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  4. I'm having similar issues. I'm on Mac using Island Rum. I see both 64 and 32 bit Victory launchers and everything seems to launch fine, but I see the error that my password is incorrect. I've tried changing my in-game password multiple times but it never seems to sync up with the game. Thanks for your help
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  6. First off, I wouldn't try to install this into Program Files, that's going to be a permissions nightmare. Common suggested locations are something like C:\games\CityOfHeroes\ or c:\games\Victory if you want to keep our install separate from others. Go into the path in your error message, and verify the size of geobin.pigg is 13,622 KB, if it is not, then something is interfering with the launcher download process. For reference I'm attaching a screenshot of the filesizes of all of my piggs in the Victory subfolder.
  7. Hi, How do I fix this? I ran Verify but it didn't change anything.
  8. It seems users who have tried to sign up with Microsoft email accounts (MSN, Hotmail, Outlook, and anything powered by Office365) have not been getting our email confirmation messages. Microsoft has blacklisted the IP addresses that our servers use (they appear to have been blacklisted when they were assigned to us) and refuse to delist them even though they were assigned to us back in May. I've switched us over to another email provider which will hopefully resolve this issue. If you have issues getting your account activated please join our Discord server https://discord.com/invite/pUWSd9
  9. Sup I'm new here for anyone playing this for awhile how is it compared to other RPG's
  10. The only real option is to not use the Intel Integrated GPU. If you are using a laptop your options are VERY limited, unless you happen to have a laptop that allows for External GPUs over thunderbolt. Otherwise you would have to get a computer with a dedicated graphics processor by nVidia, or AMD.
  11. is there anything you can suggest i can do
  12. is there any thing you can suggest I can do?
  13. Yeah, unfortunately, any of the 'intel (R) UHD graphics' options are going to have limited OpenGL support, and therefore limited ability to play City. This is not something that can be fixed without re-writing the graphics engine from scratch with a more recent API, or Intel working to add better OpenGL support to their drives.
  14. hello I have a intel (R) UHD graphics 620. I'm not very computer savy, its all built in I cant get bits replaced
  15. What video card do you have? City of Heroes uses an older graphics API "OpenGL", which is not well supported on integrated GPUs offered from Intel. If you are using a dedicated graphics card do you know the model?
  16. hey guys, I just just downloaded the game. but as soon as I enter the park my frame rate is so choppy and even having the quality all the way down will do nothing. I don't now the full specs of my PC but I can play wow on high quality and SWTOR on high no issues any advice
  17. Regedit seems to of done the trick, thank you!
  18. It appears to have downloaded everything fully. If i didn't do System>verify it wouldn't of downloaded anything, it just sat idle. I have tried hitting play with both beta and live selected with the same result. I even went into the game folder and tried running from "cityofheroes.exe". I have the launcher install files at "C:\CoH". Added additional screenshots as well. Edit: I almost mentioned that i tried moving the file path with no success, but i will try regedit next. Document 5(1).pdf
  19. Actually, nevermind I see the path 'c:\coh\' That *should* be fine, but I usually go one directory deeper since windows dislikes stuff running directly in the root of C:\ my game is in C:\Games\CoH\ for instance. The launcher doesn't currently support changing the path in settings but if you feel ok with using regedit the path to modify is 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Victory\Settings', and the value is 'CoHPath' move your files one folder deeper, and then set that path and try again.
  20. Have you let the Launcher download everything fully? You said if you System -> Verify it tries to redownload, that means that the files are not matching the expected checksums. Where have you installed the game to?
  21. Neither, trying to install the game for the first time.
  22. Victory launcher doesn't support 'Manifests' exactly, you can switch between the Beta and Live profiles, but doing so will cause the launcher to validate your install, and download anything missing or corrupt. It sounds like you are trying to launch the game while the Launcher is trying to download files. How did you have City of Heroes installed previously? Via Tequila or some other launcher? (Also, the Beta profile is currently the live profile with the name changed, there are no changes on the beta server, and it's currently down so it points to the live login/gameserver)
  23. Created an account for the forum and then created a game account. I tried to download the game and ended up grabbing the victory launcher from a forum thread. It prompts me to update the launcher and i do. Then when launcher opens nothing happens. I go to System > Verify, and it appears to be installing the game files? If i change Manifest it appears to install them again. Regardless, when i hit play or double click Victory - 64 bit it attempts to launch and i get a flurry of warnings and error prompts, some of which i attached. Document 5.pdf
  24. Works now. But only with sunrise. Anyway, yesterday it said "servers busy". Well, I'll give it another try tonight. I'm so happy being back after 12 years.
  25. Hello, sadly no, it is not possible to change the login name once it has been set.
  26. Hello. I just started here, and was setting up my game account. I knew what I wanted it to be, but I was thinking about what I want my first character to be, I got distracted - and I typed that character's name in instead. Is it possible for me to change my game-account login? Thank you for your time, and for any help.
  27. You do not need Tequila to download the game. The Victory Launcher will download everything you need, just follow the prompts. If you don't already have the game downloaded via Tequila using the default manifest it will ask you where you want to install to, it will then download everything and launch the game.
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