separated into two slots: Auras and Path Auras
Boots and gloves now have an asymmetrical toggle, which can be toggled on to allow separate left and right glove and boot selection
Not every set of gloves and boots are available in asymmetrical mode, more will be added in future updates
All sets of gloves and boots remain available in symmetrical mode

New Support Powerset: Electrical Affinity

You are able to control and manipulate electricity to aid your allies and weaken your enemies. Some Electrical Affinity powers build Static, which increases the number of targets your Circuit powers can chain to.

The set has been built around chaining powers and a stacking / combo system that's similar to those found in many of the more modern melee and ranged damage sets, with a focus on wide variety of buffs for the whole team as well as damage and endurance debuffs for your enemies.
Electrical Affinity also introduces and makes use of a brand new mechanic which allows powers to dynamically change the number of targets they can hit - in this case, the four Circuit powers hit more targets for every stack of Static that you currently have.
Electrical Affinity is available for Defenders, Corruptors, Controllers and Masterminds.
Electrical Affinity has both a Hero (blue) and Villain (red) default theme available for all ATs, along with the light and dark customisation themes.

New Origin Power Pool: Experimentation

"Experimentation gives you access to poisonous ranged attacks as well as powers that boost your attack power and the survivability of your allies. This pool's travel power is Speed of Sound. While active, this power allows you to run at incredible speeds and also gives you access to the Jaunt power. Jaunt allows you to quickly teleport long distances once every so often."

As a reminder: Only one Origin Pool (Sorcery, Force of Will, Experimentation) can be active in a build at any one time.


Improved the loading time and stability of Architect missions with a large number of custom critters.
Mac OS X 10.15, codename Catalina, removes support for 32-bit applications. We have been hard at work for the last couple of months upgrading the client and all server components to 64-bit, while @Manga has been working on a new version of Island Rum that uses the 64-bit version of Wine to run the game in Mac and Linux. This patch , fingers crossed, is the culmination of those efforts.
Mac users experience issues 
When launching Tequila, you will now be presented with three options:
Victory 32-Bit: new 32-bit client based on modern development tools; backwards compatible with Windows XP.
Victory 64-Bit: new 64-client, which is required for players running Mac OS Catalina and recommended for players running modern operating systems; players on older operating systems may need to install the Visual Studio Redistributable Package from Microsoft in order to launch this client.
If you have a Mac, even if you're not currently running Catalina, please contact check out this post if you have problems with Island Rum. Since Mac users are a minority, we are going to need a lot of feedback to make sure things run smoothly for everyone.
Linux users can still run the 32-bit client under Wine so they're less of a concern, but if you want to test the 64-bit client, be aware that it is dynamically linked and you will need to install the Visual Studio 64-bit runtime. The 32-bit version is statically linked to maximize compatibility.
Because of the extensive code changes to both server and client with this patch, none of the data changes currently on the Beta servers are being published until we ensure that this patch is stable and will not require a rollback.
Ambassador Kuhr'Rekt no longer requires the Native badge, which is unavailable to former Praetorians.
The contact "Max" in Dark Astoria will no longer be stuck unable to give you any missions if you finished his arc using Ouroboros before running Dark Astoria normally. He should always, at the very least, offer the mission that introduces Praetor Duncan.
Sentinels will now receive the Power of Scirocco clickie in the Barracuda SF.
Fixed an issue that broke Windows XP compatibility with the 32-bit Client.
Fix detection of more than 4GB of physical memory on 64-bit platforms.
Be more aggressive about capturing the mouse pointer while in mouselook and camrotate mode.
Fix the magical shrinking window on 64-bit; Windows Vista and newer in 64-bit mode report system metrics for window frame size differently.
The 32-bit client should now work properly on Windows XP and old versions of MacOS; please let us know if you still need the Safe Mode client.
Native High DPI Scaling mode. The game will now use the Windows UI Scaling setting for the monitor it is currently played on. You can disable Automatic UI Scaling from the Options (under the Windows tab) and change it manually. This slider can scale a lot more things than the old Window Scaling setting, which is still available via slash commands for individual windows.
Added option under Windows tab to independently change the size of the names above players' / NPCs' heads.
Added the ability to select Borderless Fullscreen mode in any monitor connected to the system.
Corrected an issue that caused some billboards in the game to have swapped the colors blue and red in the 64-bit client.
Fixed a crash on certain missions that spammed LOTS of chat bubbles (Confront Veles, Investigate Harvan's Lab).
You can now move stacks of salvage out of the vault again.
The background color for Damage Resistance enhancements is now a slightly redder hue, to distinguish them from Defense enhancements.


Added a roleplaying tag which will flag yourself as currently RPing.
This will change your character name to appear in purple as well as adding a "Roleplaying" title.
Use /roleplaying to toggle the flag on and off, or use the dropdown in the helper window (H by default).
Increased Supergroup membership limit from 150 to 300.


Minor adjustments to particle physics in an attempt to prevent or mitigate a crash happening deep in the internals of the PhysX library. As we have not yet been able to reproduce the crash under controlled circumstances, this may or may not have an effect.


The game no longer uses DirectInput due to incompatibility with Mac OS Catalina, and now uses standard Windows messages for input. For the most part you should not notice any difference, although players with international keyboard distributions may have issues entering non-English and special symbols.
DirectInput Joystick support has been replaced replaced it with new Game Controller support.
Instead of a simple "Joystick Input Enabled" toggle, you can select which device to use from the options menu.
Native support for XBox controllers as well as other XInput compatible controllers. This is not available on Windows XP.
Controller vibration support for XInput devices:
Damage received
Environmental effects
Turn on vibration on the options menu, or you can choose to only enable vibration effects from one of the above sources.
Raw Input handles non-XInput devices and replaces DirectInput.
All DirectInput-compatible devices should be supported, including traditional joysticks.
Fixed ability for the game to distinguish between the right shift and left shift keys
Fixed Num Lock and Pause/Break being swapped in key bindings (Windows itself has this backwards for some reason)
Added special handling to make bindings with Shift+Number Pad keys work (more fun legacy MS-DOS leftovers)
Controllers in rawinput mode will now properly report D-Pad directions
Added button debounce for rawinput mode to handle hardware with noisy button switches
Reduced analog stick dead zone for XBox controllers in native (XInput) mode


PhysX simulation is no longer frame-locked to the game. It now runs asynchronously, so if PhysX is processing too slowly to keep up, it should not slow down your framerate, but instead use larger simulation steps to compensate.
If it falls too far behind, the number of PhysX objects in the scene will be reduced by removing the oldest objects.
When particle physics quality is set to "High" or above, mutual collision is enabled between all PhysX objects. This means that junk from Propel will stack up instead of passing through other debris, bullet casings, trash, and leaves will bounce off of and can even come to rest on it, etc. These objects also affect each other, so pushing leaves around causes other nearby objects to move (depending on their mass).
When physics quality is set to "Very High", the simulation step resolution is increased by 50%, and the step rate is allowed to scale up to 120fps rather than being capped at 60fps.
Large objects (i.e. gravity control) will always interact with all other objects, even on the Low physics setting.

User Interface

A fresh install now defaults to borderless windowed mode on the primary monitor, for maximum compatibility with monitors that don't support such tiny (and petty) resolutions as 800x600 or 1024x768.
Pressing Alt+Enter to switch to fullscreen mode now always switches to the desktop resolution. Non-native fullscreen resolutions can still be selected from the options menu.
Pressing Alt+Enter to switch out of fullscreen back to windowed mode no longer results in a huge window that is partially offscreen.
Running the game with -safemode to reset the graphics options now resets them to windowed mode, rather than 800x600 fullscreen which is not very safe.
When in borderless windowed mode, the game will drop topmost status on loading screens and when waiting for network connections, to ensure that it's possible to Alt+Tab out to other windows while the client is otherwise busy.


Added a new command line parameter: -gfxreset
This will cause the game to reset all graphics settings and launch the game in windowed mode.
Added some safety checks to game startup to ensure the game will not try to run borderless or on a monitor that's no longer connected.
Switched to a different method of hooking the Print Screen key. This should fix the issues with using modifier keys in conjunction with it, as well as allow it to pass through to the OS so the traditional "copy to clipboard" functionality works again.
Resynchronised modifier key state in certain edge cases (mostly involving the numeric keypad) to try and resolve issues of the shift key rarely getting stuck.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue with missing color palettes for Spines and Thorn sets in the Power Customization screen
Fixed the damage percentage display in the description of the Going Rogue pre-order enhancements (the enhancements available from the P2W vendor)
Fixed a client crash that could occur when combining enhancements
Fixed the enhancement screen to correctly show salvage (boosters & catalysts) in the second slot when combining
Fixed a major performance issue relating to the Targeting Drone fix from earlier today
Soulbound Allegiance's Chance for Build Up proc again proc on Pets. It should not proc on players when summoning pets.
Fix for issue with Engagement status that has been keeping Targeting Drone from dropping it's Up-Front damage buff while in combat.
Fixed a bug where Degenerative Interface was over-stacking on raid encounters.
Fix Rune of Protection FX persisting until zoning.
Fix incorrect color of Common Vigor Alpha.
Doc Buzzsaw was not aware of the decreased level range for Positron Part 1. She now spawns all the way down to level 8.
Fixed very old memory corruption bug that could randomly cause crashes or other strange behavior while loading into a map
Resolved a longstanding issue that would cause a crash if the game is installed in a folder with a path name longer than around 130 characters
Fixed several client crashes reported through the Homecoming Crash Handler
Fixed Adamastor summoning ritual not actually summoning Adamastor
Fixed a bug with many special encounter enemies failing to telegraph their moves or spamming abilities they should not be using all the time (for example, Marauder spamming Nova Fist without warning)
Fixed scripting issues in The Magisterium iTrial
Fixed scripting issues in the Dilemma Diabolique iTrial
Fixed an issue that caused cutscenes to not play
Fixed scripting issues with the Propaganda event
New characters should no longer see a "SILENT" popup upon first login.
Invention > Build Snow Beast: should no longer show as a PString in mail attachments.
Invention > Sentinel ATOs should no longer show as a PString in mail attachments.
Fix issue with AltGr causing the A key to clear text boxes.
Fixed clip region for the load costume list in the costume editor on high DPI monitors.
Added a sanity check for the UI scale on startup in case it gets corrupted in the registry.
Added a work around for a deficiency in old versions for Wine on Mac that resulted in a divide-by-zero crash on startup.
Candy Canes can no longer drop in Architect Entertainment missions.
Fixed mistimed VFX for the dark version of Atom Smasher.
Fixed a bug with the 3D resolution option sometimes showing incorrect values in the options menu when in borderless windowed mode.
Closing the options window on the login screen will no longer result in various options being reset on the first character you log into.
(Maybe) fixed the issue with the D-Pad on PS4 controllers.
Characters that crash on the first login after creation and become corrupted will now be cleared out by the dbserver instead of staying in the character list.
Fixed crash when clicking Accept on the SG Settings interface when no fields where editable.
Make it somewhat less likely for defeated enemies to be twisted into pretzels:
Overhaul ragdoll parameters. The spring and dampen settings must have been different in older versions of PhysX, because the ones in NwRagdoll did almost nothing; which is why everything was so limp.
Fixed joints (for all bones that don't have a spherical or hinge joint with special parameters) are apparently not working correctly, so replace them with a hinge joint that has a very small range of motion.                         
This is still not perfect. As @Number Six put it, "Ragdoll is still broken, but it's broken in new and different ways."
Fix enhancement tables not properly displaying % signs (and possibly crashing).
Switching alignment with a completed mission will no longer abandon it. This was being exploited in order to repeatedly obtain the last mission of a story arc (delivery missions in particular) and obtain the merit rewards for the arc again and again. As a result, the mission will be stuck in your list until you switch to a compatible alignment and are able to call the contact again.
The five Enhancement Sets from the Lords of Winter Super Pack (Avalanche, Blistering Cold, Entomb, Frozen Blast and Winter's Bite) are no longer incorrectly grouped with their Superior versions in the auction house.
Many fixes to UI scaling for scrollbars, listviews, and compass elements.
Fixed an issue preventing base item rotation in the 64-bit client.
Implemented a workaround for a rare issue where the mapserver connection would get stuck while zoning into a map.
Fixed the team window showing "On mission map" when a teammate is in their Supergroup Base and vice versa.
Prevent immediate crash when passing a -patchdir parameter to a nonexistent directory. This seems to be happening on certain Macs.
Fixes for many Mapserver crashes unearthed by the new crash handler.
Various fixes and stability improvements to the client.
This should allow some users that were previously stuck on the Safe Mode client to now use the new client.
Fixed a bug that allowed players to inadvertently delete the geometry of entire zones.
Possibly fixed a bug in certain AMD/ATI video drivers that crash the client when queried for how much video memory they have.
Provost Marchand (Brickstown) will no longer give Hero-only missions to Villains/Rogues under rare circumstances.

Powers Fixes
Brute Melee > Battle Axe > Cleave: Max targets reduced from 10 to 5
Scrapper Melee > Battle Axe > Cleave: Max targets reduced from 10 to 5
Tanker Melee > Battle Axe > Cleave: Max targets reduced from 16 to 10
Tanker and Brute inherent taunt procs now generate a combat message for the caster, to help determine if the taunt proc is currently working.
Archery > Ranged Shot Fixed a bug where would not animate in the character customization screen.
Blaster Ranged > Electric Blast > Corrected an FXGEO feedback error with this power's FX.
Blaster Support > Atomic Manipulation > Beta Decay: Text should no longer state it taunts enemies.
Blaster Support > Atomic Manipulation > Electron Shackles: Should no longer accept Endurance Modification enhancements or sets.
Blaster Support > Psoinic Manipulation > Drain Psych: -Regeneration effect should no longer be enhanceable.
Dark Control > Umbra Beast: Should now accept Fear Enhancement and Sets.
Devices > Targeting Drone: The power description for Targeting Drone has been fixed.
Dominator > Fire Control > Fire Imps: Should now always summon 3 imps.
Dominator > Psionic Assault > Drain Psych: -Regeneration effect should no longer be enhanceable.
Dominator > Savage Assault > Call hawk & Feral Charge: Should no longer accept Dominator Archetype Enhancement sets.
Pool > Force of Will > Mighty Leap > Takeoff effect can now be cancelled.
Pool > Force of Will > Weaken Resolve: Fixed typos. Now accepts Accurate ToHit Debuff enhancements.
Gravity Control > Singularity should now apply and take advantage of the Impact mechanic.
Ice Melee > Frozen Fists (Brute/Stalker/Scrapper) Power Description should no longer say it adds -res.
Incarnate > Hybrid : Should no longer fail to shut down after zoning.
Martial Arts > Crippling Axe Kick: now accepts defense debuff enhancements and sets.
Poison Weaken and Cold Domination -Special powers should no longer be boosted by +Special powers like Power Boost. As a rule, Str effects should not be affected by other Str effects.
Pool > Concealment > Stealth and Invisibility: translucency issues should now, FINALLY be fixed.
Pool > Leaping > Spring Attack: should now do damage when used by Sentinels
Proton Volley's Fast-Snipe sphere FX should now tint properly.
Radiation Armor > Beta Decay: Taunt magnitude should now always be Mag 4
Radiation Melee > Contamination AoE should now reliably trigger when hitting a contaminated target.
Sentinel > Bio Armor > Athletic Regulation: Should no longer accept travel enhancement sets.
Sentinel > Energy Aura > Power Armor:  Should now accept Healing Enhancement Sets
Sentinel > Fire Blast > Blazing Blast: Should now do 13 ticks of damage over time.
Tanker Melee > Psionic Melee > Greater Psi Blade: Should no longer do AoE insight damage.
Temporary Powers > Ethereal Shift should shut down automatically as other Phase Shift powers.
Boosts > Performance Shifter > Chance for +Endurance: Should now have a chance to grant the caster Endurance if used on an offensive attack.
Arachnos Soldiers > Summoned Spiders should no longer play a teleport fx every 10 seconds.
AE Critter > Sonic Resonance > Liquefy: This power had a range of zero. It has been changed to 60ft.
AE Critter > Pain Domination > Soothing Aura: This power is now an Auto, as most AE versions of Toggle powers.
AE Critter > Force Fields > Personal Force Fields now lasts 30 seconds instead of 0.75 seconds.
AE Critter > Assault Rifle > Ignite: Should now properly do damage.
Fixed the Tanker and Brute Global Taunt Proc not triggering on aura powers.
Fixed bug with Gauntlet not triggering main-hit taunt messages.
Clockwork Reassembly power should again calculate the chance for each individual spawned Gear, instead of only once at death. Average spawn count over time will not change, but it will be rare to get no Gears out of a defeated boss.
Fixed many missing PStrings on crafting windows and mail attachments.
Proton Volley's Fast-Snipe sphere FX should now tint properly in the Dark Theme.
Fixed an issue with many powers displaying duplicate effects in their power info window.
Addressed a bug where sometimes, after zoning, Bio Armor would have two both, offensive and defensive Adaptations active simultaneously.
Many Lore Pet powers were not subject to PvP Mez suppression, this has been fixed.
Players should no longer see a debuff icon when Carnival Master Illusionists summons pets.
Players should no longer see a debuff icon when Tuatha Bosses use Animated Stone.
Fixed short tool tip for Sirocco's Dervish to clarify it is a chance for damage.
Mind Control > Terrify: This power no longer states it accepts Accurate ToHit Debuff sets. This power has never had a ToHit Debuff component.
Fiery Melee > Breath of Fire: Fixed an animation bug when the power is used with Shield Defense.
Energy Blast > Sniper Blast: Fixed sound sync issues with the tintable fast cast version of the power.
Sentinel > Dark Blast > Antumbral Beam: Fixed missing sound FX.
Dominator > Martial Assault > Masterful Throw (Quick Version): Adjusted the projectile and hit timing.
Blaster > Devices > Caltrops: Enhancements and Procs should now work on this power.
Dominator > Assault > Martial Assault > Caltrops: Enhancements and Procs should now work on this power.
Dominator > Assault > Thorns > Thorntrops: Enhancements and Procs should now work on this power.
Brute > Fury: Fixed a bug where some auras would passively grant the brute small amounts of +Fury.
Blaster > Sonic Attack > Fixed PString messages on Power Customization.
Fixed a bug where Targeting Drone's Up-Front damage would not always cancel out in combat.
Incarnate > Interface (All Damage over Time Procs): Fixed a bug that resulted in lower than expected chance (thanks @Bopper & @Gulbasaur!)
Short Tooltip for the following procs for the following procs changed to clarify they provide a chance for damage:
Gladiator's Net
Javelin Volley
Mako's Bite
Defender & Corruptor > Epic > Power Mastery > Power Build Up: This power should no longer have it's strength enhanced by other Power Build Up powers.
Stalker > Ice Melee: Attacks in this powerset should now properly display CRITICAL float messages when they crit.
Stalker > Ice Melee > Frost: This power should now take range enhancements, same as other versions of Ice Melee > Frost
Pool > Sorcery > Rune of Protection: Clicking on this power should not trigger the animation if the power has not recharged.
Pool > Hasten: Clicking on this power should not trigger the animation if the power has not recharged.
Peacebringer > Light Form: Clicking on this power should not trigger the animation if the power has not recharged.

Advanced Crash Avoidance Technology Implementation

The mapserver will no longer crash when attempting to transfer a character from one shard to another before logging it in.
Explanation: the previous patch introduced some internal changes to character data, and those changes are applied when the character logs in. If a character transfer was attempted on a character that had not been logged in, the receiving mapserver detected that the character was missing the new data fields, and triggered a programmer breakpoint in order to warn about the missing data -- which is to say, it crashed. It no longer is so enthusiastic about detecting missing fields on the live servers.
The Mission Computer and Oracle will no longer crash the mapserver when a player tries to craft at tip mission while in a Task Force.
Explanation: Tip missions are really contacts, and crafting one adds a contact to your list. While a player is on a Task Force, it can only have one Contact available, and trying to obtain another caused the mapserver to freak out and crash. It has now been taught that it can just refuse to give the character another contact instead.

Mission Architect

Stability enhancements for searches of AE missions; should hopefully prevent the crashes that were happening yesterday


Fixed special enhancement rewards not dropping when exemplared (mostly affected Summer Blockbuster event and DfB)
Fixed reward flags that were preventing merits and other rewards from dropping in some circumstances
The reward fixes were applied as a hotfix yesterday, but may not have affected all outdoor zones until this morning's restart
Base Editor

Added 676 items to the base editor. You can find them by searching for "New" in the Place Item view.
The red and black floor grid should now be hidden outside of the base editor.
Nature > Grass Valley has had its alignment corrected and should now be usable with other floor plate details (e.g. all the other grass).
Existing bases will not be modified. Simply moving any existing Valleys will update their position.
The following details have had their selection box fixed:
Arcane Teleport > Carnival of Light Portal
Arcane Teleport > Magic Portal
Arcane Teleport > Summoning Portal
Arcane Teleport > Summoning Portal (Inactive)
Tech Teleport > Interdimensional Shard
Tech Teleport > Black Hole
Tech Teleport > White Hole
Tech Teleport > Small Portal
Bathroom > Bathtub Water
Added the Nemesis Horse as a base item, with and without FX.
Fixed Bathtub Water collision bug.
Renamed "Bathroom" tab to "Bath & Kitchen"
Added 38 new base items created by @Naomi:

Peacebringer FX

Peacebringer customizable FX have been updated in order to actually use the secondary color.
The glowy eyes have been reined in:
All buff powers use the same eye glow VFX, so they will no longer stack.
Attacks still spawn extra glowy eyes when used. This will get fixed someday.
Conserve Energy will now have glowy eyes.
The humming noise has been reined in:
It no longer plays when activating attacks.
It no longer plays when one VFX expires and transitions to another one.
Being mezzed with the toggle sheilds on will no longer blow out your speakers.
Inner Light now only plays it once instead of twice.
Other stuff:
White Dwarf Step no longer uses Warshade graphics.
Quantum Shield's "No Bubble" setting no longer has fuzzy rings.

Powers: Snipes

General Changes
ToHit is no longer required to achieve fast-snipe. Now, combat status determines if snipes are fast or slow, and ToHit buffs increase how much damage fast-snipe inflicts.
The snipe will be fast if you have attacked or been attacked in the last 8 seconds; this is the same time as Stalker's Hide.
Note that PvP scale is based only around the PvP damage formula. ToHit buffs and debuffs do not change quick snipe damage in PvP.
The following fast snipe animations have been synced with their FX, no cast time changes: Moonbeam, Zapp, Sniper Blast, Proton Volley (they all remain at their original 1.33 second duration.)
Added a new PVP IO Snipe set "Experienced Marksman"; includes proc that will always turn your Snipes into the fast version.
Blaster/Defender/Corruptor Snipes
12 second recharge and 14.352 end cost.
Base 2.28 scale damage in their "quick" form, down from 2.76 scale.
Every point of ToHit buffing the player has will increase or decrease this damage, up to a cap of 2.76 scale damage with +22% ToHit buff.
Slow form will do 4.5 scale damage.
Dominator Snipes
20 second recharge and 18.512 end cost.
Base 2.67 scale damage in their "quick" form, down from 3.56 scale.
Every point of ToHit buffing the player has will increase or decrease this damage, up to a cap of 3.56 scale damage with +22% ToHit buff.
Slow form will do 4.5 scale damage.
Epic Snipes
Will now have a base 1.75 scale damage in their quick form.
Every point of ToHit buffing the player has will increase or decrease this damage, up to a cap of 2.3 scale damage with +22% ToHit buff.
Slow form will do 3.56 scale damage
Slow form crits will do 3.56 + 1.78 scale damage.
Scrappers should now properly crit 10% of the time, instead of using Stalker requirements.

Powers: Dominator Assault Sets

Earth Assault
Power Boost is now Power Up. (90s recharge, +34% damage, +75% str to other effects for 10 seconds.)
Stone Spears: Cast time reduced from 2.10 seconds to 1.00 second.
Tremor: Cast time reduced from 3.30 to 2.50 seconds.
Hurl Boulder: Cast time reduced from 2.50 seconds to 1.50 second. Recharge increased from 8 seconds to 12 seconds. Damage increased from 86.64 to 120.5 damage.
Heavy Mallet: Recharge increased from 12 to 14 seconds. Damage increased from 133.1 to 151.8 damage.
Mud Pots: Increased radius to 15ft. Lowered endurance cost slightly. Damage lowered from scale 0.18 per tick to 0.13 per tick
Electricity Assault:
Thunder Strike: Cast time lowered to 2.5 seconds. Now knocks enemies down. ST and AoE Damage increased.
Energy Assault
Power Boost is now Power Up. (90s recharge, +34% damage, +75% str to other effects for 10 seconds.)
Total Focus: Cast time shortened from 3.30 to 2.50 seconds.
Power Burst: Cast time shortened from 2.00 to 1.67 seconds.
New special mechanic. Most single target attacks have a 20% chance of granting Energy Focus mode. Hitting a foe with Total Focus will always grant Energy Focus mode.
While in this mode, Whirling Hands will inflict a large amount of bonus damage. Power Burst will do some bonus damage.
The mode will be removed if a power with bonus is used.
Icy Assault
Power Boost is now Power Up. (90s recharge, +34% damage, +75% str to other effects for 10 seconds.)
Ice Bolt: Recharge increased from 4 seconds to 5 seconds. Damage increased from 52.9 to 61.3 damage.
Ice Sword: Recharge increased from 8 seconds to 10 seconds. Damage increased from 95.8 to 114.5 damage.
Ice Slash: Recharge increased from 10 to 17 seconds. Damage increased from 114.5 to 179.8 damage.
Chilling Embrace: increased radius to 15ft. Added -10% damage str to affected enemies. Power now deals cold damage every 2 seconds to foes that are not under the Sleep status effect. Slightly lowered the speed movement debuff.
Martial Assault
Envenomed Blades: Fixed a bug where this power would sometimes proc more than once. Procs now ignores damage buffs and enhancements.
Thunder Kick: Recharge lowered from 8 seconds to 7 seconds. Damage lowered from 95.8 to 86.4 damage.
Trick Shot is now a proper chain attack, hits up to 5 targets. Damage lowered from scale 1.4 to scale 1.1
Spinning Kick: Recharge increased to 10 seconds. Target cap reduced to 5, same as all other melee cones. This power was also doing Single Target damage despite it being a cone. This has been fixed but recharge increase should keep damage decent.
Dragon's Tail: Recharge reduced from 20 seconds to 16. Damage scale from 1.1 to 0.8985.
Explosive Shuriken should no longer state it's an AoE, but still will do splash fire dot damage to foes around the main target.
Psionic Assault
Psionic Dart: Cast time reduced from 1.33 to 0.83 seconds.
Telekinetic Thrust: Cast time reduced from 2.07 to 1.00 seconds. Recharge lowered from 8 seconds to 7 seconds. Damage lowerd from 95.8 to 86.4.
Radioactive Assault
Contaiminated Strike: Recharge increased from 5 seconds to 8 seconds. Damage increased from 67.7 to 95.7 damage.
X-Ray Beam: Recharge from 10 seconds to 11 seconds. Damage increased from 103.5 to 112.0 damage.
Devastating Blow: Recharge 18 seconds to 20 seconds. Damage increased from 189.2 to 207.9
Devastating Blow and Atom Smasher now accept Dominator ATOs.
Savage Assault
Vicious Slash: Recharge increased from 9 seconds to 11 seconds. Damage increased from 105.1 to 123.8 damage.
Call Hawk: Recharge increased from 12 seconds to 14 seconds. Damage increased accordingly (variable damage.)
Feral Charge: Target cap lowered to 5.
Thorny Assault
Aim replaced with Build Up.
Thorny Darts: Recharge time increased from 3 to 4 seconds. Damage increased from 44.4 lethal to 52.8 lethal.
Skewer: Cast time reduced from 1.63 seconds to 0.83 seconds. Recharge time lowered from 10 seconds to 6 seconds. Damage lowered from 114.45 to 77.1 damage. Chance for DoT increased from 80% to 85%.
Impale: Cast time reduced from 2.43 seconds to 1.43 seconds. Recharge increased from 8 to 10 seconds. Damage increased from 86.6 to 103.5 damage.
Flling Thorns: Lowered recharge to 10 seconds. Scale to 40.9 lethal damage and 4.5 toxic damage over time.
Ripper: Recharge increased from 13  to 15 seconds, arc lowered to 60 degrees. Damage increased to 136.5 lethal damage.
Thorn Barrage: Recharge time increased from  11 to 18 seconds. Damage increased to 42.8 lethal damage per tick.

Powers: Devices

Changed Web Grenade to Toxic Web Grenade, now deals scale 1 toxic DoT and can be slotted for damage
Taser: Recharge reduced from 20 to 10 seconds, duration reduced from scale 10 to scale 5, damage increased from 0.25 to 1.96 (same damage as Energy Punch)
Time Bomb:  Animation is now 2.77 seconds, interrupt time removed, countdown reduced to 5 seconds, defiance values reduced to match (this only applies to this set, not to the Traps support set versions.)
Trip Mine:  Interrupt removed. Cast time is now 2.77 seconds. Recharge increased to 30 seconds.
Targeting Drone now gives your first attack from out of combat a Built-Up effect (80% damage) and continues to provide a 20% damage buff while in combat.
Powers: Stealth

All self-stealth toggles should now recharge in 2 seconds.
Pools > Concealment > Stealth: No longer slows the user down.
Pools > Concealment > Invisibility:  Endurance cost lowered from 0.65 to 0.2275. You are now be able to attack while this power is active, but should you attack, all it's defense will suppress.
Illusion Control > Superior Invisibility: Endurance cost lowered from 0.52 to 0.182.
Powers: Misc Changes & Bug Fixes

Gravity Control > Propel: Adjusted physics parameters on objects to make them feel solid and not bounce around like rubber toys.
Night Widow & Fortunata Vengeance: Now triggers on league members. The buff will still only apply to teammates.
Beta Decay: FX now anchors on the player and not the world.
Pool > Leaping > Spring Attack: now does Containment damage when used by Controllers.
Pool > Sorcery > Enflame: Should now do damage for Sentinels
Kheldians > Inherent: Should now see Sentinels the same way they see Blasters and Scrappers, for the purpose of their inherent powers.
Controller > Ice Control > Flash Freeze: should be properly flagged as a Targeted AoE, not a Point Blank AoE.
Stalker > Savage Melee > Shred: This power erroneously said it consumed Blood Frenzy stacks. The text has been corrected. This power generates one Blood Frenzy stacks instead. All other AT versions of the power had the correct text for Shred.
Dominator > Feral Charge: Fixed a bug where sometimes it would do no damage if executed from maximum distance.
Dominator > Savage Assault > Unkindness: This power erroneously said it consumed Blood Frenzy stacks. The text has been corrected. This power generates one Blood Frenzy stack, and it's DoT becomes stronger the more Blood Frenzy the caster has. This bonus to Unkindness makes up for the set's lack of Savage Leap and Hemorrage.
Sentinel > Ice Blast > Chilling_Ray: Should now accept Slow enhancements.
Sentinel > Regeneration > Dismiss Pain: Increased amount of MaxHP granted to 24% from 6%, should had not been that low to begin with.
Beam Rifle > Disintegration: Should [hopefully] never linger after the target dies.
Earth Control > Animate Stone: should no longer stop to reconsider it's life choices for about 6 seconds after using Hurl.
Mu Mastery Epic Pool: Zap now uses Melee Damage Modifiers
All versions of Beam Rifle's Penetrating Ray now has a 55% chance of spreading disintegration.
All versions of Beam Rifle's Lancer Shot now has a 100% chance of spreading disintegration.
Fixed a bug in the no-redraw version of fast-Archery's Snipe.
Psionic Lance's quick FX was completely broken and out of sync. FX has been resync but this required a slightly slower animation (1.33 seconds.)


Chernobog will now always spawn after the cutscene in Shauna Stockwell's storyarc.
Omnicore can no longer be killed by her own robots and prevent her mission from being completed.
Added a very obvious waypoint to Laura Lockhart's body in the mission "Defend the UNSF Base".
The first two story arcs for Issue 26 are here! Both were written by @holymittens, a professional video game writer, and target the two “middle” alignments, with one story arc for Vigilantes and one for Rogues.

New Story Arc: Shauna Braun

Characters of the Vigilante alignment between Security Levels 25 and 29 can find Shauna Braun in Independence Port, near the southern Police Station, or using the Contact Finder.
Shauna Braun is a young programmer from Paragon City. She was raised by her father in a tiny apartment in between Kings Row and Independence Port. Shauna moved out when she went to college, but her father - having sacrificed so much to give his daughter a good education - continued to live there until it burned down a year ago. The PPD closed the case, citing an accident as the cause of the fire, but Shauna doesn't buy the explanation. She wants to uncover the truth behind her father's death and bring the perpetrators to justice.
This arc has two different endings, with a badge for each. The badge art was created by @Log.

New Story Arc: Bobby Curtin

Characters of the Rogue alignment between Security Levels 25 and 29 can find Bobby Curtin in Crimson Cove, in front of the White Elephant building, or using the Contact Finder.
Bobby Curtin is a bouncer at the White Elephant in Crimson Cove, a private establishment which prides itself on being 'neutral ground' between the many warring factions in Nerva. Bobby is known by frequent patrons for being willing to step in and break up fights between anyone, be they Longbow, Arachnos, or mortal manifestation of an ancient god.
This arc introduces true branching missions to City of Heroes; depending on your choices, you will be presented with a couple of entirely different missions, leading to several possible endings. There is only one badge for this arc, with art created by @Log.

Rikti Mothership Raid

The Rikti Mothership raid can now be started from the LFG queue. Characters must be level 35 and have the Member of Vanguard badge to join the raid in this way.
If the league is not locked, a minimum of 16 players is required to start the raid this way.
All enemies inside the mission map are level 54, including the ones that are lower level in the zone. All players are bumped to combat level 50 for the duration of the raid.


Ghost of Scrapyard can now be spawned by defeating 100 Scrapyarders in Sharkhead Isle, and should no longer walk into the Black Market kill field.
The AVs that spawned in Recluse's Victory were dependent on team size, resulting in some of them being rare. As of this patch, they will spawn regardless of team size in one of three pairs: Positron/Synapse, Back Alley Brawler/Manticore, or Ms. Liberty/Penny Yin. On the villain side, it'll be Black Scorpion+Mako, Ghost Widow+Scirocco, or Lord Recluse+Random patron.
The cars in Kallisti Wharf will no longer get stuck in an intersection.
Fixed the zone cap in The Hive, The Abyss and the Rikti War Zone to be 50 (this was accidentally changed in May - it should have always been 50).


Eochai and Jack in Irons will now reward their badges on defeat regardless of how much damage the player does to them.
Fixed the badge art for "Skip Tracer" and "Portal Hopper".
Added the 16th Anniversary badge, "Resurgent". It will award automatically during the month of May.


Synthetic Hamidon enhancements for Accuracy/Mez and Damage/Mez will now combine with their Titan, Hydra and Hamidon counterparts.
Fixed an issue with some procs not working on Dual Pistols > Hail of Bullets.
Corrected "Chance for Fire Damage" text in Sentinel's Ward: Recharge/Chance for Absorb.


Pool > Leadership > Maneuvers: fixed a bug where Melee, AoE, Lethal and Cold def were only being granted to the caster.
Tanker > Spines > Spine Burst: This power erroneously had it's Radius increased to 16 instead of its Target Cap. This has been fixed.
Blaster > Dual Pistols: Fixed an issue where the set was not granting blasters Defiance +Damage
Dual Pistols > Hail of Bullets: Fixed an issue where the power DoT chance was calculated only once at the activation of the power instead of once per tick when non standard ammo was active.
Set Bonus > Synapse Shock should no longer show a buff icon.
Fixed an issue where Psionic Assault > Psi Dart and Poison > Envenom would randomly execute a different animations.
Fixed an issue where Beam Rifle Disintegration Spread would not need Disintegration effect on the target to be triggered.
Fixed an issue where Pool > Concealment > Stealth was making players completely translucent.
Fixed missing +Range buff in Blaster Quick Snipes.
Fixed an issue where Pool > Concealment > Stealth was granting double Stealth
Fixed an issue where Engagement mechanics was taking 10 seconds after attack, when it should had taken 8.
Fixed an issue where Devices > Targeting Drone was taking 30 seconds out of combat, instead of 8, to increase it's damage buff.
Fixed a bug where Illusion Control powers would not stack as expected.
Fixed a bug where Illusion pets were ignoring enhancements.
Fixed a bug where Stalker > Epic > Mu > Zapp would crit multiple times in a single activation. Also fixed timing issues with the FX in this power.
Fixed a bug in Quick Sniper Blast (All versions) where the central energy orb would ignore color tinting.
Fixed a bug where some snipes would not disable properly.
Blaster Devices:
Targeting Drone and Field Operative were granting double buffs for some of their attributes since last patch. This has been fixed.
Gun Drone now taunts enemies it hits. In addition, enemies near the Turret should often prioritize attacking the Drone. This power now takes taunt and taunt set enhancements.
Mace Master > Mace Beam: This power was doing double critical hits in some situations since last patch. This should now be fixed.
Savage Melee > Assassins Frenzy: This power should now grant 3 stacks of frenzy while used from hide.
Concealment > Invisibility: the translucency effect should completely disappear if engaged in combat.
Dominator > Radioactive Assault: Procs should no longer trigger off the special AoE triggered off hitting Contaminated targets.

Issue 26, Page 3

Check out this news post for details on the Halloween Event and more information about this update.

New Origin Power Pool: Force of Will

This power pool grants you access to various powers that allow you to manifest your own willpower and use it to harm your foes.
You can only have one Origin Power Pool (Sorcery or Force of Will) in your active build.
Weaken Resolve: You overwhelm your foe with sheer strength of will, reducing their defense damage resistance, and chance to hit! Recharge: Long
Project Will: You manifest your willpower into a blast and project it toward a distant foe, causing moderate psionic and smashing damage. Project Will has a fair chance to knock the target down. Damage: Moderate, Recharge: Fast
Mighty Leap: While this power is active you're able to leap great distances and jump incredibly high. In addition, while this power is active you're able to use Takeoff, which will knockdown nearby foes and increases jump speed. Recharge: Moderate
Takeoff: You stomp your foot on the ground with tremendous force empowering your jump speed for a short time and shattering the earth beneath, knocking nearby foes off of their feet. Recharge: Long
Wall of Force: You project an unfocused blast of sheer force at foes in a short wide cone in front of you, dealing moderate psionic and smashing damage and potentially knocking targets down. Wall of Force requires you to have two other powers from the Force of Will power pool. Damage: Moderate, Recharge: Slow
Unleash Potential: Unleashing your potential, you grant yourself a moderate boost to defense, regeneration rate, and recovery for a short time. Unleash Potential requires you to have two other powers in the Force of Will power pool. Recharge: Very Long

Other Changes

The Abandoned Sewers have received a minor atmospheric tweak to make them visually distinct from the standard Sewer Network.
Bloody Bay, Siren’s Call, Warburg and Recluse’s Victory now have a full complement of 8 Exploration Badges and one Exploration Accolade.
The Exploration Accolade art was created by @Flashtoo.

LFG Queue

The LFG queue will now wait until you have the Recommended number of players for a Trial or Task Force before teleporting you to the contact or mission if the league is not locked.
If the league is locked, Trials and Task Forces will continue to ignore the minimum players and start even solo. You can invite more players into the League once the Trial starts, but not to a Task Force.
Incarnate and Holiday Trials continue to always require the minimum number of players, whether the league is locked or not.
Incarnate trials will no longer automatically fail if a locked league drops below the minimum players. They will still fail if they drop below the minimum players in an unlocked league.
This setup is an attempt to satisfy both players who want to start Trials and Task Forces solo or with small teams (lock the league) and those who want to use the LFG queue to find teams for Trials and Task Forces (don't lock the league).

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