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City of Heroes: Victory

how do i make a new pass word for my account

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20 minutes ago, MoonStardragon82 said:

i tried to put new pass word in on main page after i changed it still dose not work so what do i need to do make a hole new account if so how  do i put in a new user name and pass word


You can only have a single game account linked to a single forum account.  The Game Account page I linked in your other thread will allow you to either make an account, or change the password for your current game account.  That password is not shared with your forum account, the two systems are 100% separate from each other.  I see you already have a game account created that is tied to this forum account, so all you need to do is go to the Game Account page: https://cityofheroes.dev/forums/account-tools/gameaccount.html/ The "Account Name" there is what you use @ the login screen in game, the password set there is also only for the game.


If you want a second game account, you need to sign up for a second forum account, game account names are unchangeable after they are created.

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