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  1. Regedit seems to of done the trick, thank you!
  2. It appears to have downloaded everything fully. If i didn't do System>verify it wouldn't of downloaded anything, it just sat idle. I have tried hitting play with both beta and live selected with the same result. I even went into the game folder and tried running from "cityofheroes.exe". I have the launcher install files at "C:\CoH". Added additional screenshots as well. Edit: I almost mentioned that i tried moving the file path with no success, but i will try regedit next. Document 5(1).pdf
  3. Neither, trying to install the game for the first time.
  4. Created an account for the forum and then created a game account. I tried to download the game and ended up grabbing the victory launcher from a forum thread. It prompts me to update the launcher and i do. Then when launcher opens nothing happens. I go to System > Verify, and it appears to be installing the game files? If i change Manifest it appears to install them again. Regardless, when i hit play or double click Victory - 64 bit it attempts to launch and i get a flurry of warnings and error prompts, some of which i attached. Document 5.pdf
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