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  1. Just found this website a few days ago. Been playing a couple days and I have hardly seen anyone on. I'm one of the OG's back when Coh/Cov started (issue 2 or 3. it was before they had Cov). Been missing this game forever. It's good to see someone has been able to get it up and running. I quit looking at Titan Network after they got atlas up and running and it was basically a virtual hangout. But i started back up a few days ago to be curious when I came across this website. Game seems to be running great and its a working game. I am so glad to be able to play Cov again. I had a couple main's I am hoping to recreate and eventually finish my crafted build(once i found my old notebook that is). But it was a dark/dark brute. I had it all figured out just not totally crafted back in the day. I was able to do RSF without a mind control. Hoping to finally get him finished modded to see what he can do. Enough off topic. Was wondering how active the in-game is. Like i was saying up above I've only been playing for about a day or two and really haven't seen anyone on villains. Just curious if theres certain "rush-hour" times.
  2. I just downloaded the launcher. I did not have tequilla or Coh previously installed on this PC. lets face it Coh ended almost 10 years ago so this is a newer laptop. But anyways I click play and nothing happens. Not sure what I am doing or if I did something wrong. Was hoping I could get some advice to launch the game.
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